To Be A Witch. The Crucible Essay


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So, let us start our essay. After reading it, you will learn many interesting things about Arthur Miller and about what really happened in Salem city. Hope you will like this essay story.

The Author Of The Play

Arthur Miller was an interesting person. Talented American playwright was born in the family of immigrants. Miller became very famous after publishing “Death of Salesman”.  

His father was the owner of the company for the production of women's clothing. There were about 400 employees and the production has been successful. Arthur’s father was respected member of the community, allowing the family to live on 110 Street in Manhattan, he even owned a bungalow on the peninsula of Long Island Rockley and had a chauffeur.

The Millers were happy and rich. But as it happens sometimes they became poor at once. The father invested all the money into his business and when the economic crisis came, they lost everything. The family moved to Brooklyn. During his schoolyears Arthur every morning carries the bread to other houses and in such a way he helped his family.

Arthur Miller graduated from Michigan University. During the Second World War he worked as a reporter. He started to publish his first plays and became very popular. During his life Miller was married three times. Women loved this handsome fellow. His second wife was Merlin Monro. His first and third marriage gave him four children. He died in 2005 because of serious problems with his heart.

The Background Of The Play

The play “The Crucible” was published in 1953. The story was based on real events, which took place in Salem city in 1692. At that time several women were accused because of their collusion with the devil. According to residents, these women were related to witchcraft and sent to people and livestock a damage. Women were found guilty and executed. One of the story lines describes the development process in Salem, and also shows the tragedy of those women who cannot justify itself, not because guilty, but because the judges are guided by absurd prejudices and beliefs.

In reality a lot of young girls were contracted an unknown disease. Poor children were afraid, they could not be in church, they cried, made strange sounds, hid under the furniture. People decided that the main cause of the illness was the impact of witches. It was not easy to find the witch. Three women were taken on suspicion but there were not enough evidences. At the end of these events 150 people were arrested. 19 were hanged, several died in the prison. At last the judges understood their mistakes.

There were several explanations of those terrible events. Some people were sure, that the strange children’s behavior was caused by rye bread poisoning affected with fungus. But this version was implausible. It was rather stupid to attribute such awful behavior to a poisoning.

According to the next version, the children were ill with a special form of encephalitis. The symptoms of this illness were very similar to those the girls had. Maybe it was Huntington's disease.

The Plot

It was 1692 year. Early in the morning, young ladies gathered in the forest. They asked the old black woman Tituba to bewitch the guys. It is interesting that Arthur Miller decided not to change the names of the characters. As they were in reality, they were also in the play. The plot of the story is rather simple.

Soon people in Salem were frightened and worried. A lot of strange things happened.  It looked like the devil himself was involved in these events. But how find the witches? Who among women could be the witch? It was really very difficult to decide. But the priest was sure, that all these troubles happened with devil’s help. So the arrests started. Among young girls, who were arrested were Abigail Williams. She worked as a niece and felt in love with her master John Proctor. Abigail wanted to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor that’s why she accused falsely the poor wife. Elizabeth was a clever, calm and kind-hearted woman. She could not be a witch. A long trial started. It was unreal to understand who was right and who was wrong. Innocent people suffered among the guilty ones. Some people were killed (hanged). John understood what Abigail had conceived. John acted as courage man with a great dignity.

The play is full of quarrels, disputes, proceedings. But at that time the play was seen as a kind of parabola, which contained a clear allusion to America early 50-ies.

Later was made a film based on this play. The film became very popular at once.

The mysterious plot do not leave anyone indifferent do not leave anyone indifferent.

As for me I was impressed by this story. How unpredictable the human’s life can be! The death and evil are everywhere and we do not know what will happened tomorrow. I advise you to read the play “The Crucible”. It will take you to the mysterious past, where witches and witchcraft tries to rule the word. If you liked this essay for the Crucible, than I am sure that the original version of the play will not disappoint you! And remember that there is a special service which can write your essay for you.