American Civil War Essay. To Say No To Slavery


American Civil War EssayHundreds of civil war essays were dedicated, but it’s not still enough, because freedom is inexhaustible topic. Almost every nation has a hard experience of civil wars. Modern Americans deeply respect their history, so they can talk and read about their heroic bygone forever.

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So let us go back to the bloody four-year of the war in the USA and identify the main causes of the American civil war.

American civil war started at April 1861 and continued until 1865. The war was between the South and the North of United States of America. The main purpose was to destroy the system of slavery in the South of the country. This war was the bloodiest in American history, because during the war were 2000 small and big battles, and were killed thousands of US citizens (more than in any other of the wars in which the United States participated).

The Civil War Background

In the middle on 19th century the United States was with great prospects of development. The country divided into two parts – The North (which had a deep development of manufactory and industry) and the slaveholding South, where was the flourishing of agriculture (especially cultivation of tobacco and cotton). The South and the North were two different and economical independent regions. At that time the USA was like a federation and every state has its own political and economic life. In the North thousands of emigrants worked at factories and plants, and the living standards here were high. But in the South were quite a different situation, because there were a lot of free lands for growing crops. That is why many plantation owners appeared. But there were no enough people to work on large plantations and southerners decided to bring slaves from Africa. To tell the truth many southern families loved their slaves, they cared about them and regarded black people as family members.

For some time between the North and the East were peace and mutual understanding, because the first needed a lot of cotton from the East, and, of course, the East was interested in North machines. But soon everything changed.

The Main Causes Of the War

Causes of the civil war were complex and have been controversial from the very beginning of the war. The first battle was near the Fort Sumter. People, who leaved in the South decided to create Confederacy. It was the union of eleven states. Though none of foreign countries recognized the Confederacy as diplomatically independent country, the people who lived there, were desperately fighting for their rights. Southerners can’t imagine their life without slaves and hated people from the North, because the last just wanted to destroy everyday life of the South and to bring a lot of incomprehensible changes.

Undoubtedly, the main reason for the outbreak of war was a question of slavery. And different disagreements about the future of the slaves began. The North considerate, that all of the slaves should be free, but the South could not agree with it. Southerners needed people to work on plantations and slaves were perfect for this. Not all of slaves were unhappy. Many of them loved their owners, respected them and were glad to be part of such life. Because the slaves always had good clothes and tasty eating, they were treated when were ill. So hundreds of slaves during the war, did not know what to do with their freedom and decided to stay with their planters. Of course, not of the planters were kind to their slaves. And then black people started to support the strategy of the North. So, the Confederacy started to fight for own independence and own constitution.

Another reason for civil war was high taxes on imported goods. The North wanted to protect its industry and started to raise taxes. The South could not accept this and dreamt about free and peaceful trade with different countries.

One more great cause for the beginning of the war was territorial crisis. The US attached new states and started a lot of discussions about the future of these states: will they be slave states or not. And then Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that all new states should be free from slaves. Southerners did not like this decision, because it meant the beginning of the end of Confederacy.

The War and Its Conclusion

Four years of civil war were difficult for citizens of both parts of the United States. There were hundreds of struggles, thousands people were killed and wounded. The best known battels were: Battle of Fort Sumter, Battle of Philippi, Battle of Winchester, The Seven Days Battle, Battle of Palmetto Ranch and many others.

 As a result cities and towns in the South were ruined and most of the plantations were burned. Rich planters became poor people, because they did not know how to start a new life. The people were tired, unhappy and disappointed. Yes, the Union won the war and in the summer of 1865 year all of the Confederate armies were forced to capitulate. In the South started a new area, slaves became free and they could take places in the government, take part in the elections. It was not an easy period for the whole country, but America has coped with it, because everyone knows that the Americans are kind, friendly and freedom-loving nation.

At last I want to say that Americans should be proud of their history, because in spite of the great civil war, they were able to become one of the most successful and developed country in the world.