Euthanasia essay: take your side!


This post have idea to help you in writing euthanasia persuasive essay or an argumentative essay on euthanasia. This topic is really difficult, because it requires analyzing of literature, its scrupulous understanding and finally formation of your own opinion. Especially, if you choose to write an argumentative euthanasia essay you must be sure to form clear and relevant argument. Euthanasia essay can be considered from different point of view. For example, you can write pro euthanasia essay. In this case, you should clearly explain why you think euthanasia is a possible choice and prove this opinion by facts. On the other hand, you can choose to write an against euthanasia essay. If you choose to do so, you need to provide careful investigation of the question from this side and complete your euthanasia essay by the personal conclusive statement. Euthanasia essay introduction could start from general overview of the problem and presenting different opinions, but euthanasia essay conclusion must clearly reflect your point of view.

Euthanasia is a medical action of killing someone, who has serious illness or injured in such way, that future health life without pain cannot be ensured. In this case, euthanasia can help to stop suffering of such person.  Two main arguments can be defined in order to approve euthanasia. One of them is ethical consideration. Ethical argument includes consideration that people must always have choice. We all have rights to control our own body and life. That is why denying and prohibiting euthanasia practice by the government and society can lead to the restriction of the human’s rights. “Quality of life” is one of the most crucial concepts of the ethical argument. It means that people can decide to stop their life if they do not see a possibility to live in everyday sufferings. It is clear that living with continuous pain diminishes enormously quality of life and perception of the world. Another argument is a pragmatic argument. In medical practices there are a lot of procedures that can lead to the death of the suffering patient. However, they do not have name of euthanasia, but they lead to the similar result. For example, palliative sedation is not directly carried out for the purpose of ending lives, many of the sedatives used carry a risk of speeding up death. Therefore, the palliative sedation could be considered as a type of active euthanasia. That is why it can be said that euthanasia is already widespread practice, but it does not have a clearly defined form. Maybe, it is better to stop ignoring this problem and ensure euthanasia procedure in approved and human way.

Meanwhile, it seems that euthanasia has more negative arguments than positive ones. One of the most popular arguments against euthanasia is a religious argument. It can be formulated in the following way: we do not decide when, where and how to come into this life and, consequently, we cannot decide how to stop it.  People believe that only God has right to end the human’s life. That is why this practice cannot be supported by religious reasons. Another negative argument is that legalizing euthanasia can lead to drastic increasing of cases, when the people want to stop their life. Also, medical ethics must be considered while approving euthanasia. Euthanasia cannot be made by oneself. That is why patient should ask doctor or nurse for this. However, it will lead to a violation of medical ethics. Also, could we ask people to take responsibility for the end of our life? I think no. And the last ant the most important for me argument against euthanasia is that we always can find an alternative, maybe not now, but a little bit further a solution to improve the physical and psychological conditions of a suffering patient could be found.

Overall saying, there are many positive and negative arguments on the question of euthanasia. Maybe, the government’s legalization of euthanasia procedure could be not so bad idea, because we all must have choice.

It’s cool if you face this issue only indirectly, for instance, while preparing a speech, thesis, research paper, essays, or any articles on this topic. It’s hard to form objective views on such problems without practical experience. Reading a debate regarding this dilemma, one can’t evaluate properly its pros and disadvantages. When you watch euthanasia from the outside, you can’t have the same feelings like the one who makes this choice. Imagine, what a great pain and unbearable sufferings accompany a fatally ill person! In this regard, our thoughts concerning the definition of the euthanasia can be wrong. We can determine it either as a murder or as a merciful deed. However, we can’t be exactly sure about it.

Thus, any physician, who assisted people to make this suicide, obviously encountered crucial philosophical issues. It’s not so easy to help someone to die by closing oxygen supply line, even if this act is justified in terms of moral aspects. This decision can go against universal human values and traditional statements pertaining to mercy.

Therefore, the Catholic Church categorically rejects euthanasia as well as abortion. Many countries oppose this practice. For instance, its active form is illegal in the UK, all types are forbidden in Australia. Up-to-date anti euthanasia movements counter the development of this phenomenon.

However, modern philosophers often raise questions on the advantages of euthanasia. Comprehending all the benefits of this concept, they come to conclusions that people should have a free choice concerning death. Euthanasia is already legalized in several countries: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and others.

Still, governments all over the world receive a lot of petitions in favor of euthanasia. People, who are not indifferent to this problem, often devote a report, a dissertation, one paragraph or several subtopics of a scientific project to this concept. One can always find a lot of points in support of euthanasia and, thus, convince authorities to make it lawful. If it is legalised, citizens have a right to choose it. However, if it is forbidden in a certain country, people can move to another one. Euthanasia tourism is becoming popular nowadays.

If the person’s motion on euthanasia is clear and doesn’t look like a discursive outline, it should be fulfilled. The philosophy of this concept is the following: everyone deserves a right to end life with dignity as well as good conditions of nursing.

 We want you never endure this cruel choice whether to use euthanasia or not. In any case, respect all decisions concerning this concept, as there are no correct answers to such queries.