The Daughter Of A Ghost. Beloved Essay


The Daughter Of A GhostA lot of novels about black people and the slavery were written. But as for me this topic is inexhaustible. The difficult life of a slave is worth of our attention. Nowadays it is really very difficult to imagine and understand the slave’s life. But we should try and such Beloved essays will help us. Because it was not an artifice, it was the history.

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So, let’s start our essay about the great novel of Toni Morrison called “Beloved”. At first we are going to talk a little about the author and then about the story and the plot.

The Author

Toni Morrison was a black talented American writer and editor. Only the most talented people can win the Literature Noble Prize. And in 1933 Toni was one of them. All the works of this black woman are full of dream and poetry and they demonstrate the most important aspect of American reality. Toni also is the winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Toni Morrison (first name - Chloe Ardelia Wofford) was the second child in an ordinary family. Her parents worked a lot to support their children. Toni was fond of books from her childhood. Her first favorite authors were Lev Tolstoy and Jane Austin. Toni’s father was a welder and during his free time he liked to tell interesting stories from black people’s life in America. Toni was an attentive listener and later a lot of these episodes appeared in her stories and novels. In 1949 Morrison entered Howard University in the specialty "English language and literature." She received the Bachelor degree at this university and later – the Master’s degree at Cornell University. She worked as an English teacher. She was married and had two children but then divorced. Then the writer worked as an editor in the main office of Random House. During her editor career she tried to popularize African-American literature. In 1983, Toni Morrison left the publishing house and continued her teaching career at university. At 2006 she retired.

Toni Morrison is the author of such popular novels as Sula, The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon. On our website you can also read essay on the Bluest Eye. Her writing career started from her regular visits of informal circle of writers and poets. There they discussed their own works. On one of such meetings she brought her story about the girl who dreamt about blue eyes. Based on this story later appeared her great novel The Bluest Eye.

About The Novel

The novel “Beloved” was published at 1987. The novel takes place after the Civil War (1861-1865 gg.) and ii is based on the true story about Margaret Garner (the Negro slave). This woman at the end of January 1856 escaped from her owner in Kentucky and came to the Free State Ohio. At first the novel became very popular and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. And also the “Beloved” became a finalist for the National Book Award. On the base of this novel was made a great film. The book was included to the list of 100 best books in the whole world. The book is dedicated to more than 60 million (included black people’s families, of course). The epigraph was taken from the Bible (message to the Romans).

The Plot

The story started from the description of the ghost, which lived in the house. Sethe and her daughter Denver were the slaves but they were lucky to escape. But they were afraid for all the time. Because of the ghost Denver became very shy, and her two brothers escaped from their home at the age of thirteen. Something strange and mysterious lived in the house, maybe it was the spirit of the past.

Paul D (was also a slave) decided to help this poor family. He came to their house and for the first time Denver went for a walk. On their way to home they met a strange young woman, her name was Beloved. Paul immediately felt the danger, but Sethe was glad to see the woman. Again some mysterious acts happened. Paul moved to the barn. Beloved had an influence on him, they had a sex and all the tine Paul continued to remember the past. He was afraid and wanted to tell everything to Sethe, but later he changed his mind. Instead, he told that he wants to have children from Sethe. The woman was very glad to hear it. But men at work explained Paul D, why Sethe did not appear in the society. The terrible truth was opened. When Sethe and her children escaped they were found by the owner. At that moment Sethe run away to the barn and she was going to kill her children. The poor woman was sure that she can save her children in such an awful way. She killed her elder daughter. Paul D was shocked and he left the house. Everything was as before. Sethe believed that Beloved was her two years old daughter, whom she killed. That’s why Sethe did everything as Beloved wanted, she started to indulge this woman.

At the end of the story Denver asked the black women to help them. To their house came a white man. He wanted to give a job for Denver, as he asked him earlier. But Sethe was afraid and she attacked him with an ax. People calmed the poor woman. At last Denver received the job, Beloved disappeared forever and Paul D came back, because of his love to Sethe.

Hope, you liked the Beloved Toni Morrison essay. Certainly this novel is worth of reading. The book describes the difficult events related to slavery in America. Everything was described in very emotional and heartfelt manner. But there is also an admixture of fiction that helps to reveal the feelings of the characters. I am delighted with this novel.