What Is The Perfect Teacher Looks Like?


Perfect TeacherEverybody has a school period of time. For many years teachers accompany their students. And it is very important when between the teacher and the student is mutual understanding and respect. But unfortunately, sometimes at school we have a quite different situation and relations. Why? What is the main reason? We tried to get to the truth and to find out what is the perfect teacher look like.

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At first let us to talk about teacher’s profession and then we are going to discuss the teacher’s character traits, which are important in his difficult work with children.

To be a teacher

To be a teacher – is not an easy profession. It requires a great love for children, a huge endurance, patience and willpower. The topic about teachers is the difficult one, because there are so many disputes, so many answers and advices, that sometimes it seems impossible to choose the best ones. We can talk about teachers' traits forever, but modern world requires modern teachers.

Let as talk about the teachers in general. Who are they? They are the persons, who teach other persons and give them a piece of knowledge. Nowadays the teachers and their work are not the same as were 100 years ago. Different civilizations had different requirements to the teacher. Of course, the main aim is the same - to give the child the necessary knowledge.

Schools in the previous centuries were different. It was one room for the pupils of different ages, and only one teacher, who had to cope with everybody despite theirs level of knowledge. It was difficult but real. The education system was not as productive as it is now. Today the learning process is much more sophisticated, and therefore the teacher requires much more. The world changed, the children and teachers also changed.

So, now we are going to talk about the traditional features of the teacher as a person. These features were inherent to teachers before and will never lose their identity. Later we will discuss the features which the modern teachers of the 21st century should have.

The main features of character

The teacher’s role in the education process is great. To this topic addressed many scientists. Today schools need teachers, educators, experts in their field. For many years to the success teacher’s work, they had to have such features of character:

1)  Love for children. It means love not only for the kind children or to the best ones. But love for every children in your class, if they are naughty, impolite or cruel.

2) Patience. Every child is a unique personality. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and nerves to understand the children but the teacher should do this.

3) Justice. It is very important nowadays. The teacher should always be righteous to the students. Despite their knowledges, position in society, money, popularity etc. If somebody did not complete with the homework, then the mark should be appropriate.

4) Emotional balance. Students should not be afraid of the teacher, because he can yell or something like that. Teacher should be always calm and balanced.

5) The teacher should have teaching abilities. Remember, that to know all the material and to be able to teach – is different things. You can be a perfect mathematician, but bad teacher.

6) Kindness, generosity, optimism, humanity etc. We can continue this list forever. Remember, that at first teacher should a real man.

To be a teacher is not a profession, it is a vocation. Teachers should be ready to spend most time at school. They are like our second mothers and fathers. They carry about their students and help them not only during the lesson.

We can find a lot of examples of teaching in literary. For example, in the essays on catcher in the rye we can read about collage teachers from the child’s point of view.

Modern teachers

The work of teachers is complex, difficult and highly responsible. The results of his work teacher will see only years later.

The new time requires new approaches to solving problems, new ways of working, including a teacher’s work, 21st century - is the era of digital revolution. What kind of a teacher do we need in this interesting era?

Firstly, living in our time and we need to respond to it. The teacher must be modern, to be able to use the latest technology at work and in everyday life. In fact, students will better understand this teacher.

Secondly, the teacher must understand the slang of his students. It helps to communicate better with them. But teacher should use the slang very rare, because in other way it can neutralize the difference "teacher-student". And is it not good for the teacher’s authority.

It is important for teacher of 21st century not only use the modern technology but also methods in teaching. Of course, nobody should forget about old methods and traditions, but to combine them with new proven methods.

And at last the main thing – the modern teacher should use the internet during his work. It is necessary to have an email, to be available in other social network. Sometimes it is the fastest way to contact your students.

As new technologies continue to emerge, every teacher should continue to study. Good news - it's always fun, and even 20 minutes a day - a long way!

I think that there is no perfect teacher for everybody. Every child has his own thoughts and expectations. One student will love the teacher for your sense of humor and other will not. It is impossible to please everyone, and there is no need to get upset about this. The teacher must to do all the best and to achieve the main goals.