Capital Punishment Essay. Rehabilitation Or Retribution?


Capital Punishment EssayThe question of capital punishment was urgent in a varying degree forever. And nowadays it is still important. There were written thousands of essays on capital punishment but none of them can tell you exact answer – is such kind of punishment good or bad.

As a rule there three kinds of capital punishment argumentative essay:

  • capital punishment persuasive essay;
  • against capital punishment essay;
  • essay which includes both types (for and against arguments).

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The History Of The Capital Punishment

From ancient times people killed each other. And very often they did it because of punishment or revenge. In Bible we can find such a phrase or even a law for the first people – eye for eye and tooth for tooth. It means: somebody have done something against you, than you should do the same for him. Each crime has to be punished. At that time not to punish the criminal, not to revenge, not to restore justice was considered as a shame and it was not even normal. But later the first states appeared. Death penalty became a public punishment and it was applied in special cases (these cases every government choose for itself).

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To Execute Impossible To Pardon

To execute impossible to pardon – everybody knows this popular phrase, in which the sense depends on comma arrangement. They say that it is considered that the place of a comma depends on the level of humanity of society. And whatever was this level, people always hesitate about the capital punishment. Of course, it is inhuman and cruel. From the one hand, we understand that only God gives us our life and who we are that we are going to kill other people? But from the other hand, people have to be responsible for their awful acts (cruel murders, including children murders, mockeries at defenseless people, tortures etc.) For such acts it is necessary to pay a high price. Jesus taught all to forgive, but people consider that there are things which are impossible to forgive.

Arguments For The Death Penalty

The last warning. For example in China bribery is not popular, because people have a capital punishment for such an act. In reality, the death penalty — a powerful limiting factor for criminals - the fear of death "preserves" people against illegal acts. That’s why the death penalty is the most important and most effective factor of decrease in crime rate.

Retribution. If you killed someone, you should be killed as well. From the ancient times the blood feud was very important in people’s life. The killer should be killed. Only on such a way can be the justice. To the dead man it all the same, but his/her relatives cannot be quiet, knowing that the killer is still alive.

Money. People are always limited of money. And if the government accepts the capital punishment it will be very favorably for the country. It is very expensive to hold the criminal on life imprisonment. The prisoner always needs something to eat and etc.

There is nothing more terribly than death. Sometimes criminals understand that they made a crime, but they also realize – in general they are not bad persons. Most of the criminals want to live! They agree to be in the prison forever, but only to live. As any person they want to think, to laugh, to sleep, to eat, to read etc. And almost all the criminals are afraid of the death. Because, who knows what are waiting for us in that another world?

It is not always cruel! Many years ago capital punishment was something cruel. Hundreds of people gathered in one place to see how the criminal will be killed. Nowadays the system of this kind of punishment changed a little. Most of the types of the death penalty are quite human. Before the execution prisoner’s eyes are tied with a scarf, and then without the prevention are made five lightning shots in the heart. The death comes instantly.

Arguments Against The Death Penalty

Retribution is not good. Once Archbishop Desmond told a wonderful phrase: “To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, it is not justice” and another phrase like this was told on a catholic conference: “We cannot teach that killing is wrong by killing”. Jesus Christ’s teaching about forgiveness will be always popular. Life – is a great present and everybody has a chance of forgiveness. God gives a life and only He can take it away. Revenge never results in a good way.

Mistakes. What government can be proud that its judicial system is completely fair? None. Mistakes always were, are and will be. And what to do when happen mistakes in law, especially when the innocent person was killed instead of the killer? You cannot ask forgiveness for that who is already dead.

Punishment without teaching. Why do you usually punish your child? Usually parents are worrying, when they need to punish their children. And the main goal is to teach your child a lesson and to prevent such a mistake in the future. In criminal law punishment has three purposes: restoration of social justice, correction of the convict and prevention of commission of new crimes. The death penalty, perhaps, also helps to reach two of them (especially preventive), but obviously doesn't rehabilitate the convict — agree, it is difficult to improve if you are dead.

It does not work. If people know that for the murder will be a capital punishment, they continue to kill. Why? Maybe they are not afraid, maybe they are sure that won’t be caught. But sometimes capital punishment cannot stop the killer if he decided to kill somebody.

It is hypocrisy. It is stupid to struggle with criminals using their own methods. The death penalty, in fact, protecting the right for life of one person, deprives of this right of another. One prisoner just liked to kill others, it was his life style. And what we can tell about those, who carry out every day death sentences? Is it only a job?

As for me, it is difficult to answer on the question about death penalty. We are not like God, we cannot judge others and take their lives. But every case is special and the judge must be very wise and fair to sentence someone to death.