Bill Gates Essay. The Story Of One Businessman


Bill Gates EssayBill Gates is a well-known man in twenty-first century. He belongs to one of the richest people in the world. A lot of Bill Gates scholarship essays were written. He and his wife founded Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since 2000 year, this company gives a lot of money to different organizations, which is connected with charity or some scientific research programs.

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In our Bill Gates essay you will find the most interesting information from his biography, about his participation in the Microsoft Company, about his privet life, his books etc. This man had a great career, and he is a real millionaire, he is worth talking about, and we have what to learn from him. So, let us start our essay on Bill Gates.

The Childhood

William Henry Gates was born in Seattle. His father worked at one Law Company and his mom was an ordinary teacher at school. Bill was the second child (he has two sisters). From his early age parents understood that their child is not an ordinary boy, so they decided to give him a special education. Bill was sent to Lakeside (best privet school in the whole state). The training was very expensive. Soon the young Bill found his mission. It was a school computer laboratory. The boy spent there all his time. He told that sometimes he had missed other classes, because he wanted to spent time with computers. He has gone mad on computers. He sat in a computer class till the night. During his weekends he always programmed something. Every week he spent twenty-thirty hours working at computer class. There was a period when Bill and his friend Paul Allen were forbidden to work because they have stolen all the passwords and have cracked the system. Bill was without computer for the whole summer. It was an awful punishment for the fifteen-sixteen years old boy.

At school Bill was interested only in mathematics, at other subjects he had bad marks. His teachers and parents were worried because of his behavior and Bill started to visit the psychiatrist.

At thirteen he wrote his first own program. He and three other students worked in some companies and in exchange on it they could work on computers, which belonged to these companies. When Bill was 17, he and his friend created their first own company called Traf-O-Data. This company worked for ten years.

In 1973 Bill Gates entered Harvard University where he met his future partner Steve Ballmer. Two years later Gates was deducted and began to create the software.

Microsoft Corporation

In 1975 Bill read about a new computer. In two weeks he had already worked at a company, which created this computer. In a year Bill Gates and Paul Allan had their own company. They decided to call it “Micro-Soft” (it is connected with their field of activity - microprocessors and software). Soon they decided to clean a hyphen.

In their business two friends divided the responsibilities. Paul Allen was better in the technical ideas and perspective developments, and Bill Gates was responsible for negotiations, contracts and other business communication. And still friends resolved the main issues together. Sometimes their disputes continued for 6-8 hours. The company developed in every day and on the 20th of November 1985 was created a well-known operating system – Microsoft Windows. So the Windows area started and it makes Bill Gates the richest man in the world.


Bill Gates is fond of reading. He reads about 50 books every year. And he is the author of a several books. The first called “The Road Ahead”. In this book he described his opinion in what direction our society moved (connecting with the development of information technologies).

Another book was called “Business. The Speed Of Thought”. This book is about how information technologies can help to solve business tasks. The book was translated into 25 languages and published in 60 countries. It is the best seller.

There were written also a few books about Bill Gates.


From 2008 Bill does not work at Microsoft Company. He decided to devote all the time to charity. He worked at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  This company he founded with his beautiful wife Melinda (they have got acquainted at a press briefing of Microsoft in New York. She worked in his company for a long time). Every year on the official website of his organization Bill publishes one message. In this message he tells about achievements of the charitable organization, and also makes plans for the future.

Despite his financial independence, Bill Gates is a modest person. But he lives in a really great house with different modern electronic things. They say that Bill spent about $125 million on his house. The house is divided into three huge parts: first is for guests, second is library. There are also a trampoline, swimming-pool, lake and a garage for 30 cars. It is the house of the future! Bill is a father of three children - Jennifer Katharine, Rory John and Phebe Adele. It is interesting, that Bill was arrested three times. The reason was connected with his driving without driving license.

Bill Gates is a great man in our society. His contribution to development of information technologies is simply huge. He has achieved everything himself. He worked hard, spent a lot of time reading and learning new things. And one day he became very rich and very popular. Maybe he knows a secret or some necessary skills which can help to become a rich person. He can be an example for everybody. His wealth, glory and success did not come themselves. But day by day, step by step he built his career and moved ahead to his purposes.