Belief Systems Essay. What Do You Believe In


From the ancient times people believed in something. It was God, idols, animals, plants, sun etc. In depends on everybody what to believe. The faith is very personal concept. In this thematic essay belief systems we are going to talk about the faith in general and also describe the main world popular belief systems such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Of course, we have much more belief systems in the world, but it takes a lot of time to describe each of them. These three are the strongest, the most popular, because they have the most followers nowadays.

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Christianity is a religion based on a New Testament (the life and teaching of Jesus Christ). According to Christianity only Jesus is the Messiah, He is the God’s Son and his main mission was to save the mankind. And He did it through his death on the cross.

Christianity is one of the biggest and most popular belief systems all over the world. There are more than 2,3 billion of Christians on the Earth and in every country they have at least one church. Christians are sure that Jesus was a real person. He was born in Nazareth, and his mom was Holy Virgin Mary. Jesus lived on the Earth for 33 years, he taught people to be kind and love each other, to forgive the enemies and to do unto others as you want to do to you. His own life and behavior was the greatest example of his teaching. He was a real Pastor and there were a lot of people who sincerely loved Him. Otherwise there were a lot of people who hated Him and his way of life, they wanted to kill Jesus and in one moment they did it. It was a part of God’s plan for His Son – to die for all the people and in such way to bring them the salvation. At the third day Jesus rose from the dead. It was also the God’s plan. The death was powerless. Christians believe in in life after death. They know that the hell and the Eden are real. Angels and Demons are also real. According to our acts and faith on the earth will determine our future after the death.

Bible – is the main book of all the Christians. In this book you can find the main facts of Jesus life, many statements from his teaching. In Old Testament described the lives of different famous people from ancient times, kings and the story of the Israeli people.

The Christianity was dived into three main branches:

  • Catholicism;
  • Orthodoxy; 
  • Protestantism (is a unit of independent churches, denominations and church associations such as Pentecostals, Adventists, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists etc.)

All of these branches considered the Jesus Christ as a Savior of the world, but they have some differences in the churches services, restrictions, behavior and others. Protestants, unlike the rest do not pray for the dead people, because they are sure that to receive salvation can only alive people. During the life everybody have a choice and this choice is always ours – to serve God or not.


Judaism is a monotheist belief system which belongs to Jewish people. The religion is based on Torah or in other words Pentateuch of Moses (the first five books in the Bible).

Scholars believe that the Judaism practiced already the first people Adam and Eve. So,  the creation of the world and man were at the same time as appearance of Judaism. Jews – is an ethno-religious group, including those who were born Jewish and those who converted to Judaism. Nowadays a lot of Jews live in Israel, Canada and USA, the smaller part in Europe. The main symbol of Judaism is the six pointes David’s Star.

The main statements of Judaism are:

1) God created the man and God loves all the people and wants to help everybody. Good always wins.

2) God is full of love and justice. He is not only the Creator to the people but also a Father.

3) The life it is the dialog between God and man.

4) The person is very valuable in God’s eyes (as an immortal spiritual being).

5) All people are equal before God.

6) Jewish people have a special mission - to give people the word about God. God made a covenant with the Jewish people, and gave them commandments.

7) Jewish people must to obey all the laws from the Torah.

8) The spiritual is above the material.

9) The doctrine of the Messiah coming. The Jewish don’t believe that Jesus Christ was a Messiah, they are still waiting for another person.

10) The doctrine of the resurrection at the end of days. It will be the second life on the Earth.


People, who take Islam as the main belief system, are called the Muslims. In 28 countries, Islam is the official State religion. The main prophet and the creator of Islam was Muhammad. The main book is Koran. They have also such book as Sunnah. It includes the description of the main traditions and of the Muhammad’s life. The worship language of Islam is Arabic.

The main statement of Islam is - there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad - His Prophet. Islam is based on the belief in one God (Allah). All people are creations of the Creator and are equal in front of him, regardless of race, class and place of residence. Muhammad brought people the faith in the true God, revealed to them the essence of Islam, and introduced the main laws and regulations of the Muslim religion.

The Muslims have a lot of traditions. They have a special clothing style. They also believe in the life after the death. Then everybody receive or reward or the serve punishment.

The main features of Islam are:

  • simplicity and intelligence;
  • the unity of the spiritual and material;
  • harmony in relations;
  • the humanity and common ideas.

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