Christmas. The History Of The Holiday


It seems to me there is no person who did not hear about Christmas. For many years it is a good tradition to celebrate this bright and cheerful holiday. From ancient times Christmas was a time for miracles. At this day family and friends tried to gather together and to spend the happiest time. The Christmas is so old, that nowadays not everybody knows its history and first traditions. That’s why we decided to tell you the Christmas history.

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Every nation has its own Christmas holidays. In each country people try to preserve ancient traditions according to their nation. But there is a country in the world, called the state of immigrants, where there was a mix of nations and traditions. This is the United States of America. The Americans managed to create their own traditions and rituals, which over time have changed. Today, Americans combine secular and religious customs of Christmas with family traditions.

The Christmas Story

Many years ago lived a great man called Jesus Christ. He was not an ordinary man but He was the Son of God. His mother was a young virgin Mary. The birth of Jesus was unusual from the very beginning. Mary had no husband, only a groom Joseph. Mary was a kind and well-educated girl, that’s why God choose her to become the mother of His Son. The Angel visited Mary and warned her about the future pregnancy and marvelous son. The Angel also visited Joseph and asked him to trust his young bride because she was fair. So Joseph did not leave Mary alone. The day of Jesus birth was a usual day. But it became the beginning of a new era. The King of King came to this world as a poor child. He was born not in a comfortable house, but in a manger in a barn. Maybe his first guests were animals not people. Mother Mary was happy but in her heart she understood that her baby boy will have an unusual and difficult life. He was born with a great mission – to save all people. Mary could not understand this mission nowadays, but later, when she would see her son crucified, she would understand a lot. Her heart will be broken. But it will be later. And now she holds in her arms her baby boy and sings him a lullaby.

The miracle happened in the whole world. Shepherds were tending their sheep on the field when something strange happened. They saw a great choir of angels on the sky. They told that today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord. This will be a sigh to you: you will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. Shepherds were the first who visited Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. Then came the wise men from the East and brought rich gifts. Jesus lived for 33 years, died and on the third day He was resurrected. It happened more than 2 thousand years ago but we remember this story even nowadays. In details the story of Jesus birth and life is described in the Bible.

So the celebration of Christmas has a long and old history. A lot of people hesitated if Jesus Christ was a real person, but as for me, I am sure that He was alive and now He is also alive. He had a great mission and He fulfilled his mission. Soon He will come back to the Earth.

The Traditions And History

So, Americans and European celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. It is a state holiday. It is a holiday of kindness, because Jesus brought to the Earth kindness, love and happiness.

Relatives and friends, who are far from the home, send Christmas cards with the wishes of a Merry Christmas. In preparation for this holiday Americans put in the living room green tree and decorate it with toys and candles. Children believe in Santa Clause.

However, the American tradition of the Christmas holiday began only at the end of the XIX century. The most amazing thing is that up to the XVIII century this holiday was generally prohibited in the New World. They admitted only Thanksgiving Day.

The first National Christmas tree appeared in front of the White House only 1891 year. A Christmas in 1895 was considered to be a national holiday. From that time Christmas become the most important holiday of the United States. Because America is a country of immigrants, all ethnic diaspora tried to follow their national traditions associated with the Christmas rituals, preparation, design houses, cooking. But for some time, these differences began to wear off, so all mixed up. In the United States it is popular to decorate the houses, not only inside but also outside. All the houses are shining and illuminated, reminding the festively decorated Christmas tree.

Common to all Americans is the celebrating of Christmas with the whole family in the parental house. Before the beginning, they pray, glorifying God. Then Americans eat sacred bread and all the traditional food. In some families father read the Christmas story to the children.

After dinner, Americans begin to open a lot of Christmas gifts. In some American towns there is a glorious tradition. Americans visit each other and sing old Christmas songs. Children dressed in costumes of angels, sing Christmas hymns, praise God and the birth of his son Jesus.

For many Americans, Christmas is still in its original religious content. On Christmas Eve the believers go to the midnight service at church. There, an enormous gathering of believers committed Christmas Mass or a dramatization of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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