Top Morning Exercises Everyone Should Follow


Top Morning ExercisesEvery day starts from the morning. Some people like this part of the day, others – hate. It depends on the person and his/her lifestyle. But I want to say that it is possible (and even necessary) to enjoy the morning hours. Very often from your morning depends all the day. What you do every morning - is an indicator of how you will spend the whole next day. It is a choice we make every day, and that determines how we live.

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Good Morning

Rise and shine! Morning has just become your best friend. No matter if you like it or not, but the morning before work can be your key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. That's it! Many businessmen, politicians and other influential people have one thing in common - they get up early in the morning. Margaret Thatcher got up every morning at 5 am. Frank Lloyd Wright got up at 4 o’clock and Robert Iger the "Disney" director, wakes up at half past four. Are you surprised? It is well-known that “early birds” are always more proactive and more productive, and we are not talking about the benefits of early rises for health and wellness.

Today we are going to talk about some popular things or exercise which successful people try to do every morning.

Once Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius told that when you wake up in the morning, at first you should think about what you have the wonderful privilege of being alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy and to love. These words have a deep meaning, I think.

The most popular and successful people in the world prefer not to stay long in the bed in the morning. They understand that the day is so short and there have always a lot to do, so it is better to start earlier and to save a few hours for important things. It is necessary for everybody to get up in a good mood, to think about something positive, to do some morning exercises and to have a healthy breakfast.

So, let us in details to talk about some important morning secrets of successful people.

1) Positivity. Remember, that to get up early has only positives sides. You ask why? Here are they:

  • get up early and you will see that there are 25 hours per day;
  • while you are still sleeping, others start to solve their problems and earn money;
  • early rises will give you positivity, determination, optimistic mentality.

Meditation, or even a simple exercise, "Take a deep breath and then exhale," will help you to start your day in calmness. Rather than take your smartphone and check the morning mail, take a few minutes just to sit in silence and think about this day. These few minutes of calm will play a great role for the future of this day.

2) Healthy breakfast. Even if you are always in a hurry, or you hate eating at mornings, you should remember, that breakfast is the main meal of the day. The food you ate for breakfast can give you strength and energy. But it should not be just a sandwich and a cup of coffee. No! Your body wakes up dehydrated, so it is important first of all to drink a little water. This will clear the body of toxins, reduce the feeling of hunger and the risk of headaches throughout the day. There are a lot of dishes, which are very healthy on breakfast. You can also read about vegetarian lifestyle pros and cons.

3) Planning of the day. Morning is the best time to look through the important things you should do. It is necessary to realize what you are going to do. Thing about your goals and about how are you walking towards them. Be realistic and positive! And always try to do the hardest work in the morning. You are not tired so don’t be lazy and do all the best.

4)  Do morning exercises. Morning workouts are very important. It can be simple exercises. I know, it is not so easy get used to do exercises. However, the results show that morning stretching can improve your flexibility, improve blood circulation and reduce the accumulated stress. Plus you have a great chance to improve your posture.

5) Healthy sleep. If you are going to become an early bird, then don’t forget to go to bed in time. Take care of yourself, as on the quality of your sleep depends on many things (your mood, health). Whilst you are sleeping, your body and brain also have a rest.

6) Clean up everything. You can sometimes forget about small matters in the morning. Sometimes we throwing clothes around the house, leave the dishes in the sink or trash. But imagine how cool it is when you come home and everything is in their places. You can just sit back and relax.

7) Create your own motivation. To get up early is just only half of the battle, but you need a great motivation to stay ahead of your competition. Think about the results and about the ways how can you reach your goals. But, please, be always realistic. Remember, if you have unattainable goals, then you will be upset that you did not reach them.

8) Quiet. Mornings are that time, when the world is still sleeping and it is very quiet everywhere. Enjoy this. This time is the best time for the work, where you need to concentrate or focus. Don’t wait for miracles or changing! You are the miracle and you can change what you want. Get up early and don’t be lazy!

You have read eight simple advices which can help you to make the day. Try to follow them for a month and you will see the result. It is not easy but you can do it. Take it a habit and everything will be okay. Always try to live in such a way, that you will be able to proud of yourself. The luck never comes to those who do nothing.