The American Dream in The Great Gatsby Essay


The American Dream in The Great Gatsby EssayThe “ American Dream” in “ The Great Gatsby”… What can we dwell on it? From the very discovery of such country as America the idea of the “American dream” was spread. It can be considered as the primary topic of all creative American writers of the USA.  America was a leading country in the 20th century,  that is why it dominated in business and finance but at the same time it was the period when the idealism had no place in the society of big money and cold pragmatism.

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“The Great Gatsby” essay is the work of art written by the outstanding novelist Scott Fitzgerald. It reflects the atmosphere of the early 20th century. It is the era of economic prosperity, prohibition but the emergence of the organized crime. All these reasons Fitzgerald uses as the background of the novel. It points on the theme of criminal as the main source of Gatsby’s wealth.

What can we say about the main hero of the novel? Let us speak about his strong and better sides.

First of all, the Great Gatsby appears before us as an incredibly rich man who lives in a luxury house near the city of New York. All are impressed with his fairy wealth, incomprehensible generosity which imposes itself in the unlimited receptions and no one understands the purpose - why these receptions are organized.  He lives a mysterious life, his figure is mysterious and even his behavior is strange among his own invited guests. He differs among others by his loneliness. He has rich and extravagant clothes rather than elegant.  Nobody knows about his origin and a huge capital. When Karrauey learns that Gatsby has bought this house in order to settle near his beloved woman Daisy, this mysterious behavior is further enhanced. This author’s figment makes the reader to read to the very end and backs up the reader’s interest.

Secondly, his soul fights between two conflicts. The author opens us the history of life, the biography of the Great Gatsby. He hesitates between the youthful naivety, simplicity of heart and cold mind and pragmatism which are supported with money and unreal opportunities for any ordinary American. Gatsby creates himself upon the principles of the American morals and the possession of wealth is the integral component of the life meaning. However, it is ennobled by his dream, beauty and love. He owns a villa, a car, some land and so on- all these are solid grounds to the realization of the “American Dream”

In fact, the property of the hero is quite brightly depicted in the novel “The Great Gatsby”. It should be noted that his self-estimation depends on the means by which Gatsby has gained his wealth. The Great Gatsby supposes that all what he possesses have been received by his hard-working, thick-witted and stubborn character.

How about his weak sides? On the other hand, Gatsby’s fate is tragic because it is the fate of the poor man. Success, public recognition and even the celebration of love depend on money in the bourgeois world. But remember that one of the tenets of the American dream is the equal relationship and opportunities between all the Americans regardless the financial status.

Fitzgerald rises a serious criticism of the society that distorts human feelings and relationship. Financial dependence destroys a person, pushes him to commit a crime and to make a tragedy.

Thus, the novel “The Great Gatsby” may be named as the tragedy “The Great Gatsby” analysis essay. It is the tragedy of ordinary people who decided to devote themselves to a single case – augmentation of their capital. People see the key to the real happiness in this case. Gatsby speculates on the stock exchange, knocking considerable fortune in order to gain the right to be with his beloved Daisy. But despite the apparent power of money it is unable to buy love and bring happiness.

“The Great Gatsby “ is a vivid example of a “double vision” which the author defined as the ability to hold two ideas in your mind simultaneously which come into conflict relations with each other.

The 20th century in the USA was the time of the financial prosperity so that almost the majority of the settlers got the wealth. It was the time of the fierce pursue of wealth and success. So many intellectuals disillusioned the 1920s in the USA with its cult of big business. Many prominent writers such as Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway felt themselves so alienated from their country and the society that they preferred living abroad to their native country.

In the essay on "The Great Gatsby" Fitzgerald brings to the overall review of the phenomenon of the "American Dream", which is one of the fundamental concepts throughout American history. The image of the hero Jay Gatsby the writer managed to achieve two ideas simultaneously- amazing harmony in the depiction of the attractiveness of dreams and its inevitable collapse. The main motive of work is to depict the huge contrast between material wealth and spiritual desolation of those who possess them. Scott Fitzgerald is trying to prove that the "American dream" is tragic, because its problems are intractable. He debunks this myth of so popular socio-moral success of everyone, the lightness of the so-called "way up" in American bourgeois society. The ideal image of the "American Dream" is dimmed and distorted. Understanding of the personality under the national ideal is also distorted. The thirst for success, social relationships owns a man, but  like "great" Gatsby, a person believes in the illusion of the happy end.

Jay Gatsby does not rule the “American Dream” consciously. The rules by which he lives since his youth - a sort of the entire conduct code of a resolute man who believes in the "dream." Such a person endowed with diligence, thrift, sober calculation, i.e all those qualities that help to succeed in life, to show that anyone can achieve just what you want by his own example.

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