Samsung Vs Apple: Which One Wins The Race


Samsung Vs AppleThe logo with the bitten apple needs no special presentations and comments, because it is brand number one throughout the world. You may like Apple or not, you may use its products, which are based on the iOS platform or criticize its defects severely like many anti-followers do, nevertheless, the Apple electronic products stay immortal. The cell-phone with such a logo at the back panel is more a sign of its owner’s status, style, and perfect taste. Having iPhone of the last model means being cool and even if it sounds funny and primitively, a lot of people are not getting tired to participate in a race for buying the innovative product faster than the other desirous to have a new expensive toy in their hands.

Although it is fantastically popular, Apple is not the only company, which knows how to attract the clients’ attention and make them buy one of their numerous goods. What’s about another leader, the products of which are of not lesser value for those, who go crazy over all these trendy electronic developments? Samsung, which is based on Android platform, is the next brand, which produces quality and practical devices, the sale level of which is really over the top now.

Apple and Samsung are the brands, which continue dominating the today’s smartphone market. The armies of their fans are extremely large throughout the world and each of them is sure that his favorite brand is the best!

In fact, it is really hard to determine the winner and the loser among these two leaders. Which one may top the race: Apple or Samsung? Samsung or Apple? I am pretty sure that this game is not one, in which it is possible to say clearly what an undeniable leader is. Both of the trade names have their obvious advantages. What are they? Keep on reading!

The Advantages of iPhone

Unlike the other smartphones, these ones, which are produced by Apple, have one very important characteristic that makes this phone so adorable by people: its quality is matchless. Besides, iPhone:

  • Has ideal software support;
  • Perfect battery life;
  • Perfect sensitivity of touch screen;
  • Super great camera;
  • Quick processor;
  • Never becomes sluggish;
  • Makes you elegant.

One, who has never taken this device into his hands, may never understand the feelings, which you receive while having iPhone in your pocket or speaking on it. It is more than the cell-phone, it is quality, which is checked by millions of people, and there is nothing more to add.

You wonder whether this apparatus really has no cons. If you want your phone to be cheap and have an additional MicroSD slot and FM radio, if you want it to transfer files through Bluetooth and support Flash player, if you prefer to download music into your phone very quickly and install free apps regularly, if you want to be able to repair your device in case of need with no outside help and without overpaying, iPhone is really not the best choice for you.

Is Samsung Better?

A lot of people pose one and the same question very often: Is iPhone really better than Samsung or any other Android smartphone? It’s not so easy to give an answer, which will satisfy everybody. Samsung wins in some areas, while it may lose in some others. Choosing of the cell-phone is a private affair of every person and it depends on his own preferences and requirements. If you don’t know which one to choose now, pay attention that unlike iPhone, Samsung permits you to find a device’s model, the price of which is affordable to you, it will let you download apps for free, though you should be ready that after filling your phone with too much info, it may start working slower. One more important thing! If your friends and relatives are the users of Android phones, it will be more comfortable for you to buy the same for yourself. Such apps as Viber and Whatsapp will let you chat with them nearly every minute.

Apple VS Samsung: Which One Is Better?

The new lines of both Apple and Samsung smartphones are perfectly constructed. The new phones are developed brilliantly and each of them has its own advantages. They are powerful, useful, and beautiful enough to awake a buyer’s desire to get it.

Which one to choose if you haven’t still distinguished the prompts of your inner voice? Apple and Samsung are the brands, which are the winners in the modern market. Will they give place to any other brands? I doubt this. While making a choice between Apple and Samsung, the only thing, which may help you to decide, is your heart. It seems that the battle for the new users among these companies will continue and further, though the experts are pretty sure that those, who use Apple will never change it for Samsung and vice versa. Tastes really differ.

Perhaps, the price may help to tend to one of the products: if you are not going to waste too much money on just a gadget, which you will change for another one in several months, the range of goods is getting smaller for you. If money don’t matter, it will be a bit harder to make a choice, though it is not impossible.

Just Make It!

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