Cricket As National Sport Of England


Cricket As National Sport Of EnglandAt this time our academic editing service wants to introduce you such kind of sport as cricket. Cricket is considered to be the national sport of England. The national sport is always a part of the country or its history. And it doesn’t matter how many citizens are fond of this kind of sport or is it established by a law. If we are talking about the national sport we don’t meant that this kind is the most popular. For example, in the USA the national sport is baseball, in Scotland – golf, in Italy – football, in Czech Republic – ice hockey. We can continue this list, but I want to say, that sometimes in a lot of countries not the government make some kind of sport a national one, but just historical past, which was created by the whole nation.

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The History Of The Game

There is no single version of cricket origin. But people say that firstly such a pastime appeared in England and specifically in the southeast. At the 13th century sometimes people were bored and for the entertaining they had the game which looked like the modern cricket. This information we can read in the historical papers of King Edward I.

The "cricket" was at first "cric" – it means the special stick which the shepherds used in their everyday work. With its help workers locked the gate, which led out to pasture. At first cricket was popular among poor young workers and later the game became popular among rich people. In the 18th century was created the first Cricket Club. Later the cricket center was based in London. Nowadays in the capital we can see the Lord's Cricket Stadium. Later at this stadium the Marilebonsky Cricket Club has been opened. It was the most successful club in the country, thanks to the club’s activity were changed some rules, and nowadays there is a world cricket management there.


Cricket is a team game. Each team consists of 11 players. Every team should beat and fed the ball. The main idea is to destroy with the wicket of other team. The winner is that team, which scored in the beating more points (runs).

So, the main aim of the game is to score a greater number of points than the players from the other team. Points are awarded for the distance that the player will run from one “gate” to another. In the rules it called runs. The player can run while the other team tries to back the ball to the center of the field. The task of each player is to hit the ball so hard, that the ball flew as far as possible.

Cricket Matches has different time. Very often they lasted not for hours, but for the days. Some people are sure that for these days nothing is happening on the field, and players just stand idly and do nothing. Often it can take a few minutes between the runs. This game is sometimes slowly but interesting. To understand the whole process you need to read all the rules.

Nowadays cricket is impossible to see on the terrestrial television and many people are outraged by this. That’s why a lot of people decided that the cricket popularity is on the decline and this kind of sport soon will not be national.

Interesting Facts About Cricket

Cricket is very unusual kind of sport for us, but in some countries this sport is the very interesting and more popular than football. Here are some interesting facts about this game, which were unknown for you.

1) In 1477 in England, Edward IV prohibited the game of cricket, because the game prevented the training in archery.

2) Among England, cricket is very popular in India, Australia, South Africa and some other countries.

3) Cricket Competitions within the Olympic Games were just once (more than 100 years ago).

4) Cricket World Cup is held every four years, like the Olympics or World Cup.

5) Game rules are very easy and understandable. All the rules are posted only on 20 pages.

6) Very often, cricket matches last for a single day. Those, who are fond of cricket, buy a lot of food before watching the game. But to the outsiders cricket matches are boring and "sleepy".

7) International matches can last 5 days. The Premier League cricket matches are lasted 4 days.

8) In many countries to go to the cricket is very popular. Some wealthy corporations buy the whole boxes at the stadium. Many important issues are solved there – because the cricket is often just a background.

9) Cricket was popular not only among the sportsmen. A lot of literary figures liked to take part in this game. For some time in England there was an unusual amateur team which consisted of the writers (Rudyard Kipling, Arthur Conan Doyle and others). The founder of the team was the author of "Peter Pan" James Barry. He called his team as “Allahakbarries”, as he thought that these words means – “the heaven will help us”.  But in reality it meant only – “Allah is great”.

I think that after reading this essay, you change your attitude to this game and maybe if you will have an opportunity you try yourself as a player. As for me, it is always interesting to get a new experience, especially in the sport. 

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