Exciting Evolution In Charles Darwin Essay


Since ancient times people wanted to know how they started their existing on our incredible and enigmatic planet - Earth. A lot of sciences like chemistry, biology and many others are trying to find the answer on the question about arising life on our planet and conduct hundreds or even thousands of researches studying different variants and ideas. Questions like: “Did people really germinated in the water?”;”Was it God who created the Earth and everything on it?” “What was first: chicken or egg?” All these questions were actual since the times when human got the ability to think. There are a great variety of theories about the world’s evolution and the most outstanding, well-known and worldwide recognized usually widely described in Charles Darwin theory of evolution essay.

Long time ago people noticed that everything in the nature changes from year to year, from decade to decade. Our ancestry transmitted knowledge from one generation to next ones but noticed that not always their experience accumulated during many years was actual. It was noticed that plants change their requirements to environment where they grow and animals change their behavior to adapt oneself to new conditions in the world around them, and actually to coexist with human society.

Of course there were no sciences in initial communities. According to sayings of ancient philosophers people believed that everything formed from four elements: fire, air, water and ground through their constant interaction. Later in XV-XVIII century religion ousted the science and the idea of creation the Earth and everything on it by God was the main and almost the only one. At that period people were made to consider that everything on the planet was created at once and nothing changes. But in parallel with religion biology started its development and a lot of descriptive materials were gathered. These were descriptions of flora and fauna of our planet. Together with birth of science were born many theories about changes in the environment – both: in nature and in society. Many scientists had their own explanation of changes which were on the planet, their own theories about origin of Earth and everything on it. First classifications of species of plants and animals were established; of course they were very inaccurate and combined only by the similarity in appearance because of absence of deep knowledge. At the same time it was allowed to make the autopsy and knowledge about contribution of human’s and animals’ bodies were significantly increased.  The first complete concept of evolution was created by French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Lamarck. It was published in his "Zoological Philosophy: Exposition with Regard to the Natural History of Animals" in 1809. He claimed that animal acquire new characteristics under the influence of environment. It was the pre-Darwin theory called Lamarckism.

It will be appropriate to start story about the world recognized theory of world’s evolution with the biography of its author – Charles Darwin. He was born on the twelfth of February in 1809, in England. All members of the family where he was born were doctors or philosophers or naturalists. In 1831 he went on the trip around the world on the ship “Beagle” as a naturalist. During his voyage he studied geology, animals, plants and peoples of the lands they visited. So that when he saw the fossil sloth in South America and compared it with the body’s structure of this animal in the actual time (which was rather smaller), he understood that living organisms adapted to the environment they live in during millions of years. So that when he came back from his trip he started researching on this theory and did it during nearly twenty years. He made his conclusions basing on the collection of fossil which was wide and diversified at those times.

 The result of his researching was his outstanding book about world’s evolution: "On the Origin of Species". It was published in 1859. There were three main principles of his theory of evolution: heredity and variation of species; fight for survival; natural selection. He emphasized group and individual changes; also it was noticed that evolution is slow and gradual process.  The idea of very slow but constant and continuous emergence of new species of plants and animals was so unusual that it was perceived not at once. Darwin affirmed that inside of animal’s population there exists competition and those who adapted to changing conditions of life can multiply.  This mechanism of natural selection destroys those individuals which are less adapted to environment.

There were a lot of attitudes to Darwin Theory of Evolution. Religion mostly rejected this theory of development of human race and flora, fauna. But sometimes it considered that people really originated from monkeys though it was possible only regarding to human’s body but not soul! Charles Darwin on its own said that watching changes which were in the nature he become atheist and understood that creating the world described in Bible was not possible. And it was no more than imagination of savages.

Acceptance of Charles’ Darwin theory in society can be another topic for social Darwinism essay. British philosopher and sociologist Herbert Spencer was the first who transferred principles of nature evolution to society evolution. Many professors consider that Darwin’s theory let the racism spread on the planet and explained it. According to his theory some people were more developed and some less developed and were like monkeys. There were awful facts when hunters killed Australian aborigines to make scarecrow for museums. Darwin’s idea of Evolution was accepted in the world as foundation of struggle between social classes.

Charles Darwin essay describes one of the most accepted by society Theory of Evolution. But unfortunately the realization of these ideas of evolution had bad consequences. The motto: “survival of the fittest” caused the brutal struggle for life. Many dictators explained wars, killings and other offences by “natural selection”. So that its only up to you what version of arising life choose: Religious theory where they say that God created the world or Darwin’s Theory of Evolution of Human nation from primate.