Face Your Fear: List Of 10 Popular Fears


List Of 10 Popular FearsTo tell the truth I do not know the person who was not afraid of something. Our academic writer service decided to talk about the most popular human fears. We are just people and we have our own features and phobias. It is very important not be shy of your fears and to share them with others. Maybe someone can give you the advices how to overcome this fear.

Fears, no matter they are large or small, prevent us from realizing our past times, interferes enjoy the present and happily future. No matter what you are afraid now: to cut you hair or to divorce your husband. The result is the same - as long as your fears control you, you cannot have a perfect and happy life. There are some useful fears. The ability to see the approaching danger is able to preserve the health and lives not only yourself but also the people who are around you. Hope, our essay on this topic will be interesting and useful for you. Remember. That on our website you can always order any kind of writing work. Our writers graduated from the most popular American schools. We can help you and write the perfect work, for which you receive the highest mark. Welcome to our happy regular customers team. We have the pleasant prices and a lot of services.

Human Fears

The world around us become more advanced and comfortable, but for some reason it does not make our life more relaxed and calm. On the contrary, the further steps the civilization, the more fears we have.

Fears are very popular, and many people are suffered from them. Phobia – is a strongly pronounced obsessive fear, which can deteriorate under certain circumstances. Despite serious researches in this area, some phobias still have no logical explanation. Every person tries to avoid phobias facilities, activities and situations, which are connected with the particular fear. We offer you to look through a brief description of human phobias.

A great part of the modern phobias are associated with the new information age, and the dependence of modern people from digital technologies. Another part of our fears is connected with the discomfort of large cities, where people every day need to use the public transport and to communicate with a lot of strangers.

Common Fears

1) The fear I want to talk from the very beginning appeared recently. It is connected with the era of Internet and smartphones. Do you guess what we are going to talk about?

The fear of being left without a mobile phone and don’t be informed about news. The person fells the discomfort and irritation, when forgot the phone at home or it has the low battery, went to the place where there is no cellular. You can keep the phone in your hand, waiting for a call or message. Start to get nervous, even when the battery level falls below 50%. Do not know what to do, when there is no gadget or the Internet in your hands. Sometimes it is difficult to live without social works. Every hour some persons need to check your mail, to look through the pictures on Instagram etc. When there is no Internet connection, some people start to panic. We get used to our smartphones and laptops and cannot imagine what to do without them.

How to deal with: Would you die if during the day will not read the news and check the social networks? I think, no. What could happen if you will be without phone and Internet? Try to communicate with other people. And if you want to ask the way or to know what time is it now, don’t take your phone, but ask passers. Be honest to yourself - life is possible, even without gadgets.

2) Fear of loneliness. Everybody wants to have a good life. Being misunderstood, unrecognized, abandoned, rejected, - this is really scaring. It is awful to stay without relatives and friends. Every person needs somebody. It is normal. Try to be friendly, love your friends, do good to people and you will never be alone. In the All Quiet On the Western Front essay we can read about young people who were afraid the life without the war. They don’t know what to do, because they became soldiers after school and only knew how to fight.

3) Fear of aging. From this fear suffer women and men at about 40 years old, who don’t want to lose the beauty, and be not attractive.

How to deal with: don’t worry, you cannot stop the natural process. And you are not the only one who is aging.

4) Verminofobiya (the fear of bacteria and micro-organisms). Maybe you know such people who wash their hands for 50 times a day, wash the floors on 20-30- times.

5) Social phobia (fear to speak in front of the audience). I think everybody knows about this fear or phobia. In general, this fear is known to most people on the planet. Anyway, we are all feel inconvenient if we demonstrate out feeling and thoughts in front of the large group of people. However, for some people this fear becomes a phobia. They can talk with the friend but they cannot speak in front of an audience.

How to deal with: work on yourself. Face your fear! Force yourself to speak to an audience. Soon you will no longer stutter, hand will not tremble and your breathing won’t be interrupted. You will be able to overcome this fear.

6) Fear of death. Who knows what are waiting for us after the death? A lot of people are afraid to die. But we cannot change the laws of life, so believe that the best is yet to come and enjoy your life, while you are alive.

7) Fear of public transport. The person is afraid to go down into the subway, or to use any other public transport. Despite traffic jams, the person always travels by car, even if using subway is faster. If the person has no car, he/she tries not to go anywhere alone. Or, prefer to use a taxi.

How to deal with: fear of public transport is associated with the fear of death, fear of getting hurt and injured. We need to try to control this fear. Remember, that all are under the control of God.

You have looked through the main human fears. And remember that if in your life suddenly appear an inexplicable fear, do not try to avoid it immediately. Just think, what this fear means. If you cannot deal with it yourself – ask for a help the psychologist. Take care of yourself, don’t be afraid and everything will be okay.