Immersion Into Twentieth Century In 1920s Essay


Twentieth Century In 1920s EssayEvery epoch has its distinctive features, its advantages and its limitations. We are lucky to live in the twenty first century. It is the era of progress. We have everything we want and every new day we get more. We can easily tell about our epoch but what can we tell about the twentieth century? People who lived in the beginning of that epoch maybe thought the same we think now. They certainly could say that their era is the era of progress too. I think that for having excellent future we must know our past perfectly. That’s why it will be useful for everyone think about the beginning of the twentieth century and compare it with the present times to avoid mistakes done in the past. Roaring twenties essay written by our professionals at writing services will help you develop this theme widely.

What are the most remarkable years of the previous century? Many people will say that those were 1920s! When you speak about the period of time which was from 1920 till the end of 1929 there are many adjectives to the word “twenties”, they are: Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, Golden Age Twenties, Crazy Years, etc. This was the era of dynamic development of almost all aspects of people’s life. The First World War was ended and everything was returning to normal life. People tried to forget about horrors of the times of war and catch up everything they lost during military conflicts. It was concerned not only to material aspect but to moral too.

Development of the Culture and Fashion

Not without purpose people all over the world call the 1920s – The Roaring twenties, Jazz Age and so on. During these years there was development of the music, cinema and fashion and also there were many changes in the perception of women in the society.

Jazz style in music is the combination of music of different nations. Its beginnings were in the music of the African people which later were combined with European music traditions. You could hear jazz in many cafes and restaurants. There were many streams of jazz music. Jazz music in the best way conveyed the spirit of that cheerful era.

To write an excellent academic paper in 1920s essay you will necessarily mention that films at this period were not silent. Although studios could shoot films with the sound since the beginning of 1920, they were afraid of growing price of the movie shooting. The first film with sound was “Jazz singer” which was shot by “Warner Brothers” Company and it was issued in 1927. During this period almost 800 films were shot yearly. Small film companies associated into big. Were established such big and well-known till nowadays companies like “Universal”, “Warner Brothers Entertainments”, “Columbia Pictures CBC Film Sales Corporation”, “Metro-Goldwin-Mayer”(was created by combining three small companies) and many others. This was the time when standard Hollywood system was created when producer byes scenario, finds actors and director for shooting a movie. The most popular genre was comedy so far Charles Chaplin was very popular actor. All press attention was drawn to the movie stars. I consider it necessary to mention the film about period of 1920s. Its title was “Roaring Twenties” and it was the first gangster film and also the first film for Warner Broth. The film was about the period when disagreements were resolved by bullets and it was easier to kill everyone around than reach an agreement with the help of conversation. In this film was shown the story about three friends who had come back from the war and tried to start new life in America. But their way of earning money was not legal; they sold alcohol during Prohibition on alcohol in the United States. And only one of them led the life of law abiding citizen, worked hard and become a lawyer. This film was reviewed many times by youth in many countries all over the world since it showed the real life in period after war.

1920s years we can boldly name the beginning of establishment of modern fashion. The style of modern woman who had higher education, good job, drove cars, played golf and other “men” kinds of sports and even smoked cigarettes was very popular. These women were ready to make courageous acts. The fashion designers started ignore the lines of breast and waist. Dresses were with straight silhouette, knee-length and women wore them with the close fitting cloche hat. Women cut their hair short to fit with those fashionable hats. This style called “La Garconne”. While men were at war women used to do a lot of “men’s” work and this fact had the influence on the fashion of 1920s. Women started wearing trousers, and rejected corsets. They started wearing sportswear. The really fashionable was the “little black dress” designed by Coco Chanel, who was the big fighter for emancipation and freedom of women’s fashion. She also made stylish wearing bijouterie. Women made their make-up with white powder, deep-red lipstick, blush and dark eyeliner. Eyebrows plucked to a thin line. As for men’s fashion of this period we can say that were popular costumes made of woolen worsted fabric dark brown, olive, dark blue color with a silk lining.

Economy in 1920s

Economy of this period is characterized by its lifting. The war in the Europe was ended and people came back their homes and started new life. They had time and possibility for producing staff for piece life. The fastest growth was noticed in automotive industry. Cars become an everyday occurrence and it was nothing strange - having car. The new roads were built and people started built their homes far from the routes of municipal transport as they already had possibility to get home and work easily with their cars.

New Technologies

Twentieth years of previous century were the times when a lot of discoveries were made. In medicine Penicillin and Insulin were discovered. Radio becomes the main mass media. Censure on radio was established: it was forbidden broadcast on occupied frequencies, blasphemy, spread indecent information.

The Great Depression put the end of the gorgeous times called “Roaring Twenties”.