Bibliography Essay. The Science Of Books


Bibliography EssayEveryone had to deal with the books or study. And during the study students usually often deal with bibliographies, because every academic work or even an ordinary essay needs references. In our essay bibliography you will find the general information about this discipline, about the history of this ology and about the main functions.

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At first we are going to talk about bibliography as a science.

The Bibliography

It is impossible to describe the bibliography in one sentence. This discipline has about 400 definitions. Two of them are the most popular. The first definition – the bibliography is the scientific description of books which is including making their lists of pointers. The second – it is a list of books on some issue.

Nowadays we have a lot of information. Every year appear more than sixty millions of book’s pages and it is not the end. During the whole life the average person can read only 2-3 thousand of books (if to read them every day). Meanwhile, during this period (50 - 60 years of human’s life) will appear 20 million new books, and we are not talking about the golden fund of classic literature. It is impossible to read all the books, but we should read only that books which are interesting and important for us. And what books are the best?  On this question can answer the bibliography.

Can you remember the ancient legend about Ariadne?  I just want to tell Modern dimensions of book treasures - the same maze of the Minotaur. A magic thread of Ariadne in the labyrinth of the books - is the science bibliography.

The word “bibliography” has the Greek origin. It first appeared in ancient Greece in the 5th century B.C. and is derived from two words: biblion - (book) and grapho (writing). Before the invention of printing these words denote work by rewriting books. In those days, the only way to replicate the books was a hand-made, and the people who were engaged in rewriting, called a bibliography. This job was considered prestigious, highly qualified, although no special knowledge of bibliographers was needed – just to read and write.

The History of Bibliography

The ancient culture came to the end and the term “bibliography” disappeared and appeared again only in 17th century in France. Since then, bibliographers were people who registered or made catalogs of the books. The term “bibliography” was transformed in its meaning of “writing books” to “describing books”. The term was used for bibliology, bibliographic work, and their set - bibliographic products, etc.

In Western Europe, the term “bibliography” established in the late 18th - early 19th century, in Russia - in the 1st quarter of the 19th century. Nowadays when we use this term we mean the area of activity, the main social function of which is to give the information about print works to the readers.

The Main Goals And Types

The first goal is to describe all kinds of books and the second – is to know all the book and to be able to recommend best of the best. Its mission is to understand the scientific value of the books, to indicate to the reader the best literature and help to choose the most necessary book. To be shortly, the main bibliography purpose is - the information analysis and the recommendation to readers.

Bibliography is at the heart of every science. Sometimes we don’t notice the bibliographical part, but it always is. Bibliography referred to as separate bibliographic work in the form of entire books and magazines or parts of books, sections of magazines and newspapers, it may be in the form of cards and lists of references, and the totality of bibliographic materials. At the same time it is the science and practical activity.

Depending on the public use the bibliography is divided into:

a) the accounting and registration (state). Every state regularly takes into account and registers all the printed materials, which appeared for someperiod on the territory of the country.

b) research and auxiliary was created to help scientists, university professors, students.

c) recommendatory - selection of the best works of science and fiction literature and the recommendation to wide range of readers.

From the chronological point of view the bibliography divided into:

  • current (inform about books which are published nowadays);
  • retrospective (inform about ancient books);
  • prospective (inform about future books which is going to be written or published).

Today, basic knowledge of the bibliography is required to each pupil, student and every educated person. You should know the shortest way to the information search. It is the profession of bibliographer (he or she is like detective among secret information).

How To Write The Bibliographic Essay

At first you need to find different information and ideas from a lot of sources and to combine it with your own thoughts. During the essay try to use a lot of interesting but understandable words and phrases to describe the information you have read. You should to organize everything in such a way, that it would be easy to understand what information and from what source was taken. Make it clear for every reader. You main goal is to convey to the reader all the important details.

As usual your essay should consist of introduction part, the main part (or body) and the conclusion. It is necessary to notice the title of the source, to mark out the quotes, to capture the necessary pages. You should also notice the name and the main information about the authors and about the works you are going to talk about. As a rule, all this information are in the introduction part.

It is not easy to write the bibliographical essay. It takes you a lot of time to collect information and to choose the most important and necessary parts. But if you have no time or opportunity to cope with this task, you can always ask to write an essay for me and we will help you.

Hope this essay would be useful for you. Those who are related to the scientific work or to the words of books just have to be interested in bibliography.