The Writer’s Life. Brian Doyle Essays


In any era lived and worked a lot of talented writers. There works pleased the readers many years ago and now continue to delight the real lovers of literature. Today we want to introduce you a great and talented Canadian writer Brian Doyle. He is famous for a great number of books for children. On our website you can read an essay about his life.

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So, let us start one of the Brian Doyle essays. We are going to tell you about his life and about the best of his stories.

The Biography

The talented author Brian Doyle was born in Ottawa, Ontario (1935). His childhood was at two places, in other words Brian had two homes. During the school year the family lived in Ottawa and all the summer time they spent at their log cabin which was situated near the river (40 miles from the city).

Brian had a lot of memoirs from his childhood. It was a lot of pleasant moments associated with his parents, sisters, friends, neighbors. He remembered that pleasant landscapes and atmosphere from the childhood. Later he described a lot of such moments in his stories, that’s why we can consider them autobiographical. His child’s experience also helped him when he had his own children.

Doyle’s family had rich and interesting ancient traditions, bit despite this his life was difficult. The father liked to drink alcohol and then he became cruel. Mother was always tired and exhausted. She had to care for her mentally disabled daughter. Later in Brian’s stories we can meet people with different disabilities.

When Brian was a teenager he started to write his first stories. He tried to publish them in the magazine, but some of the works were sent back. But young Doyle was not upset, as writing was not the main part of his life. The boy played football, made a great success in gymnastics, published his first poems. The life of a teenager was rather interesting. The boy liked to fight, once he stole something, sometimes missed classes. To be short, he was an ordinary young fellow.

After graduating from school the writer started his studying at Ottawa University. He wanted to be a journalist. At university he met his future wife Jackie Aronson. During his studying he continued to write stories. One of his essays was very successful and Brian even received a prize for it.

At first Doyle started to make a journalist career (he became a reporter for the Toronto news), but later he left the work in this sphere. Brian decided to be a teacher at one of the high schools in his native Ottava. Later he received the master’s degree, but he decided not to write the thesis.

When Doyle worked at school he did not stop writing. He published his stories in the local magazine and wrote small articles for the local newspaper. Later he and his wife decided to adopt two children, and Brian started to work at their local theatre. From this moment the author began to write successful short plays for his pupils.  Once he became popular because of his article about teachers and their poor quality of training. After that he was invited to work at the school where he studied and Brian became the head of the English department. Doyle did not stop writing his plays, he even wrote some musicals. At 1991 he stopped his teaching career.

About Doyle’s Stories

Now we are going to talk about some popular and very interesting stories written by Brian Doyle. The writer was famous for his novels, short stories, plays and even musicals.

The novel “Up To Low” was first big author’s story. In this novel we can find some autobiographical features. The events tool place at 1950. Teenager Tommy was a narrator of the story. His mother died and the boy travelled to the next city with his father and father’s friend, who was a typical alcoholic. During their travelling they visited a lot of taverns, where the boy firstly heard about Mean Hughie. Soon the travelers reached the Low city. Tommy met a beautiful girl with green eyes. But because of the accident she lost one arm. The young people felt in love with each other.   They decided to go to the wilderness and to find poor Mean Hughie, who disappeared. This journey changed the teenagers. Their true love made a real miracle for both of them. The boy and girl received the almost spiritual healing, they found the way to the real happiness.

The novel “Up to Low” became very popular among young people. Some critics considered it the best of Brian Doyle’s stories. The story “Angel Square” we meet Tommy again. At that time the boys told us the story about the fights between Jewish, Canadian and Irish children. Later in “Uncle Ronald” we meet the Tommy’s great-grandfather. The man was one hundred year old and told us one story from his childhood.

I was impressed by the life of this great Canadian author. He was able to live his life not in vain, and Brian Doyle left us rich heritage consisting of his interesting writing works. I advise you to choose and read one of his books. I am sure, you want be disappointed. And remember that you can always ask our custom essay writing service for a help with your writing tasks.