The World Of Animals. Essay Of Animal Farm


Essay Of Animal FarmAll essays on Animal Farm tell the readers about fantastic animal’s world. We almost understand that this novel is looks like a fairy tale. But this fairy tale is for adults. George Orwell animal farm essay is full of satire and have the deep context. You are going to read Animal Farm analysis essay. Our writers tried to choose all important information about this popular novel. Hope you will like this story. Maybe you have some difficulties with your home tasks? Than the custom writing service team will be happy to help you in time.  On our website we have a special page, where you can find the necessary information about our services, prices etc.

Let us start our essay Animal Farm. From the very beginning I am going to talk a little about the great author.

George Orwell

A talented English writer George Orwell was born in India. His real name was Eric Arthur Blair, and George Orwell was just a pen name. His cult anti-utopian novel "1984" and story "Animal Farm" made Orwell really very popular. He created the term Cold War, which become very popular in using, especially into political language. Orwell came to Paris with a great desire to start writing. Sometimes it was difficult to him to it was difficult to adapt to the world, where he was born. In one of his poems, he wrote: “I was not born for an age like this”. When the World War II started he continued to be the leader of anti-fascist program on BBC. Orwell also was the opponent of Stalinism, has entered the Independent Workers' Party. The writer died in London because of tuberculosis.

George Orwell was famous for several his anti-utopian novels and also wrote a number of essays and articles critical and socio-cultural character.

The Background Of The Novel

The satirical novel-parable "Animal Farm" appeared in February, 1944. George Orwell consciously created his fairy tale in a simple and clear language, to help the interpreters (especially Russian) could bring its true meaning easily to any, even the most low-quick-witted reader. He had a great hope that the readers of the country, of which he thought every time will read his books and understand what he was writing about.

The book consists of ten chapters and represents classical dystopia, which basis the real historical events which have taken place in Russia from the 1917th to the 1944th year.

The idea to write such a fairy tale came to the author many years ago. Once he was passed by and saw how little boy with a thin stick has driven a huge horse. At that minute George was struck and surprised at the same time. He thought that if animals would realize their power, people couldn't dominate over them. That Orwell thought that people take advantage of beasts the same way as the rich people take advantage of the proletariat. And later he invented the novel “Animal Farm” - the violent satire on Stalinism. In this story he described directly the new type of lies, which appeared in the Earth.

The Plot

The novel “Animal Farm” has a lot of characters – most of them are representatives of the animal world, and the only several are people.  The story itself is quite easy to understand. The novel is about one farm, where the owner was rater cruel with his fosterlings. He didn't feed them in time, animals had worked a lot, the owner often beat them by a whip. Then the Old Major gave a great idea of revolution – to overthrow the owner and his staff. The pig told about another world, where all animals are satisfied. After the Old Major has died, animals have expelled people from a farm. The farm has been renamed into Animal Farm. The main characters began to work exclusively for themselves, then have proclaimed seven precepts which were specially for their territory. At first everything was okay and everybody was happy. They had a lot of food and time for the rest. But after a while there were a lack of some products and things. The main pig Napoleon told everybody that there are no problems, and they need nothing. Stupid animals believed and were quite sure of their happiness.

One of the animal’s rules was that all animals are equal. Later pigs added, but some are more equal than others. Pigs became richer and richer, while others should work hard and had nothing. During the story we find a lot of interesting and sometimes funny situations, in which pigs started to argue and made stupid decisions. At last pigs become like people, and they decided that they are not animals any more. When the novel came to the end, Napoleon had a big dinner party not with his pigs only, but also with other people. And in such a way “pigs” came into humanity.

The last episodes of "Animal Farm" can be called prophetic: Orwell, without knowing it, foretold that the Soviet Union comes back to capitalism system and the first name "Manor Farm" returns (the Russian Federation to replace the lost Russian Empire).

About The Novel

The novel "Animal Farm" – described the sad events, which happened in 1917 in Russia. Most of the heroes are look like the figures of main leaders, who ruled during that period. And in the story we can also see a few groups of people. Napoleon symbolizes Stalin, Old Major – Lenin, the Snowball it is Trotsky. Farmers Pilkington and Peter are look like the Churchill and Hitler. The horse Boxer symbolizes the Stakhanov’s progression, and the mare Mollie – the intellectuals who run away. Reading the story, you can notice that there are a lot of such people in the story.

Really, "Animal Farm" is a perfect caricature of a period of revolution in Russia, and that time, when communists were in a great power. There are a lot of hyperboles and exaggeration in the novel. It is all right for such stories, which are written like a parable. At first the tone of the story looks bright, but later the atmosphere is pumped. And the end is very sad.

I advise you to read this story. It will help you better understand the past times. Despite the novel is big, it is very easily reading. Take some time to read the whole story “Animal Farm”.