15 School Items That Distract You From Studying


15 School Items That Distract You From StudyingI was a student myself and I am telling you that I know perfectly everything about the ability of young people to find a thousand and one reasons why not to do the homework. Carrying out the race for leadership and good marks is the hardest task for any guy. It is not even just my own guess. The harmful influence of distracting factors has been studied long ago. No, it’s even not a lack of motivation, which makes the students be averse to concentrate as much attention on their educational goals achieving as possible.

Creating of the ideal circumstances to sink into a vast but boring world of science is the most complicated process, which is really impossible for some of the students. Who is able to stay aside, when every new second the super important news appear on the Net and your virtual friends share new and provoking pictures with their followers? Just imagine! Rihanna has just presented her long-awaited single, Apple has just proposed the new apps, and your best friend has just parted with her beloved. The mind-bending scent from the kitchen can’t make you keep sitting in front of your monitor because if you arrive too late, you may find no piece of tasty mummy’s cake. The cell phone starts discharging and the sooner you plug it in, the better you will be able to call your friends and go online. There are so many tasks and all of them are so important!

Let’s be honest, studying is usually the last item in the list of the most favorite occupations of young people. Unfortunately, sometimes each of us meets with the challenges, which can’t wait until our desire to sidestep them becomes of unreal dimensions. Everybody knows perfectly that this day may never come.

What are the most distracting factors, which attract the children’ attention and make them forget about their duties? One, who is forewarned, is forearmed and if you know the potential dangers, which may break your plans and capture you entirely, you are able to avoid them and dedicate yourself to the studying process only.

As a study distraction is a problem that bothers all children of the world to get the knowledge properly, the psychologists have spent much time on determining the main aspects, which don’t let the students get good marks, and developing the methods how not to admit them into your life.

It was determined that all the distractive factors may be divided into external and internal ones. When the components of the first group come from outside of our heads, the second group is connected with the factors, which arise inside our brains.

1. The Internet

How large the virtual world is! Any person, no matter what tastes and habits he has, is able to spend the whole day online. It is really hard to stop checking your social nets or waiting for the replies from the friends. You should try to understand that the Internet and your Facebook account are always accessible but the same can’t be said about time. Get as much knowledge as you can until you are a student! Turn your cell phone off or, at least, choose the airplane mode to not have a strong incentive to check your mail or messages once more.

2. Modern Gadgets

Can’t you live even an hour without taking your tab or cell phone into your hand? Do you have a dependence on the electronic devices, which provide your communication with the outer world? If your gadgets distract you from being attentive and performing your homework carefully, isolate yourself from them, at least, for several hours and you will notice that your grades will be a bit higher than usually.

3. Noise

Noise is everywhere! There is nothing strange that it is difficult to focus on math or other subject with your television on. When everybody around you are making merry or scolding loudly, your homework starts turning into the impossible mission. The birds that are singing outside, the kids that live nearby – all these factors distract you from accomplishing your tasks. Just find the quietest room in the house, where nobody will bother you, close the door and the window, switch all the devices off and start working!

4. Light

This factor is more than important for those, who are going to dedicate their time to self-education. Make the atmosphere around yourself harmonious and soon your attention will be captured by the world of science.

5. Clothes

Even such a non-significant thing as clothes that are on you, may make you feel distracted. It may be too tight, too warm, or too cold. It is really difficult to think about something except a source of your irritation, when it is annoying you all the time.

6. Thoughts

Nothing makes you so distracted as your own thoughts. If you think about your beloved all the time and you can’t live without him/her even for a week or so, get a grip over yourself! You should understand: the sooner you prepare yourself for examination, the quicker your meeting will be carried out. If your darling doesn’t want to wait, let him/her go his/her own way.

7. Friends

Don’t you like to be alone and you prefer to study together with your friend? Getting benefits from studying with a partner is the biggest myth, which I have ever heard. It is really impossible for two friends to discuss nothing but the material and not to distract from the main target of their meeting. Study alone!

8. Family

Having of a big family can hardly be called a problem. Every person is dreaming about this, though if you study at home, you are under the risk of being distracted from your books more than often. How to secure yourself against such a problem? Just explain your relatives that you have a super important task and you will be very grateful if they keep silent for several hours. If such a dialogue brings no results, take your books and go to a library or any other quiet place.

9. Personal Needs

You open your book, read several abstracts and start feeling that you are extremely thirsty, don’t you? You drink a glass of water, take your place and a sudden feeling of hunger makes you feel discomfort again, doesn’t it? Satisfy all your personal needs before opening a book and don’t let yourself give reaction to the inner impulses of your organism.

10. Self-doubt

Do you always have a fear that you won’t cope with this task? Such grey thoughts are the biggest distraction. Try to think positively and everything will be OK!

11. Fear

Fear of failing during your exams shouldn’t kill your inspiration! Try to do any physical exercises and splash your adrenalin out before settle down to your homework.

12. Anger

If you feel angry, you will hardly focus your attention on the subject that you need to study. Try to understand the cause of this emotion appearing in your soul.

13. Anxiety

The anxiety, which is inside you and which is called by the fear of passing the exams, may make your head ache. Breathe deeply and don’t let any negative emotions seize you.

14. Excessive Confidence

Are you too confident in your abilities? You may be distracted, because you will be sure that you know everything and there is no need to open the books at all.

15. Dreams about going out

If you let yourself go too deep into your thoughts and you start fantasizing instead of storing the educational info in your head, you may not wait for any progresses in study. Put all the needless thoughts aside and do nothing but study!

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