Asthma Essay. An Awful Disease


Asthma EssayNowadays a lot of people are suffering from such a disease as asthma. According to different researchers about 12 million Americans suffer from this illness every year. And every year the situation worsens. You are going to read our essay on asthma, where you will find the information what this disease is and how to struggle with it. We understand that sometimes students have a lot of homework and can’t do everything in time. That’s why our professional team are ready to help you to cope with your tasks. On our website you can find all the information about services and price.

In our world people are suffering from many diseases, such as hepatitis, food poisoning, flu, skin infections, anorexia nervosa and many others.  Let’s talk a little about the asthma and find out if this disease is fatal or not.  Every year Americans dead because of asthma and the death level increased to thirty one percent. Our medicine becomes better and better, new drugs appear, but people continue to die? Why?

What is asthma?

You can find a lot of “clever” definitions what asthma is. But to tell in simple words it is the disease, connected with our lungs and with air.  People, who suffered from asthma, know that the airways of their lungs become narrowed or even blocked. As a result it becomes difficult to breathe, the sick person begins to choke, cough, wheeze, and feels tightness in the chest.

One girl, who suffered from asthma during all her life, has offered her own explanation to this disease. She asked to take an ordinary straw and put it to the mouth, like you are going to drink some juice. Than you should hold your nose and begin to breathe quickly. Continue doing this for fifteen or maybe twenty seconds. What are you feeling? Have difficulties in breathing? Now you can just imagine what asthma is. But people, who have such illness, can have such attacks for 5 or even 10 minutes. And you tried only for twenty seconds. It is not simple to live with such a disease, especially if you need to do some other physical activities. But after all it is possible to live.

The Symptoms

There are several main symptoms which characterize asthma. But in every case asthma is individual. Ones have the attacks which are very strong butt rare, others – often attacks but more mild.

So let’s talk about most popular symptoms of asthma. They are:

1) Shortness of breath. It can be when you are having rest at night, during your physical activity, or when you inhale the polluted air, smoke, room dust, pollen of the blossoming plants, or because of change of air temperature. The most important that such attacks are always unexpected;

2) Cough.  Asthmatics typically has dry cough. It is usually the synchronic cough and looks like you want to cough up something but can’t do it. Only at the end of the attack cough can become wet. 

3) Wheezing. The wheezing is always dry as whistling. It is not difficult to listen to them even on a distance.

4) The typical position during the attack.  When the patient feels a shortness of breath he or she usually seats on bed, the legs are lowered down while the arms are grabbing the bed. In such position of your muscles helps your chest to realize the exhalation.

And now I want to tell you about some other symptoms, which are not inherent to all asthmatics:

  • tachycardia;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • dystrophic nail changes;
  • general weakness and indisposition;
  • cyanosis of the skin (this symptom characterize serious degree of asthma).

The reasons of asthma

There are many reasons of this disease. Every case is individual. But the doctors emphasize on the main of them.

1) Inheritance. If one of the parents suffers from this disease, it means that children can also have asthma. But it is not necessarily.

2) Chronic bronchitis and different infections.

3) Factors from the group of professional insalubrities (hot or cold air etc).

4) Quality of the inhaled air and ecological conditions.

5) Smoking can also be a cause of asthma. If you smoke very often or even blowhole tobacco smoke it causes a lot of serious problems with your health.

6) Asthma can be also because of dust.

7) Medications. Very often, this asthma is isolated and an attack starts only when you use some kinds of drugs or medicaments.

It is important to know that asthma is not the disease from the childhood. It can develop at any age, even if you are an old grandma or grandpa. Nobody can be insured from it. But we should always care about ourselves, about our health. We have only one life and it is better to live it without such serious problems.

How to treat asthma

People should understand that there is no cure for this kind of disease. But it is possible to control this illness. Modern medicine has a lot of different medicaments to help patients to cope with asthma. Some medicines you should use during a long period of time and they can help to make asthma attacks not so frequent. Others kinds of medicines have a short term of their action. As a rule they help you to stop the attack as quickly as it possible. To this group belong different types of inhalers. Asthmatics usually have such inhalers with themselves (at work, at school, during travels).  As we told you earlier, attacks of asthma are always unexpected and can start at any time and at any place. It is very important to help in time.

Hope you are satisfied with our asthma essay. We tried to choose the most important information for you. I think this information will be useful for you. Let me remind that if you need some kind of help with your writing tasks, then to choose a cheap academic help – is the best decision. 

I wish you always be healthy, so take care of yourself!