School Vacations: How Long It Should Be?


They say that student years are the best years in our life. But, as a rule, people understand this only after finishing their study. For many years we spent at school a lot of our time. We live there. Almost all events which are happen in our life at that time is connected with school. We have best friends there, we fall in love there and we study there. But most of all everybody like the vacation time. Every season we are looking forward to be free for some weeks, to spend time without lessons and teachers.

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There are a lot of thoughts about the duration student’s vacation. Of course, students want them to be longer, but people dealing with education consider that long rest between the studies has a bad effect on the learning process. Who is right and who is wrong? We have listened to both sides.


Vacations - it is a wonderful time when all the students can take a break from academic worries, sleep a lot, and gather strength for further study. And if the summer vacation is quite long, the holidays during the school year do not last longer than two weeks. That’s why, it is very important to plan the time and to spend it with the maximum benefit for the physical and psychological development of the student.

Vacation - it is not only time to have a rest from the bustle of the school, but also a great opportunity to fill the gaps in knowledge and to catch up in the quarter. It is very important during the vacations to learn those subjects with which the student had problems in the learning process. If the child always has only good marks, he or she still need from time to time to repeat all the material, so that nothing should be forgotten. This practice will allow the student to get involved quickly in the school process after the holidays. A lot information about vacations, teachers and educational process we can read in the Catcher In The Rye essays. All the events are described from the teenager’s point of view.

Ukraine and Russia Vacations

In Russia and Ukraine pupils have vacations in spring and autumn for one week. Winter vacations lasted about 10 or 14 days. And summer vacations are the longest – 90 days.  From the one side it is very good for children, they have three warm months to have a rest, to travel, to go the sea, to visit grandparents in the villages. But very often the situation is not as perfect as it might seem at first glance.

Parents are usually at work and not everybody has grandparents in the village. And except a week, which pupils spend with their parents at the sea, they are left to themselves. And most time they spend in front of the TV or computer monitor. We should remember that any computer game are really exhausted, takes a lot of time and nerves to take revenge for the defeat or go further in case of success. From computers and the Internet children get tired much more than the school. And it is a great problem nowadays. So, maybe three month of vacations is too long for modern students?

And it is very important to receive the home task for summer vacations. We quickly forget that information, which does not repeat regularly. And it is very important to read books, to speak foreign languages and to do the math during the free time. Of course, not every student can find time to learn something during the vacations. And it is also a great problem. Otherwise, it is very difficult to be involved in the educational process on September.

Vacations In The USA

Looking through the vacations schedule in schools in the United States, at first glance, it seems that American students have a little bit shorter rest then their peers from other countries. However, this is not true - the average in the public schools, there are about 180 days of studying a year, and in private - 170 days, which is, for example, close to the Russian type of education.

There are no one schedule of vacations for all the American school. It can be quite different depending on the state, school district, educational institution and age group. The most vacations during the school year usually associated with the holidays. It is 4-5 days on Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November), about two weeks (December 20-23 and January 2-3) for Christmas and about a week at the end of March – the beginning of April, sometimes associated with Easter.

And, of course, the longest school summer holidays starting in late May - June and lasting about 10 weeks. In the states of the north-eastern United States, students usually sit at the desk again after Labor Day (first Monday in September). But their friends in the southern states back to school at the end of August.

Vacations during the holidays, high school students usually spend with their family, because in those days, their working parents have weekends. During the Christmas vacations all the families prefer to go to the ski resorts or to lie in the hot sun on the Caribbean Islands’ beaches.

But it is no matter how long the vacation is, it is very important to spend time usefully and wisely. Try to find time for books and doing exercises. It will not prevent you to enjoy your rest. Try to combine business with pleasure, and everything will be okay.