Brief Look Into American History Essay


American History EssaIt doesn’t matter in what country you live currently, what is your native land and where you are going to live in the future; every educated person knows the history of the biggest and the most authoritative countries in the world. We all study history at school and often need to write an essay on this topic. Our writing service will help you to write such essay perfectly. This essay will be about one of the biggest countries in the world - The United States of America.

Beginning of the history

USA declared its independence comparatively not so long ago - in 1776. This is the proper fact to begin with for American history essay. It is concerned that long ago there was a path, a piece of land, which connected two continents: America and Asia. Through this path many people from Asia came to the America to stay and live there. Despite this fact essay on American history usually begins with the fact that Christopher Columbus arrived to the American coast on the twelfth of October in 1492. But of course we all understand that the current territory of USA was inhabited many years before Columbus arrived there. After travelling of other explorers to American coast this territory become well-known. In 1507 geographer Martin Waldseemüller offered to name the new continent „America“ like the name of Amerigo Vespucci, the Florentine seafarer. This was the period when developing of the American land begun. This land is inhabited by people of different nations. The first English settlement was established in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia. But till the moment when colonization of America was begun by English and French people, Spanish already lived in Florida and in the south-west part of the continent.

America’s colonization

Later in 1620 the ship “Mayflower” brought to America a group of puritans which consisted of 102 Pilgrim Fathers. Those were severe times for new colonists. It was winter, a lot of them died because of low temperatures and different diseases. In spring they started working in the fields, and built settlement which was called New Plymouth. Later there were established thirteen colonies which were inhabited by two millions and five hundred thousand people.

Of course in essays on American history we cannot leave without attention that fact that in close vicinity with colonists there lived aboriginal people. These were two large groups of Indian tribes - the Iroquois and Algonquin. There lived nearly two hundred thousand people. During the period when quantity of colonists was low aboriginal people were friendly to newcomers. They taught them to survive on the new for colonist continent. Indians taught them farming, how sow rice, peas, beans, pumpkins, melons and cucumbers. They taught them how to make sugar. And what is more important is the thing that colonists learned of Indians - how to hunt, how to make boats. And what was the payment for their helping to survive? – Colonists took their lands and destroyed their homes. They even tried to make them work for them but useless. So to grow harvest colonist decided to bring to America slaves from Africa. It was period when in the society were formed groups of rich and poor people.

Gaining the Independence of USA

Meanwhile the influence of England grew every day. And finally it led to the war for independence which started on the nineteenth of April in 1775. After Americans’ winning of many battles France started officially support them and sent there its soldiers and fleet.

On the fourth of July in 1776 the new country called the United States of America was founded. This day is the national holiday in USA till nowadays. Later in 1787 on the seventeenth of September its Constitution was adopted. Its main idea was the democratic formation of the country. It was the Constitution which contained the rights of "free" states with a powerful government. And at last in 1783 after the signing the Treaty of Paris war was finished and England accepted America’s Independence. Since that time territory of USA grew by acquisition new lands of such states like Louisiana, Florida, and others; by conquest the territory of California.

American government

Governance of the United States can be separate topic for American government essay. Really helpful will be our professional writers. The good start for such essay will be the info that the Federal Government of the United States was established in accordance with the Constitution of USA. Government divides into three branches: legislative, executive and juridical. The legislative power is Congress, which consists of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives; executive power is headed by President and the judicial branch is made up of Federal District Courts, 11 Federal Courts and the Supreme Court. Besides it, each of fifty states has its own government – state governments, which are united in one Federal Government for making serious decisions like war’s beginning, money issuing etc.

American history in cinematograph

A lot of films in the world were cut about the different periods and aspects in the history of the United States. One of the films by the phenomenon of Nazism can be described in American history X essay. This film was cut in 1998, directed by Tony Kaye. It is the story about two brothers who were involved into neo-Nazi movement. The plot line of this film is built around the family in which since the childhood father taught his children, two brothers Derek and Danny Vinyard, that in America exists discrimination of white people and black have too much authority. Later father of the boys was killed by black drug dealer during firefighting. This fact just intensified brothers’ hate to black people and developed their Neo-Nazi attitude to the society. The destiny of brothers was hard and cruel. Derek was imprisoned for the homicide of two Afro-Americans who tried to get illegally into his car and younger brother Danny in the final scenes of the film was killed at school by the black student. The main idea of this film was shown in the final words of the Denny’s paper written to his teacher where he says that hate is the bad feeling which prevents our happiness.

Here we noticed just short periods of long and rich history of the United States. American history essays help us more wide learn range of interesting facts about this gorgeous country and its citizens.