How To Get All Benefits Of Green Monday


Benefits Of Green MondayWhen holidays come, people start spending huge amounts of money on gifts to make their close ones happy. Naturally, everyone is interested in how it is possible to save money during the holiday season. Experts of our custom writing service have gathered information on this issue and present you this essay on Green Monday benefits to help you not to spend all your money and to get the benefits with as much use as possible.

Green Monday is online analogue of a Cyber Monday. This term was created by eBay to describe the day of the highest sales in December. Traditionally, it is held on Monday (second one of December). Online researchers specify that this day, Monday, precedes the Christmas day (25th of December) for 10 days at least.

Cyber Monday is Monday that comes right after Black Friday, which is the starting points of big sales in the United State. It usually takes place between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. If Black Friday is associated with traditional peak of retail trade sales in ordinary stores, then “Cyber Monday” defines an intensive day in the Internet retail trade sector, in online stores, which offer goods at reduced prices. It is supposed that Monday is a day when in the United States most workers come back to their workplaces what gives them enough time to make purchases in the networks using their office computers.

Black Friday is one of the most popular online events today. In the United States after Thanksgiving Day there comes Friday that is called “Black”. This day traditional bargain sale season on Christmas begins. Since XIX century there is a custom to organize suchlike sales. The term itself was firstly introduced in 1966. Firstly the term was used on the East coast, and since 2000 they started to use it on the West coast of the United States. Since the Friday is dependent of Thanksgiving day, it is usually held in the end of November (between 23rd  – 29th).

Although it is not official holiday, a lot of workers take a day off on Black Friday. Only the retail trade sphere employees continue to work on this day. It is pretty obvious, because the flow of customers and buyers grows significantly. This day all the stores and shops usually open very early, at about 5 am. Also there are largest commercial networks that are already open at midnight. To attract bigger number of clients shops offer great discounts to people who make the first purchases.

There are also other meanings of “Black Friday” term. For example, it used to mean big traffic jams. It is also used in the system of accounting in America. In the system red colour means lesion, and black means income / profit.

Since 1997 in Canada and the United States this day they organize annual stock called “Buy Nothing Day”. This day was introduced as a revolt against the culture of consumption. In Europe this day is held on Saturday, i.e. after the Black Friday the next day. Read buy nothing day essay on our website to get more information on this issue.

Green Monday offers more discounts than Black Friday

In 2016 this day was held on the 12th of December and many sellers (well, almost all) of ordinary and online shops offered their discounts that in some cases were even more profitable than sales of Black Friday. It overcomes sometime the Cyber Monday sales.

For example, “Beats Powerbeats 2” wireless headphones are offered by the shop “Target” for $100, what is twice cheaper than their initial cost. “Amazon” gives discounts to a big number of different products. For example, 7-inch tablet was sold for $40 (discount – $10), and also “Amazon Tap” cost only $90 (discount – $40). Besides, good deals can be found in “Best Buy”, “Macy’s”, “Wal-Mart” and other retail trade sellers.

Our essay service presents our customers the list of the most profitable discounts in the famous trade points.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch: discounts of 50% are provided by the shop on all jeans during this day. Also when a customer buys two or more pair of jeans, he / she gets another 20% discount on the whole order.
  • Aeropostale: if customers use promotional code “GOGREEN”, then they get 70% discounts on all the store assortment during the Green Monday, and also free delivery.
  • Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy: during two days (December 12th and 13th) you can use code “GIFTS” and get 40% discount on any online order.
  • Carter’s: all kinds of the goods in the shop are being sold with the discount from 50% to 70% with free home delivery.
  • Eddie Bauer: the 50% discount covers almost all the kinds of goods in the shop with just little exceptions. To be able to use the discount it is necessary to present code “LIGHTS”. The store also offers free delivery.
  • J.C. Penney: during the hours of “Green” day, if you show the promotional code “GOGREEN”, you will get discounts of 25% on any buy less than $100 and 30% discount on the buys more than $100.
  • Krispy Kreme: Since GM is held on December 12th, and this day is traditional Dozen Day in the shop, they sale 12 donuts for $4,99 only.
  • Lands’ End: 40% discount works for all the goods plus free delivery using code “SNOWFALL”.
  • Levi’s: “GREEN40” code allows to get discount of 40% on any order and they also provide free delivery.
  • Loft: using “STYLEEVENT” code, there will be discount of 40% on any order.
  • Nine West: there is discount of 40% and unpaid delivery of any kind of goods.
  • Pottery Barn: code “DELIGHT” in this shop gives the clients discount of 20% on all the goods. Of course, there is a free delivery.
  • Reebok: “GREEN50” code gives discount of 50% on a collection of shoes and clothes (special edition).

10 ways how to save money on holidays

In anticipation of the holidays the money saving issue becomes more urgent than ever. National Retail Federation data shows that this year people will spend about $935,58 on buys during the holiday days.

Fortunately, there are several ways to save money. Our professional custom writing service presents you 10 ways, thanks to which you can replenish your savings account during the holiday season.

1. Automate your savings

The easiest way to save money is to put it aside and forget about it. Plan is the system to automatically keep each time some amount of money that will not bother or harm you, but will let to save.

2. Pay with cash

When you buy something with cash, you probably will not do impulsive expensive purchases and overcome your budget. Here is what you need to do: keep certain amount of money (cash) for each week. If money ends, it will be easier for you to divide your budget to “hold on” till the next salary.

3. Choose free delivery

If you are planning to order gifts online, but you do not want to pay $99 for annual membership in “Amazon Prime”, it is possible get 30days free trial for Prime, and then you will need to pay only $10,99 per month until the season of holidays finishes. Additionally to free delivery, the members of “Prime” will get earlier than others a list of Black Friday special offers. They are aware of Cyber Monday discounts earlier than other people. If you are planning to make purchases online in other internet shops, there are always promo codes and coupons.

4. Give your time and care instead of a thing

You can spend much time, energy and money on gifts buying, however, it is important to remember that the main value is gratitude and time together with the friends and relatives. Research shows that memories make people happy, and not things. So think it carefully, maybe it would be better to give your time instead of a gift. For example, take your niece to the zoo or park, or take care of your grandfather. Such a gift will be much more pleasant and precious.

5. Make decoration with your own hands

Decorations for a holiday may cost very expensive. Fortunately, it is possible to decorate a house on your own not wasting much money. Gather some green leaves and make a hand-made wreath. Hang it on a door or fireplace. Multi-colored candies can be used to make a garland and popcorn can be used to make holiday beads. You can put the fir or pine branches in a vase and decorate them with candles.

6. Give gift certificates

Gift cards are not very expensive gift to a friend that almost anyone can afford. 61% of people said that they like to get gift certificates on holidays. Best Buy, Wal-Mart and ITunes can offer you not expensive gift certificates.

7. Make photo gifts

Individual gifts are not expensive and memorable pleasure. You can prepare annual calendars with your photos for the family, turn the photos into magnets or anything else what you can imagine.

8. Products on Potluck

We all know that foods often cost a lot. In this case, Potluck will help you to save on foods and will prevent you from stress. You can order main course, for example turkey or ham, and let others bring side dish, dessert and drink.

9. “Clean” your wardrobe

The sale of all the unnecessary thing can replenish your budget with a pretty big sum of money. Organize garage sale or try to sale your things on the Internet.

10. Donate to charity

Charity donations can make better the lives of many people, animals and the world in general. They will help you not to waste money on something not important and also you will get tax exemptions in the end of a year.