Genocide Essay Is Short Excursion To Tragic History


Genocide EssayPatriotism is a great feeling. Every country is proud of patriots of its Nation and every government wants to have as much as possible people who love their native land and ready to protect it of enemies. But sometimes it happens that the greatest patriot of the nation becomes the biggest enemy, tyrant for its people. The person starts seeking authority, wants to become an idol for the people, sees the enemies of the country, of the government, and its own enemies in some particular groups united by religion or people who live in particular regions or national minorities and appeal to kill those people, completely destroy them. Historians usually call it genocide. There were many examples of genocides in the world. Writing genocide essay is rather hard thing because when you collect information for it and then write it - seems that you can feel the pain of all those people who suffered. Essay on genocide requires research of information in different sources because different historians have their own point of view on the genocide, especially if it is the historian from within the country where genocide has happened.

Writing essay on Rwanda genocide you will write the story about the country which is situated in the east-central part of Africa. During the Civil War there was genocide against Tutsi minority. It lasted from April to July in 1994. It was called “Hundred days of slaughtering”. During genocide in Rwanda essay writers declare that from 500 000 to 1 000 1000 people were killed only because of their belonging to the national minority – Tutsi, these people were 15 % of all Rwanda nation. Rwandan genocide essay is usually tells us about the one hundred days of slaughtering people all over the country. Firstly killings began in the capital of the country after the plane with the President of Rwanda – Habyarimana and other politics from the country and from other countries on the board was exploded and nobody survived. In a few hours military forces and militia and some civil people made roadblocks and barricades and began killing Tutsi people determining them by their documents. Very soon disorders spread all over the country. They made Tutsi people run to the neighboring countries like Democratic Republic Kongo and there they still live in the status of refugees. Writing Rwanda genocide essay you will get into the world of cruel people who wanted to have unlimited authority in their country at any price. They were ready even pay for this authority by lives of children and women. No one was spared.

Genocides in the world history also occur when representatives of some nation live on the territory of another country. One of such examples is Armenian genocide. Writing the Armenian genocide essay you will write about the 1915 – 1923 years. It was the period when Armenian people who lived on the territory of Ottoman Empire were suppressed by Turkish army. Their goal was to expel Armenians from lands of Ottoman Empire. Genocide started with mass arrests of Armenian people on the territory of the capital of Turkey. They had different professions and attitude to Ottoman Empire but they had high status in society and they were Armenians. Government of Turkey wanted to crash the intellectual potential of Armenian community and then crash the community completely. In that period a lot of talented Armenian writers, compositors, painters and other outstanding people were killed and it become a great loss for the Armenian nation. Weakened by the loss of educated elite Armenian people were in desperate, they were killed one by one. Those who were lucky were deported. And still all over the world Armenians commemorate Genocide victims on 24 of April. On this day they have day off and go to church to pray for their dead compatriots.

Our world is very cruel, especially in the countries where fanatic people want to rule the society and try to keep or capture the authority. Cambodia is the country in South-Eastern Asia. It is the country with interesting but distressful history. There was an awful period in its history. Writing the Cambodian genocide essay you certainly must tell about times when country war ruled by Pol Pot. It was during 1975-1978. By the order of this person almost three million people who were Cambodians were killed. He considered that Cambodia should be an agricultural country and all the people must work in the fields and grow rice from early morning till late at night. He tried to liquidate educated people in the Cambodian society, destroyed schools and churches and hospitals. A lot of people died in Pol Pot’s country jails suffering of inhuman tortures. Even nowadays tourists can notice that in Cambodia there are few old people because too much of them were killed during the genocide. But no matter what happened in the past in Cambodia, this country continues its development.

Describing all this awful and tragic developments which happened in the life of ordinary people is very hard thing. It’s like watch all the horrors of those periods by their eyes. Genocide essays often live very sad track in your memory. It is no matter what nation suffered – we are all people and all deserve to live free on our planet Earth. Essays on genocide help us to understand that every nation and every country has its history and not always it is simple and kind. We can see that almost every country in the world was involved in the wars. Sometimes it was the war against the external enemy an sometimes, what is worse, it was the war inside one nation. Civil war is really terrifying thing. In these wars one brother kills other; children are forced to kill their parents if they just have another creed, if they support another policy. Patriots of the nation become its tyrants. Trying to make life in the order they imagined they ruin lives of few generations.