Inspiring Ideas For Your School Lunch Box


Your School Lunch BoxHardly a person is able to stay calm in the morning, especially if you are a mom and a wife in one. You need to cope with all the sudden questions, which arise while your family members are running about the house in attempt to pack all the needed things. Every mom knows that nobody but she is able to prepare her kid and husband for a long and busy day at school and at work. If you are a mother of many children, your problems will double or even triple. Thank God that polygamy is forbidden in our country, because taking care of several kids and several men simultaneously would be a too risky challenge.

Every mom forgets about her own needs in the morning because she must: wake up the family; iron the husband’s shirt and steam his trousers (of course, he must be the best one in the office); brew tasty coffee for him and make some toasts with cheese; make sure that the kids accomplish all the necessary morning procedures correctly and none of them is left with his teeth unbrushed; prepare the new set of clothes for every school child and help them to button up their shirts. Providing the healthy and delicious breakfast is the problem, which takes the single place in the mom’s everyday list of routine manipulations. It is almost impossible to imagine the more difficult task than to make a child swallow a portion of porridge and wash it down with a glass of milk, which is so hateful by most of kids.

When your child starts being capricious and demands to give him chips, hamburgers, fries, Cola, Pepsi and a lot of other unhealthy food, it is time for you to spend just several hours on compiling the new menu for your kid. How to teach a child to put health before momentary pleasure? Don’t even try to propose him the arguments and explain that fast food is nothing but a poison for his growing organism. Just cook the dishes, which are healthy, decorate them especially for your sweet son or daughter and soon you will notice: it is impossible to pull him or her away from this food by the ears.

Eat Good Food Only!

The times, when we were able to eat and think of nothing, are far away. The thousands of articles and books about healthy food appear daily and it is impossible not to start thinking about the quality of food, which we put into our mouths.

More and more people refuse to eat the meat of killed animals and opt for vegan dishes. The most responsible parents start preparing the special lunch boxes with light food for their children to take to school.

If you know that your kid is of harsh character and he refuses all the novelties of yours, don’t be upset over the fact that you won’t be able to make him love your vegan ideas. Just try to prepare several sandwiches with cheese and apple for him instead of habitual sausage, make a mix of goldfish crackers, nuts, M&M’s candies, pretzel twists, breakfast cereals and dried fruits instead of giving him chocolate sweets or caloric biscuits, make a yoghurt shake with berries instead of Cola and soon your kid will become more energetic, active and his face will shine with a smile. Just after the first try he will ask for more new food. I promise you this!

Bon Appétit!

Healthy food, which we are talking about, has not one advantage. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals; it gives more energy; stills hunger for a much longer period of time; doesn’t overload the kids’ stomachs with fatty food, and the main advantage, which is super useful for moms: there is no need to spend half a day in the kitchen. The dishes, which are proposed to your attention, take just a couple of minutes to prepare them and pack into the lunch boxes then.

The researches have already proved that a healthy lunch box should contain:

  • Starchy food (bread, pasta, potato);
  • Proteins (beans, eggs, meat or fish);
  • Milk food (curd, cheese, yoghurt);
  • Any vegetables and fruits.

If your children are tired of one and the same sandwiches, which you make day after day, use your imagination and try some new fillers. Forget about sausage or original cutlet. Put some cheese, apple, onion, mayonnaise and lemon on the bread and cover it with another slice. Don’t want to be too original and mix cheese with apple? Any light fish fillet with salad will be a good decision too! Yum yum! It’s very tasty!

Both salt and sugar are harmful for your child’s organism. Propose him dried fruits, nuts, fruit crisps, cover this mix with yoghurt, add some lemon peels and honey and the healthy dessert is ready! It is much more delicious than a usual ice-cream!

Even the most capricious child will be driven mad by the sticks with fruits’ slices, grapes and cubes of firm cheese. This cocktail, which is served in such an original way, is able to become the most favorite snack of any kid. It will bring him not only delight but a pretty amount of vitamins too.

Frankly speaking, creativity is the main thing, which is needed to make your child’s life more interesting and his immunity more resistant. It is not a secret that good and wholesome food is able to revive a spirit and keep a child happy all day long. Do you want to make your kid feel your love even when he is not next to you? Put a short and funny letter into his lunch box and when he opens it, he will feel your warmth and love, which will definitely make him smile.

There are really a lot of super easy recipes of tasty dishes and marvelous ideas of packing the childish lunches creatively. The school lunches, which are proposed by nutritionists and which have already been tried by thousands of moms, are balanced, wholesome and, what is especially important, quick in cooking. Think creatively and everything will be OK!

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