The Length Of The School Year In Other Countries


School – is important part of our life. We spend a lot of time there, while we are children. We don’t only study there, but sometimes we live there. It is our second and big family. It is not a secret that every student sooner or later gets tired of visiting school and doing homework. Every student looks forward the vacation time. And today we are going to talk about the main features and differences of the school year in different countries.

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The duration of the school year is very different from country to country - in some states it can be up to 75 days longer than in others. So, let us check the length of the education year in some popular countries. And then you will come to conclusion if are you lucky you with the educational process in your country or not.

China, Japan and Korea

The academic year in China, for example, is one of the longest in the world - 260 days. Nowadays the education in this country is free, universal and compulsory. At one school can study about 3-4 thousand pupils. At the same time in the same class can be 60-70 or even 90 students. Thus, education in China - it is an interesting and non-standard process. The school year has two parts – from the September 1st and Marth 1st.  Children start their education at 6 year and it is compulsory to study nine years. A typical day of the Chinese student starts at 7:30 and lasts until 16:30, and the result is 9 hours. They have a lot of lessons. The difficult subjects are in the morning, and the more easy part – in the afternoon. Such stringent conditions are backed by at least a rigid discipline: 12 lessons missed without real cause, lead to expulsion. The country has a system of unified state exam, the results of which is very important if you want to get higher education.

The academic year in Japan incudes 3 trimesters and starts on 6 April. The first trimester is until July 20, followed by long summer vacation, September 1 begins the next trimester, the winter holidays are from 26 December, and the last third trimester lasts from 7 January to 25 March. Then there is little spring vacations, during which there is a transition from class to class. The exact dates of the beginning and finishing trimesters are different in different schools.

Start of the school year in April due to the fact that at this time in Japan, spring comes into full force and begins to blossom Sakura. Japan students visit school for 260 days.

In Korea students visit school only 220 days per year. The school year usually has only 2 semesters. Summer vacations take place in the period from late July to late August, while the winter - from late December to early February. The compulsory education is six years of primary school and three years of secondary school.


Education in Israel plays an important role in the life and culture of the country. Schools are divided into four types: state, state-religious, religious (Haredi) and Arabic. The education system consists of three levels: primary education (grades 1-6, about 6-12 years), middle school (grades 7-9, about 12-15 years old) and high school (grades 10-12, about 15-18 years). It is compulsory education from the senior group of kindergarten (5 years old) through 12th grade.

The school year in Israel begins on 1 September and ends at the elementary school on June 30 and in middle school and high school on 20 June. Secondary education prepares students to pass the GSE (bagrut).


In each of the 16 federal German states set their own rules as to the beginning of the school year. Usually, the children begin their studies in August and September. Secondary education system in Germany is different from other countries. Its total duration is 13 years. The kids go to the first class in the age of six, and in 10-12 years, moving to high school, where they study up to 16 years. But the secondary education is not finished. Children go for training in high profile school, after which students can enter universities. Summer holidays last six weeks and during the year the students have a rest on Christmas, winter holidays, Easter and Pentecost (in the 20 days of June).

The United States Of America

In the US there is no also exact date of the beginning of the school year. It can begin at any day of August or in early September. It depends from each state. The end of academic year is in late June. Children go to school at different ages - in 5-8 years in accordance with the Education Act of the State where they live. Education in elementary school usually lasts 6 years (up to 11) in the middle - 2 years (up to 14), the high school – 3 years. The academic year is divided into three terms, between which students have small vacation, and summer holidays start at the end of June.


In Spain, the first day of school is another date in the different provinces of the country. In general, according to the law, all students must begin their studies not later than 1 October. "Confusion" is associated with the harvest, which can be completed at different times. The academic year like in Japan consists of 3 trimesters and ends in mid-June. Pupils have a rest during the summer holidays, for 2 weeks at Christmas and one week after Easter.

So, we discussed the length of school year in different countries. Now you can draw conclusions do you like your education system or not. And when you are tired from school, remember that there some countries where children have longer school year and school day. Let’s be grateful for everything. Remember that in our academic writing services you can order any kind of essay.