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Alain de Botton Essays In LovePhilosophy is an ancient science. But what do we know about the philosophy? They say: “Stop philosophizing!” when somebody starts to think and talk about too serious things with deep meaning. Does that mean that Philosophy is very serious science and it cannot be other way? Most people really think so but there are few daredevils who are not afraid to find something interesting, unserious, live and even funny in Philosophy.

Alain de Bottom’s short biography

One of these adventurous people is Alain de Botton. He is the British writer, but Swiss-born. He was born on the 20 of December in 1969 in Zurich. His father was one of the co-founders of the investment firm and his mother brought up her children: him and his sister; she, together with the writer’s grandmother – Yolanda Harmer, gave to the children good secular upbringing. One can call Alain’s family – rich family. Until Alain was twelve their family lived in Swiss where the boy spoke and was taught two languages: French and German, but then they moved to England and Alain had to speak and study English. But despite the changing of the language environment Alain de Botton achieved high level of professionalism in writing in English language; new language did not create an obstacle for him to become outstanding and well-known writer in England and in many other countries. He is very educated person. Studying in the Harvard University he worked at PhD in French Philosophy, but leaved it and decided to dedicate his writing potential to writing for wide public.

At the age of 24 he wrote his first book. It was the novel “Essays in Love”. Though author was very young man, when wrote the novel, this book became popular very soon. Essays In Love Alain de Botton often becomes good topic for homework for students – to write essay on theme described in the book. If you too busy for writing such essay our writing services will help you to do this. You can order essay on any topic you need at our website.

The book which is certainly worth of reading it

 Alain de Botton Essays in Love is the book about accidental meeting of two people who bought the tickets to the same flight. This is the story told by first-person: the young man tells about his romantic relationship with woman he met in the airplane on his way from Paris to London. She was the passenger who set nearby him. They began their talk of discussing airplanes’ crush. Since their first meeting they both had romantic feelings. They figured out that had a lot of common things: they both were born almost at midnight, at the same month, participated at the same play at school and many others. Of course their similarity in many aspects of life was not global but they took those facts as some kind of portent for them to spend their life together. They both felt in love at first sight, still being at the airport they already understood that were created for each other. From the first pages of the book author shows philosophical thinking about love aspects of main characters. Author shows that when man felt in love he started watching himself by his beloved’s eyes. The main questions for him became not the question “How do I look like?” but “How does she think I look like?”; not the question “Who am I?” but “Who am I for her?”. The main character seemed to lose his individuality while he was with Chloe (one of the main characters of the book). In restaurants and cafes where they were together he chose the same dishes with her even if he had an allergy on some ingredients. He did this because it was the way to spend more time with his beloved. He tried to depict the portrait of Chloe’s man’s ideal to be as alike with it as it was possible. The first quarrel between lovers had the smallest, to my mind, reason. It was because the absence of definite sort of jams for breakfast at the time when there were five more sorts of jam. Man abused woman because of jam’s absence… He abused the woman whom he loved, as he thought. What was that? Author shows us that any, even the smallest, thing can made us to show irritancy and start quarrel. But the real reason is much deeper than we can see or understand. In the situation of our heroes of the novel it was the discomfort which was summoned by man’s thinking about the reason “Why Chloe chose him? How such great woman could make him the part of her emotional life?”. Of course he wanted the Chloe loved him but at the same time he thought that maybe she was not so ideal if she loves such not perfect man as he was. I think that not only in the books but in real life people have the same problems. Of course not everyone can see and understand it, it hidden too deep in our unconscious. How do you think is it really so? Will it be easier to live and love each other if we could understand deep sense of relationships?

Author also has mentioned in the book that people in love are prone to exaggeration the appearance, character traits and behavior of the adored object. Everything seems to be perfect. It is hard for us to describe why do we love the definite person, why don’t we love somebody else? We create some perfect image of the person whom we think we love. The better was our imagination of his or her – the deeper will be disappointment in real person.

These and many other reasons make our relations more complicated. Very often the result is very sad. Two people become unhappy. I think that reading of the gorgeous novel Essays In Love and other books written by Alain de Botton and also essays about them will help you to find answers to many philosophic questions how to built relationships and become really happy person.