Amelia Earhart: mysteries of a flight


American aviator Amelia Earhart as a child dreamed of being a doctor. She worked as a nurse in a military hospital, which was located not far from the airport. Type of aircraft taking off charmed 19-year-old nurse, and she was determined to become a female pilot. Amelia took no more than a year to learn to fly. And how to fly!

Record after record

She established several women's records very soon: twice in the air crossed the territory of the United States from coast to coast, has made long-range non-stop flight from Mexico to New York, and the first of the pilots has risen to a height of more than six thousand meters. Name of Amelia Earhart becomes to be known. Once, she admitted that she really wanted to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, and in June 1928, her wish came true. Amelia Earhart flew not one, but with two pilots. Starting from the island of Newfoundland, off the east coast of Canada, their seaplane in a day down in England, in Wales. It was the first group flight across the ocean with a female pilot.

Think on this courageous trip Amelia calmed down? No, peace was not for her. She immediately began to prepare for an even more difficult and dangerous flight, across the Atlantic, but alone. In May 1932, a brave aviator took off (again from Newfoundland), a single-engine airplane "Lockheed Vega" and after thirteen hours was already in England, having won the Atlantic a second time.

About a remarkable victory Amelia Earhart wrote all the newspapers of the world. Reporters asked her excitedly: "What will be your next flight?". She replied: "Over the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to California and also alone." This meant that a fearless aviator to be overcome through the air about four thousand kilometers away, and throughout the route will not be even a scrap of land for an emergency landing!

Before Amelia Earhart, ten American pilots were killed while attempting to make a flight. Only the Australian pilot Kingsford Smith in the autumn of 1933, finally managed to travel back from Hawaii to California, a state in the western United States. Amelia the flight was a success immediately, and it was amazing.

Everything became harder and riskier flights pilots appeared never known fear. When she talked about her new plan, many looked at her with surprise and concern. Still, Earhart conceived not merely a distant and ultra-long flight - around the globe! No, it was not the first who came up with this idea. Prior to her group of American pilots have already carried out an air tour around the world, of course, with intermediate stops. However, the pilots were male. This time round the world air travel was going to go to a female pilot.

Two brave

Far flight was scheduled to start from the southern US city of Miami and go through many countries with several landings. First - in Brazil. Next - cast across the Atlantic Ocean and two landing in Africa. Then - India, Australia, New Guinea, Howland Island near the equator, the flight across the Pacific Ocean, and finally finish in the US. So conceived.

The crew of the twin-engine land, "Lockheed 12A" consisted of two people: the very Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Nunepa, experienced air navigation. Trying to take the greatest possible supply of fuel, they give up a lot: rubber boats, parachutes, weapons, flares. Food and drinking water on board was too short. Started June 1, 1937, and flew to the east, strictly adhering to the intended path.

Only a month later the pilots got to Lehe small island in New Guinea. Amelia Earhart wrote to her husband in his last letter: "The whole area of ​​the world is left for us except this last frontier - the ocean."

The weather held clear that promised a successful completion of the long-distance flight. July 2 Earhart and her companion left the island Lehe and headed for Howland Island.

Alarm radiogram

Seven hours. Coast Guard cutter "Ithaca" on duty at Howland, received a message that the "Lockheed" Amelia Earhart is in the air. Attempts to contact a radio operator gunboat from the aircraft were in vain. The pilots were silent. It was only late at night, with a 2 to 3 July Earhart first aired. She passed: "Clear. The weather is getting worse ... Frontal winds. " could not make out audibility was disgusting, and the subsequent radiograms completely. Around eight am on July 3, "Lockheed" side received an alarming message: "Ithaca". We are somewhere near, but you do not see. Fuel left for thirty minutes. The height of 300 meters. " The aircraft is in the air for 13 hours. In the last radiogram, which came at 8 hours and 45 minutes, Amelia Earhart broken voice shouted: "Our policy 157-337. I repeat ... repeat ... We demolish the north ... " and the line went dead forever. Those who have followed the flight, hoping that the empty cans "Lockheed" keep him for some time after splashdown. To help the flying boat flew. Alas, distress cannot find the plane. The search continued for more than two weeks. Although they have taken more than a dozen ships involved, including the battleship "Colorado" and an aircraft carrier "Legsington" as well as more than a hundred aircraft, they were unsuccessful. Unable to find even the slightest sign of disaster.

Hopes were dashed. An American magazine wrote in those days: "The accident victims were condemned to a slow death. But I want to think that since then, as the "Lockheed" bins emptied, the end came very quickly, and pilots of flour was not prolonged. "

The mystery of the death of Amelia Earhart and Fred Nunepa not cleared up until now. But after a quarter of a century after the tragedy, a new explanation of what happened. I was born a suspicion that the cause of death of pilots was not a plane crash. Perhaps the crew "Lockheed" and had a special assignment - to find out the location of the Japanese airfields and other military installations in the Pacific Islands. The Japanese then vigorously preparing for war.

In carrying out a secret mission, first American pilots intentionally deviated to the north, and then headed for Howland. On the way to the island pilots caught in a tropical storm, they made an emergency landing and were captured by the Japanese. They could smuggle Island Saigal, the headquarters of the Japanese armed forces.

Many years later, the inhabitants of those places told us that they had seen two prisoners - a woman and a man. The woman allegedly died of the disease, and the Japanese man was executed in August 1937. However, this is only speculation and assumptions. Truth until now no one knows. We can help you to write an amazing essay about this outstanding person.