Football Club "Middlesbrough": Quick Report


Football Club MiddlesbroughToday our academic writing online service is going to introduce you the popular English football club Middlesbrough. The players of this club cannot imagine their life without football, because this game changed their lives forever. This football club has a long history and a lot of victories. The club got its name after the town in which was founded – Middelsbrough (County of North Yorkshire). But fans prefer to call this club shortly – Borough. It plays in the Premier League.  The popular club’s colors are white and red. The players usually have such uniform: red socks and underwear and white T-shirt with wide white horizontal stripe. But over the years of its existence, the club had different types of uniform (even the blue with white polka dots).

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How It All Began

In 1876 year the cricketers decided to found the football club, because they wanted to keep fit during cold autumn and winter (you know that it is impossible to play cricket at that time). In the 19th century it was fashionable to create such clubs. In 1899 the football team became the professional one and the guys won two FA Cups among fans. Later the club lost its status of professionals. The years went soon the Middlesbrough Club was in the Major League.

At the beginning of the 20th century the Borough Club was the most popular among other English clubs. It was a great time of its prosperity. But soon an unpleasant story happened. The club manager offered money to the players-competitors. The guys refused but Borough was the winner again. During the 1913-1914 season "Borough" was the third in the top flight, which is still the record for the team in the national championship. But then started the First World War and a lot of the members were killed, others decided to finish their career. Next years were difficult for the club. And when the players at last they renewed their strength started the Second World War, which crossed everything.

After the wars the club has again difficult times. For twenty years it was not the member of the Major League. When Stan Anderson and Jack Charlton joined the club became noticeable changes for the better. The team won the Anglo-Scottish Cup. It was really great victory. Soon the club had great financial difficulties (read about financial stability advices) and the managers had to borrow money from the federation. It was a dangerous time, the club could lose the license, but fortunately it did not happen. The guys cope with everything and difficult times left behind.

Before the new season (1986-87 years) the club started a new life. The name and the emblem were changed. The new Epoch started for the Borough Football Club. And the beginning was successful - they returned to the elite of the strongest teams, opened a new stadium Riverside and founded the Premier League. But the club’s life continued to consist of constant ups and downs. Despite everything the players never gave up.


In 2004 the club won the Carling Cup.

In 2006 the Borough became the finalist of UEFA cup. The club has 32 national team players who have spent more than 100 appearances for the club and 28 the active players (for 2016)

From the 2013 year the head of the club again changed. Aitor Karanka, the Spanish football player is the current head of the club.

In January-February, "Middlesbrough" has again problems, and in March 2016, after two consecutive defeats against outsiders championship - "Rotherham Utd" and "Charlton Athletic" in team, there was a conflict between the players and the head coach. As a result Aitor Karanka decided to suspend from the team management. However, the club owner Steve Gibson was able to resolve the conflict situation and soon Karanka returned to his work.

This shake-up has benefited the team, which has issued a 6-game winning streak and went back to fight for a direct ticket to the Premier League. On the 7th of May 2016 in the final, in the last 46th round of the championship against "Brighton & Hove Albion" "Borough" made necessary draw and the second place opened the way out to the Premier League.

The main aim of the Borough for this season is to save their place in the top flight of English football. For Aitor Karanka the experience at this level is something new, so nobody can demand from him and his players the great results. After 15 played rounds the Middlesbrough has to its credit 15 points and is in 16th position in the standings, it is three points off the relegation zone. We wish the guys a good luck!

Interesting Facts About Middlesbrough

1) The club shop "Boro" is really the huge one.  It is the second largest after the "Manchester United".

2) The football club Boro was founded in the 19 th century. Maybe it is funny, but the idea to create such a football club came to the cricket players. They were th founders. At that time it was normal, that cricketers slightly changed their activity and became the football players.

3) The first nickname of the Boro was the Scabs and diamonds, as their coat of arms was a diamond with a red lion in the center.

Hope this essay was interesting for you and you had a great opportunity to know a lot of facts about past and nowadays times of football club Middlesbrough and its popular members. Sport is their life and when sport becomes everything they have – their everyday job, their hobby, - what can be better. Try to be always motivated and the life will be better!