20 Secrets Of Students You Probably Don't Know


Tips to pass exams successfully

It is a very surprising fact that among the students who pass exams successfully there are those who almost are not ready at all. So how does it happen? Is it just a good luck or there is something more than that?

Let’s discuss psychological methods of successful communication between students and professors.

Rule 1. Cloth choice

Try to avoid bright colours, glitter and “creativity” in your appearance. The best and most appropriate colours are grey, white, black, and dark-green. Do not let your hair hide your face. Make a neat hairdo. The sleeves should be loose and neck should be open. In such a way you show that you are read go begin communication.

Rule 2. Prepare formulaic text

Remember: any text should consist of three parts. You may know or not know the main part of the text, but its beginning and ending you can prepare beforehand. What is interesting is that they can be almost the same when you answer absolutely different questions. You think up a couple of introduction variants, in simple words you “pour water” saying general phrases. In most cases professors feel sorry for such a student and try to help in different ways. Using your formulaic text do not forget to insert appropriate words that concern the subject you talk about.

Rule 3. Do not keep silence!

You may say any nonsense, but anyway it is better than keeping silence or admitting at once that you do not know the answer. It is very nice if you have good communication skills and are able to change the subject to something you know better.

Rule 4. Be more resourceful and smart!

If you are asked any additional question, you may make professor believe that you are trying to remember some information you have read in an old thick book with brown cover. You may describe the book according to your own taste. Pretend that there is a thought on your mind and you try to formulate it. Professor will start thinking that you know at least something. You may even think up how the page or a diagram (or something else) in the book look like.

Rule 5. Puzzling

Preparing the answer try to formulate your thoughts in as much complex speech structures as possible. Prefer using abstract concepts. Believe me, it is possible to express a simple idea in a couple of paragraphs (illusion of long and intelligent answer). So develop your speech skills.

Rule 6. Sight

Always look into the eyes. Even when you say something that does not concern the subject. A direct sight has a hypnotic effect.

Rule 7. Shifting attention

You do not like additional question? Make your professor forget about it. Use shifting attention technique. Drop your pen or suddenly look at the window as if you see something strange there. In 50% of cases professor will forget about the question he asked. It is important to stat talking on your subject right after your distraction technique. The chances that professor will not repeat the questions or will not remember it will increase.

Rule 8. Complain and convince.

Pretend that you feel bad, hold your head as if you have a headache. Convince that you have been studying hard for a couple of days and overworked yourself. If professor says you to come the next time, do not give up and agree at once. Take a risk and try to convince professor to ask you some more questions. Maybe you will manage to answer. By chance. It happens sometimes. By guess. When you are scared your thinking sharpens.

Rule 9. Talk emotionally, put your hear in what you say

Imagine that you narrate a fairy tale that you created yourself. Do it with passion. Thus you will influence emotional state of professor, you will enter into his feelings (what is called empathy). It is a very powerful method.

Rule 10. Know your professor

It is the most important rule without which other rules will not work or you will not have time to use them, because you will be kicked out the door immediately. You must always remember the name of your professor, the exact name of the subject, some items from the bibliography and have general (at least slight) understanding of the subject.

Students who use all these rules in complex are more successful not only in the exams but also in life in general.

Student Tricks

Autumn comes and studying begins. Freshmen start their student life and often face difficulties connected to their new style of life. We are going to tell you about some tricks that students use to make their studying process easier. Parents will definitely say: “Never do it!”, but seniors will gladly advise you what to do and how to act in any given situation.

Trick 1. First of all look closely to the professor and listen to the demands he has.

If the professor says that you have to make notes of the lectures and have these notes with you when passing exam, then the only way out is to attend all the lectures. Do not try to use someone else’s notes, because usually such professors know how to expose deception (they often make small marks to know that they have already seen the notes).

Trick 2. If professor does not allow missing the classes or gives small tasks at the end of the lectures, be sure that it will be extremely difficult to pass the exam if you miss many lectures. If you are sure about your knowledge, if you are not afraid of tricky question, then you may risk.

Trick 3. Sometimes professor does not have some certain demands and it seems that you are very lucky to have such a professor. But in fact professor may show his real demands at the exam only when it will be too late. In this case ask senior students to tell you about the professor to know what you should be prepared for.

Trick 4. If you have practical works you should not miss them at all and get ready for them very thoroughly. Some professors when they see you work well can help you during exam, will not ask you catchy questions or may allow you not to pass exam at all.

Trick 5. Entering University is your own choice. So if you decide to get education make an effort and attend all the classes without exception, even though they may be boring and dull. But is the situation is already unbearable and you feel you need to have a rest and miss a lecture, do it as seldom as possible so that you are always aware of what is going on.

I wish you understanding professors and easy exams!

How to pass exams hands-down. 5 ingenious ways to stay unnoticed

1. “Smart” lemonade can help to increases your mental skills

Most professors allow to have a bottle of water (or other drink) with you when you pass exam. And that is just great! All you need is a glue stick, a scanner and a lemonade bottle. Gently tear off the sticker and scan it. Then remove from the electronic image data about the manufacturer and the drink composition and insert on their place any text you need (dates, formula, difficult terms and other information that is hard to remember). Now just print your new sticker on glossy paper and your “smart” lemonade is ready!

2. Scotch tape

Write the text you need on a sheet of paper and wrap it in a scotch tape. Then hold it under hot water. The paper will get wet and come off, but the text will remain on the scotch. You may place the scotch wherever you want: on your pencil, nails, or your bottle of drink as we have already mentioned.

3. Eating a cheat sheet

It is not difficult to notice that a student cheats, but it is much more difficult to find the “evidence” of the cheating. We all have heard about rice paper. It is mostly used for cakes and other confectionery decorating. Since this paper is eatable, students use write on it all the necessary information and in case of “danger” they can easily eat it.

4. Unique pen

There are special pens that have almost invisible ink. When you direct ultraviolet light onto the paper, the text appears. Such pens have invisible ink at one end, and UV flashlight at the other. Now you can easily buy online such a pen.

5. Wireless headset

Today to cheat a student just needs to have wireless headset that can be hidden in the ear. Also you will need an assistant who will give you correct answers. If you do not have enough money to buy such a device because its price is pretty high, you may rent it. Today there are a lot of student communities that offer such services.

So as you can see there is a huge number of various secrets that students use to make their life easier. I hope you enjoyed this essay on secrets of students. I know that essay writing is not the most pleasant way to spend your time. And we can help you. You have an excellent opportunity to order essay on our website. It is easy to write essay with us. See for yourself!