Price Of Freedom. Black History Essay


For many years February is not an ordinary month in the USA and Canada. During these weeks people organize special events which are connected with the struggle with slavery, racism and poverty. People also remember the contribution of African Americans in the cultural and political life of the country. In the United Kingdom of the Great Britain people also have the same traditions, but only in October.

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SO, let us start our essay from the history of this interesting and wonderful event.

The History

The celebration of the black history month started many years ago. At 1926 the black historian and journalist Carter Woodson decided to create the Negro History Week. He chose the second week of February, because on this week Abraham Lincoln had his birthday and also famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Both of these dates are very important for black people, because associated with the abolition of slavery.

The main purpose of this week was to learn the history of black people at Americans schools, to print thee special literature on this theme and to pay people’s attention on this topic.  Later at the end of 1960 students from the Kent State (Ohio) decided to turn this week celebration into a month. The 1976 was a special for the USA, as the country celebrated its bicentenary. So the government decided to secure formal the month of the black history. From 1987 the United Kingdom joined to this celebration and from the 1996 – Canada.

I think that the black history month has a deep meaning, as it shows how strong the American nation is. People did everything to receive freedom, they created different ways (for example underground railroad) to escape and to live in freedom. For many people freedom has got a great price, but at last the slavery was canceled. And nowadays, young Americans should know the life stories of great black people. Despite everything, black people are the part of great American nation.

The black history month just proved that everybody is equal before the God. No matter where are you were born or who were your parents, what color of skin do you have – all of us are individuals and we should respect and love each other.


During the last years many people take part in the black history month. Thanks to the media it is much easier to learn about the great African Americans of that time. We know a lot of detail information about those years and about the citizens who took a great part in the creation of this event. Using the Internet, people from all over the world can observe the celebration. There are certain TV channels, which show the real events of the celebrating.

Black people are proud of their history and to tell the truth they have something to be proud of.  There were also made some films in which was described the struggle and triumph of black people who lived in the United States of America. There were a lot of defeats, deaths and injustice during the struggle. On our website you can also read the black death essay.

The Criticism

Despite all the advantages of the creation black month history, there are some categories of people who oppose it. And it doesn’t mean it is the white people, no they are the representatives of African-American race. We will try to explain their position.

For example, such famous black people as Morgan Freeman and actress Stacey Dash do not want to celebrate this month. Their main argument is that history of black people is the same as the American history. We have no the White history month. Why? The answer is that white people do not want to refer their whole history just for one month.

Some people consider that it has no sense to talk about the black heroes during one month. It will be better to include them into the whole history course for a year, because they are always worth of attention.

However, the debates always were, are and will be. It depends only on you if you endorse the black history month or not. As for me, I understood that the black history is something more than different projects, presentations and celebrations. To describe its meaning can take the months not the only month. This history should always be in our heart. But the month of February is a good opportunity to remember the whole world what had happened. Sometimes people are too busy to think about such things, that is why once a year we should take a pause, stop and thank God for the freedom of slavery. Now Americans are one of the happiest and successful nations in the world, but not always it was in such a way.

I hope that this essay on black history month is useful for you. Remember that our ancestors paid a high price for today’s well-being. They struggled for the freedom not only for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren. People were sure that in the end good always wins the violence and the cruelty. So, let us be thankful for everything we have.