How To Ask Forgiveness. Apology Essay



It is not a secret that everybody makes mistakes. During the whole life we ask forgiveness hundreds of times. But it is very important to do it in a right way. This essay will teach you how in polite and writing form you can apologize.

Every day at school or university students misbehave, do not respect their teachers and professors. Sometimes they are ashamed of their behavior and decide to ask forgiveness.  You are going to read useful information about apology essay to teacher. Here you will find some important advises, which can make the process of apologizing much more easily. Our custom writing service was created to help you with your home tasks. Visit our website and read about our team, prices and services.

And now let us discuss how we should ask forgiveness. It is easy to learn it.

Apology Or Forgiveness

Usually apology appears as a result of conflict or unpleasant situation. Apology is the same as forgiveness. Everybody is responsible for his/her words and actions. Sometimes we can hurt someone and it is very important to apology, of course, if you are really sorry for what happened. Your request for forgiveness must be sincere, otherwise hypocrisy is very easy to recognize. It is also very important to forgive the person who wronged you.

In some cases people ask forgiveness for the actions they did not perform.  It shows good manners and upbringing of the person and the fact that he/she is really ashamed that something happened. For example, nowadays German people can ask forgiveness for the Second World War. And it does not matter that we do not remember that time.

Don’t forget to apologize for your actions. It is very important in our life. Thanks to forgiveness, such things as hate, offence, fear, angry can disappear forever. We should learn to apologize and learn to forgive. Only then our life will become brighter, easier and more fun. Remember the golden rule of our life, which is written in the Bible – do for others, what you want them to do for you!

Student’s Behavior

Let’s give an example of the reason for an apology letter. It will be from the student’s life. It is not easy to be a teacher. And one of the reasons is student’s behavior. Sometimes it can be impolite, disrespectful and even cruel. Teacher feels upset after such moments. Some students hate to be corrected and they decide to revenge on their teachers. But, as a rule, such behavior has no positive results.

Your relationship with the teacher is spoiled and the lesson is disrupted.  If the student is really sorry for his actions, he or she should apologize. Of course, it is not an easy thing. It is usually easier to offend somebody rather than apologize. If you cannot talk face to face, than to write an apology letter – is the best decision. Сatcher in the rye essay is the best description of student’s misbehavior.

An apology letter – what is it?

An apology letter – it is the formal letter, which you write with the aim to apologize. It may be handwriting or electronic type of the letter. Apology letters may be addressed to the customer, friend, teacher, parents, boss, girlfriend etc. A reason for such kind of letter also may be different – a mistake, lateness, misbehavior, late payment, breaking some rules etc. If you want to be successful in our society, then you should tell “I am sorry” from time to time. This simple phrase is a key to happy life and happy relationships. It is important to remember, that you cannot be right forever.

How to write an apology letter

 If you feel that you made something wrong, or offended somebody you should apologize. If you don’t want to tell it face by face or just have not such an opportunity, then it is better to write the apology letter. But to write such kind of apologizing you should know general rules.

1) Start your letter with the words of apology. And be careful, try to avoid such words as “but, if, maybe”. Sometimes when you just want to explain what happened, other person can think that you decide to shift your blame on another person, or even to avoid responsibility for your own words and actions. So, think what you are writing about, and in what manner.

2) Clearly explain what happened and for what exactly do you apologize. Write in such a manner, that it will be easy to believe in your sincerity. Don’t use the general phrases, but write specifically and essentially.

3) “I'm sorry that you feel that way” –never write sentences like this. You should apologize only for your bad behavior but not for somebody’s feelings. If you want to make your letter more sincere, than avoid the construction “I would like to”. Instead of these words just say, that you are really sorry. It sounds more frankly.

4) You should necessarily make the conclusion. At first tell that you draw conclusions from this situation, and in future you will try to avoid such mistakes. The end of your letter should be almost positive. Check if the general tone of you letter is respectful and kind. Give your letter to read somebody else before sending.

Socrates was a great man in the ancient times. He was known for his eloquence. Socrates never taught his followers, he lived simply setting an example for others. On the Internet you can find a lot of Socrates works. Especially in Socrates apology essay, the author does not criticize his accusers. It looks like the great philosopher forgave all his enemies. We can take an example from his life.

Never be afraid to apologize. If you did something wrong, then it is the best way to solve the conflict or a problem. Sometimes if the relationships are very important, despite everything you will ask forgiveness. And it does not matter was it your fault or not.