Descriptive Beach Essay: Ecstasy VS Danger


Descriptive Beach EssayWhen the mild and salty sea wind touches my face and makes my hair wave right and left, I feel the real ecstasy. I am able to spend the whole day on the warm beach and keep watching the sea, its strong waves, and listening to the noise of the enormous quantity of water, which is circulating non-stop. I know that a lot of people may think that such a pastime is too boring and that it is impossible to stay immovable for such a long period of time. I guess that they have never been at the seaside yet and this is the only sound argument, which I am able to find. Those, who aren’t acquainted with the beach, the sea, and know nothing about the summer funs, are not able to imagine the mixture of the feelings, which fill the soul here. Spending time on the beach can be comparable with no other activities. It is cool!

I hope that the next descriptive essay about the beach will turn your head, pull you out of the habitual lifestyle and move you far from the concrete jungles, where you live. I want to you to get an enormous desire to buy a ticket and fly away to the seaside place as soon as you finish my beach descriptive essay reading. I believe you’ll do this! Just remember that the beach is not as harmless as it seems and you should be very attentive here.

What Is the Beach for You?

I am always asked what I like about the beach most of all. Erm… It is not really easy to answer ambiguously, because for me the seaside is:

  • Getting of the chocolate tone of my skin;
  • Spending the whole day gaily;
  • Building of the sand castles;
  • Fooling with the friends;
  • Splashing in the water;
  • Lying on the beach and letting yourself doing nothing;
  • Perfect opportunity to switch off all the thinking processes in the head.

From the other side, spending of the whole day on the beach is a perfect opportunity not only to amuse yourself but also to reflect on your life in solitude. If you have some unsolved problems and you are searching of any solutions, the beach is the perfect place for you, which is able to cure any of your troubles. The waves, which wash the coast monotonously, are able to wash all your pains away and show you the best way in life.

I don’t really know how it is possible to choose one of these variants and say that I like it most of all. All these points are indivisible and each time, when I come to the beach, I sink into the wonderful atmosphere.

Be Careful: Dangers Are Everywhere!

Spending time near the sea is not always as trouble-free as it may seem. One should always remember that when he is next to the water, he should be twice as careful. The friendly and pure sea may turn into the bitterest enemy of him.

One day, when I wanted to escape from the world and spend some time on my own, I came on the beach as usual, took the place just at the water’s edge, and closed my eyes. The sun’s beams reached my face and I felt how they covered my skin with the tan. I was dreaming about my pretty image in the mirror, which would be of bright bronze color. Despite the fact that the scientists have already proved the bad influence of sunbathing, I like to roast under the hot sun until my legs become of dark brown color. I know that the sun beams are able to provoke skin cancer and its premature aging, cause the loss of water from the organism and decrease the quantity of melanin, though spending of 3 or 4 hours in the sun is always a too attractive offer for me, of which I am not able to give up.

I was sitting with my eyes closed and enjoying the fresh sea smell when suddenly I heard a strange noise. I opened my eyes, saw nothing and closed them again. I was sure that it was just the howl of the wind, which started getting stronger. I tried to sink into my own thoughts and I started watching how the gentle flows washed the fingers on my legs. I was interrupted by the inhuman scream again and my blood surged to my cheeks. I sprang to my feet, made several steps forward and the chilling scene made me feel giddy. I saw not well, though my sharp sight caught a person far from the coastline. Should I call 911? I had no time to do this! I looked around but there was nobody next to me. Suddenly the beach-rescuer appeared as if from nowhere and I started crying, ‘Man in the sea!’ It was the real wonder that this brave young man appeared on the beach. He acted quickly and soon the drowning girl was saved. She was a professional swimmer, by the way, though the sudden cramp in her leg paralyzed her. She was sitting next to me, crying and repeating the words of gratitude to me and the rescuer, who gifted her another chance for life.

Keep in Mind That…

It doesn’t mean that when you are on the beach, you should keep quiet, sit still and make no movements at all. You just must remember that your precious life is in your hands and it may happen so that nobody will be next to you when you get in trouble. Just the simple rules of conduct are able to preserve you from the fatalities. Follow them and mind your health!

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