Alcohol Essay. The Slow Death


Alcohol EssayAlcoholism essays are very popular now, because everybody knows such problem as dependence on alcohol. Essay on alcoholism will describe you this problem, tell about the reasons and try to find the ways how it is better to get rid of this dependence. You are going to read our alcohol abuse essay and hope you will be satisfied with it. Our custom writing team is always ready to help you to cope with different kinds of your home tasks.

So, this alcoholism essay I will start from the describing the huge problem, which is connected with alcohol.

Drinking alcohol

Thousands of people all over the world drink alcohol. From the very beginning it seems normal. You have a birthday party or maybe your master has organized a party, and you and your co-workers drink a glass of whisky or vine, or vodka.  But sometimes people cannot stop.  Alcohol is the most harmful drug in the world.  It is more popular than any other kind of drug. And we have alcohol drinks everywhere, in every shop and at any time. But we can’t say this about cocaine or marihuana.  We have got used to alcohol, and it frightens.

At TV news reports we can hear about the crimes committed because of drug intoxication, but nobody pays attention to the crimes committed because of alcohol intake. Often, drinking alcohol people forget about the consequence. They think that fun and hangover it is the main effects of the alcohol. But now I want to talk about bad influence of this awful drug.

Influence Of Alcohol

Abuse of alcohol is one of urgent problems all over the world. Every second person drinks alcohol. Drinks which include alcohol are number one at celebrations, holidays, travels. When people want to have a rest they drink alcohol. But it is wrong, because alcohol kills people, slowly and surely.  The effects of the alcohol are usually different. They depend on your age, weight, health, amount of alcohol you have drunk etc. But for the first time alcohol influence on our nervous system, that’s why drunken people cannot sit or stand still and their reflexes become very slow. Somebody can even lose consciousness or die, others lose their memory for some time and this speech is slurred. Alcohol affects nearly all human organs (the cardiovascular system, liver, cerebration, the immune system, muscles and even our appearance).

The systematic use of alcohol leads to an early old age, disability; people who are fond of alcohol live on 15-20 years shorter than the average people. It is very important to remember that alcohol influence not only on you but also on your future children. In ancient Rome, they said: "Drunkards birth drunks" and there is a peace of truth in this sentence.

Nowadays in the United States a lot of people are died from the cirrhosis of the liver. Usually it is the result of alcohol in their lives. And different kinds of cancer are also because of drinking alcohol. Alcohol abuse is very dangerous, it can leads you even to the problems with the social world.  Drunkenness usually almost alone, very often they lose their jobs, friends, families and relatives. Nobody wants to communicate with such category of people. Most of the accidents happened because of alcohol abuse.

If you have drunk alcohol and now you feel awful than there are some advices which can help you to feel better:

  • you should drink a lot of water, as alcohol removes water from your body;
  • eat a lot. If your stomach will be busy, than the effects of alcohol will be slowly;
  • do not eat fatty food. It is harmful in anyway;
  • do not drink carbonated water. The carbon dioxide containing in them accelerates alcohol absorption;
  • if you are not going to get drunk, than drink one strong drink an hour. You will give your organism the necessary time to remove alcohol.

Why people drink alcohol

The main reasons of alcoholism are still unknown. It may be heredity. There are a lot of cases when father was an alcoholic and his children also become alcoholics. But it is not always. Sometimes if a pregnant woman drinks wine, vodka, whiskey or something like that, her unborn child will have serious problems with the health.

Alcoholism starts from one glass of beer or vodka etc. Everybody is sure that they can stop at any time, but really not everybody can stop.

So, why people drink alcohol? None can answer exactly, but there are some the most popular reasons. Here are some of them:

  • when give the toast to drink for your health;
  • when just want to be like others;
  • when somebody wants to be a part of  some popular group;
  • when there are different problems in life;
  • for the sake of an experiment (it is interesting what will happen);
  • alcohol is my medicine;
  • just to keep warm.

How to get rid of alcohol dependence?

It is very difficult to recover from alcoholism. But if the person wants, God will help him. First thing, which is necessary – it is a strong desire of the person. Next is to visit a doctor and a psychologist and tell them everything about your problem. Modern medicine has a lot of different methodic which can help people to become healthy. There are a lot of cases, when dependent people started to go to the church and thanks God their lives were changed forever.

In this essay we discussed such a problem as alcoholism. Now you know the main reasons of this illness and how to get free. In a conclusion I want to say – stop drink at all! Yes, it is real to live without alcohol. And you can be happy even if you are sober. Alcohol can give you happiness only for a short period of time, but it can’t solve your problems. It can only ruin your life. Let’s think about our health, about our future and about our children.