Life Of The Voice Winners After The Show


The Voice Winners After The ShowAll TV viewers are interested in what happens when their favourite shows finish. We made an attempt to figure out something about the lives of “The Voice” show winners. We hope that this essay on “Life of The Voice winners after the show” will answer all your questions.

Project conception

Dutch company “Talpa” created the format of a TV show “The Voice”. Now this project is famous all over the world. “The Voice” is a project, one of the TV singing competitions. For the first time the idea was brought to life on “The Voice of Holland”. John de Mol, Dutch producer was an initiator of this TV competition. With time due to the popularity of the show its analogues appeared in many other countries.

Four stages of competition make up the format of this project. The first stage is called “blind listening”, thanks to which the participants are selected. How does it happen? Four mentors, who are famous artists, listen to the competitors sitting in the armchairs turned away from the scene, consequently they can not see people who sing. In such a way there is made an emphasis on vocal, and not appearance. If an expert of the show likes performance of a competitor, then he pushes the button and his armchair turns to the scene. Pushing the button means that this very mentor would like to work with the competitor. If several mentors push their buttons at the same time, then competitor has an opportunity to choose whom he /she wants to work with.

After “blind listening” stage each trainer (mentor) has his own formed team of participants. At that very moment star coaches start to deal with the development of competitors in their teams and form competitors battles. It means that trainer takes two members of his team and throws them together. The one who wins the battle goes further. In the final stage of the competition the best each team participants continue to compete live. “The voice of the country” title is given to the winner. Also he / she signs recording contract and, of course, gains the love of the public.

Why does “The Voice” giddy?

So, the first things that “giddy” watching American “The voice” is:

1. The joint performance of star trainers

American show “The Voice” in the 11th season presents the audience new coaches. They are Adam Levine (from “Maroon 5”), who recently has become father, pop singer and brawler Miley Cyrus, country musician (and a new lover of Gwen Stefani) Blake Shelton, and also the winner of 15 Grammy Awards Alicia Keys.

This “crazy” team of coaches before “blind listening” make incredible in its size, scenery and sound joint performance. Experts of our essay writing service are sure that audience of the show in any country would be interested in seeing their “stars” in suchlike unusual cooperation.

2. Judges’ quizzes and entertainment (project behind the scenes)

Most shows present their viewers an ideal picture of the project. We usually know only some official general information, meanwhile American version makes us acquainted with the star coaches, makes them “native” to the audience in the form of different games behind the scenes. For example, coaches answer the questions about the facts that have relation to other coaches, and then their answers are shown during the show presentation.

3. “Exaggerated” competition among the coaches for the audience and participants

Naturally, being mature artists, “The Voice” trainers do not try to prove something about their personality, however, ordinary people see their charisma and the way they treat their work on project. With the help of creative tasks behind the show scenes they create more joyful atmosphere, viewers are involved in a real game, in which they always want to watch the competition of coaches at least in a comic manner. For example, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton “love” each other in a very special way and do not miss any chance to make fun of each other. It always makes spectators smile and laugh.

4. Star advisers during the participants’ preparation for the show

During the process of participants’ preparation in show, star coaches are often helped by other famous artists. For example, previously Miley Cyrus used to come to the project as a star guest-adviser to help less experienced artist with a song and performance. And now she has become the show coach and other star guests come to give advice to her team members. Thus viewers can see more celebrities (what is especially important for the show business admires), the show popularity increases, and an artists-participant of “The Voice” gets more useful advice.

5. Detailed acquaintance with the teams and each participant

The acquaintance with the participants of the coaches’ teams is very detailed. It is possible to feel the atmosphere inside the “newborn” collective, to see the life stories of participants and their sincere desire to win. Not always it is sentimental stories and patriotic context, but a real passionate desire to become the best in a singing competition and win.

It would be great if “The Voice” projects in each country implement the same ideas presented above. And now we would like to remember that you can check the List Of Top TV Shows presented on our custom writing website.

“The Voice” format in other countries

Format of “The Voice” brought much profit to the Dutch producers. More than 50 states have bought the project. The United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Albania, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea and so on are among them. Although the project strictly regulates the rules, the prizes for victory are different.

For example, in the Netherlands, the winner gets a contract with record company named “Talpa Music”. The producer of the company is John de Mol. In Britain, in which one of the coaches is legendary Tom Jones, the winner gets a an opportunity to work with “Universal Republic Records” and 100 thousand pounds sterling. In the United States, where participants can get in the teams of Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, the prize is a contract with “Universal Music” and 100 thousand dollars. In the Philippines, where in the jury there is a soloist of “Black Eyed Peas” Apple D Ap, the prize is the most generous. In particular the winner gets home theater “Sony Bravia”, trip to Asia for two, a new car “Ford”, four-year contract with the company “MCA Universal” and two million pesos (about 150 thousand dollars).

“The Voice” winners after the show

Now let’s have a look at how the show winners live and what their destiny is after the show. There have been already 10 season of “The Voice” in America. Our best custom writing experts have prepared for you interesting information on how the project winners’ life goes on after the final.

1) The winner of the first season is Javier Colon. He charmed the audience with his amazing unique vocals. When the project finished, in autumn 2011there was released Javier’s album called “Come Through for You”.

2) The second season winner is Jermaine Paul. Her style of singing is R&B. She took part in many songs of very popular artists, such as Alicia Keys, as well as in a song of Kanye West. Although still she does not have her own album.

3) Cassadee Pope won in the third season of “The Voice”. She has released her album in 2013. Also she has appeared in many TV shows. Also she was touring with other famous singers of country style in 2014 and 2015.

4) The victory in the fourth season got Danielle Bradbery. When the show finished, there was released the first single, entitled “Heart of Dixie”. The same year (2013) there was released her first album with the title “Danielle Bradbery”.

5) Tessanne Chin became the champion of the fifth season. “Tumbling Down” is the first single. There was released one album in 2014. Now along with Justice League Music Group they create another new album.

6) Josh Kaufman got the victory in the sixth season. He spent the most time after the show giving concerts in his native state. Now he works on his new album.

7) Craig Wayne Boyd is the seventh season winner. After the show he has cooperated with record companies, but there is no album yet.

8) Sawyer Fredericks is the winner of the eighth season. He is the youngest winner of the show. Now he is working on his album. He has already worked with “Republic Records” right after the show.

9) The ninth’s season winner is Jordan Smith. There is not much information about him now. There is only one well-known fact that he has his own Christmas album.

10) The season ten winner is Allsan Porter. She is not as much famous as other “The Voice” winners. Some time ago she created her own project on YouTube. Sometime she takes part in different singing events. There is no other information about her for now.