Westworld - Legacy Of The Game Of Thrones


Westworld - Legacy Of The Game Of ThronesI think that everybody heard about the popular American fantastic series – The Game of the Thrones. Today our academic proofreader decided to talk about the Westworld – a new fantastic series which only for the few episodes of the first season became wildly popular among TV viewers not only in the USA. The sixth season of The Game of the Thrones has ended and the HBO channel prepared a new hit. It was the Westworld. The series became immediately popular as its predecessor and both the series are about fictional world with fictional characters. That is why Westworld considered being the legacy of The Game of the Thrones. In this essay we will discuss the plot and the background, and will try to figure out why this series is so popular among people of all ages.

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Westworld (The Background)

Westworld was filmed on the base of the same name film. The Westworld (1973) is the American fiction feature film, staged by Michael Crichton on his own script. In 1976 the sequel appeared. It was the film called "Futureworld". The plot is rather similar as we have in the modern version. But just think all these robots and the system was described in details in 1973 year! It was quite normal the appearance of such called robot theme parks, which imitated the popular historical periods: Ancient Rome, Middle Ages and Wild West. People who visited these parks knew the rules – they could do all they want without injury. The security guarantees that they will not suffer in the crossfire or sword fighting. But the most interesting started when the robots became out of control. They started to kill the real visitors and made a mess. Two friends Peter Martin and John Blaine were in the park, when robots gone mad. From this moment started the great adventures (sometimes bloody) in the entertainment park.

Westworld 2016

The film was so popular that in 2007 the mass media quickly spread the information that soon will a remake of this Westworld. For the first time it was really very difficult to find the good producers. One of them suddenly left the project, other – refused to start working on this film. The years went and only in 2011 the Warner Bros. Company confirmed that they are still planning this remake. At the end of the summer in 2013 the channel HBO looked for a new hit as The Game of the Thrones ended. So, at summer 2014 they started to film a new series with the same name – Westworld.

The producers were counting on the popularity of the modern Westworld and they were not wrong. For the ten episodes of first season the series received a huge popularity. The critic’s marks were rather positive. So, let’s find out why the Westworld became so popular?

1) The group of actors is perfect and a lot of producers wanted to have such celebrities in their set. Anthony Hopkins - it is already a great success for the new series. And other actors are also perfect.

2) The modern Westworld borrowed the main idea in its old predecessor but it generals it does not look like a remake. The original was a thriller but this film is fantastic drama.

3) Its similarity to The Game of the Thrones. Both films have the plot which includes a lot of violence and nudity.

But critics found something negative in the Westworld. Some of them are sure that the series, which plays with the chronology, during the entire season erasing the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow, showed a non-trivial way of storytelling. Probably you need to be an android, to assess the show at least at this level.

As the Westworld soon joined The Games of Thrones the idea of their crossover is not excluded. The producers think about creating the androids like the characters of the famous The Game of Thrones. I think it is a great idea to join these two great series together. As a result TV viewers will receive something grand fantastic. As soon as the sixth season of the Game of Thrones was ended all the viewers on HBO looked forward for a new fantastic drama. And from the first episodes of Westworld they were not disappointed. It is unlikely that with the second season the ratings of the new series will be reduced.

However, the HBO channel took a very favorable position nowadays. One after another it translates the largest fiction dramas that collected millions of views. The great future for the HBO is assured. And it doesn’t matter if they are going to film the spin-off of The Games of Thrones or not.

 Different films and shows always play a great role in people’s everyday life. On our website you can also read about the popular TV Shows. Let us wait and see what will be next, what else the producers have prepared for us? Maybe it will be next seasons of Westworld or the long-expected crossover. There are a lot of viewers and, of course, a lot of opinions.  But patience ladies and gentlemen, only patience!