Locked Up Life. To Kill A Mockingbird Essay



I think that everybody heard about such a bird as mockingbird. It is a little bird like sparrow but her singing is not ordinary. With their voice these birds can copy other birds’ voice, that’s why they are called – mockingbird.

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In this essay you are going to read about the author, about the plot of the story, main characters etc. From the very beginning I want to introduce you a great American writer – Harper Lee. She is the author of the famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Nelle Harper Lee

Nelle was born in America. Her father worked as newspaper editor and he also was a lawyer (looks like the main character of the novel).  From early ages Lee was a real madcap. Her close friend was her classmate and neighbor – Truman Capote (again like in the novel). The girl started to read in her early childhood. When she was five she knew that there were first courts were black people were accused. Despite black men were not guilty in reality, they were not justified at first.  All these events remembered little Lee. Later the writer will create the novel, where she describes the problem of racism.

During her study at collage Lee published her first stories. She also worked as a magazine editor. Later she studied half a year at Oxford University. Harper was going to work at father’s law firm. But soon she arrived to New York City and dreamt about professional writing career. Her fate had its own planes. All her life Lee worked as a ticket clerk and lived in a modest apartment. She did not like to take part in different interview and her privet life was just her privet life.

The Background Of The Novel

Harper Lee published a few of her short stories and received a letter from her friends. It was a Christmas present – a holiday for a year, which was already paid. Her friends explained, that for this year Lee could write everything she wanted. A year later, a draft of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” was ready. The novel was published in summer and at once it became a bestseller. At first the author was shocked, such success was a great surprise for her. Now the novel is the part of the list of the most popular American novels. In 1999 the book considered to be the best American novel for the century.

Once, Harper talked about the novel herself. The woman told that she did not expected such a success. She hoped that maybe somebody will like her novel and it’ll give her an inspiration to continue writing. She hoped for a little, but received everything. It was pleasant, but shocking. Like in the Bluest Eye essay we can also find the subject of racism in To Kill a Mockingbird essay.

This novel made its author very popular. Later appeared the film based on this story.  To kill a mockingbird theme essay was very close to the people of that time.

The Plot

The novel is about Atticus Finch family. Atticus’s wife has died and he raises his two children (Jem and Scout) himself. His sister and one kind-hearted nurse helped him. The story-teller was Scout herself. She told everything as an adult, but all the events happened when the girl was from 6 to 9 years old.

Atticus Finch was a lawyer and he represents the black Tom Robinson in court. It was a bold decision. At that time black people were always guilty and always punished. To prove the innocence of the Negro was impossible. But Mr. Finch decided to try. Looking ahead I would tell you that the court considered that Tom was guilty. The black man tried to escape but he was killed.

Jem and Scout became the subject of ridicule. A lot of people despised their father for helping Negro. After the court decision were several attacks on Atticus and his family. Their first enemy was Bob – the father of injured white girl. Bob was cruel and drunkard. And one day he decided to attack the defenseless children - Jem and Scout. But suddenly somebody helped poor children. He killed boy and saved Jem and Scout. Jem broke his arm and the savior took him home. As we can guess, somebody was none other than Boo Radley.

Boo Radley lived next door. He was a mysterious part of the whole story. This man led a secluded life. When he was a child he had bad friends and his father often locked him in the house. At last everybody knew nothing about this man. Children always were interested in their neighbor.  During the holidays they tried to lure him outside, but it was useless. You know, children are always interested in different adventures. And lonely Boo was a great adventure. From time to time children found small gifts in the hollow. They knew it was from Mr. Radley. It looked like he was a kind man. When he saved the poor children, Scout followed him to the porch. The little girl was impressed, she tried to imagine the life from the Boo’s point of view. And she was really sorry, that they did not thanked Mr. Radley for his nice gifts.

When sheriff knew who killed Bob Ewell he did the right thing. He decided to announce that Bob made a suicide. The sheriff was sure that it is impossible to punish Mr. Radley. It looked like to kill a poor and small mockingbird.

I advise you to read the whole novel. It is very interesting and easy reading.