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American Revolution EssaysWhen we begin to study the history of the country, we automatically learn a lot about people and life of this country. It also expands our knowledge of world history and its development. In this essay on American Revolution you will know how and under what circumstances this country has become independent. If you like this essay, please leave your comments, suggestion, and feedback.

 From this American Revolution essay you will understand that the war for US independence (1775-1783) is also known as the American Revolutionary War or War for American Independence. In American Revolution there was a confrontation between loyalists (supporters of the British crown) and Great Britain on one side, and revolutionaries who wanted to become independent from Britain in 1776 on the other side. The American Revolution is almost coincided with the French revolution, and historically its origin is largely due to the same reasons. So often these two revolutions are compared. Because of the war and the victory of supporters of independence were happened large social and political changes for residents of North America.  During the American Revolution was created a new state which is called the United States. This is without doubt one of the most significant event in the history and science of North America. Let us look at the causes of the American Revolution. In the heart of the war of independence the U.S. had both economic and social reasons. But increasingly the stumbling block was the economy. The King, the elite, aristocrats, merchants and entrepreneurs wanted to increase their profits that gave them the possession of colonies. They have used valuable raw materials such as furs, cotton, and the rest. The same goods which were imported into the country in finished form and was charged duty and tax. The English Parliament imposed many restrictions. For example, it was prohibited to open manufacture, to make iron products, textiles and trade with other countries. Also, the small tenants were forbidden to move to the west and become independent farmers. In 1765 the government introduced the Stamp Act. People were forced to pay a tax for literally everything, was it a newspaper or any other commodity. It should be noted that at that time America was not thinking about independence, the maximum it wanted to gain representation in Parliament through which it hoped to mitigate the tax burden. Unfortunately, the English lords were adamant in their decision and didn't want to see Americans in the legislative body of the Kingdom. This caused mass protests. The colonists said that they will pay taxes, but provided that their representatives have the right to vote in the Parliament of Britain.

But the last straw was the adoption of the so-called tea act. This law was passed in 1773 and it dictated the terms of the purchase of tea. This conflict led to open war between England and North American colonies. What was the significance of the tea act? Great Britain allowed the East India Company which imported tea into the country, not to pay the tax and duty. Colonists and merchants engaged in smuggling tea were outraged. In December 1773 members of the organization "Sons of liberty" secretly infiltrated into the English ships, which arrived at the Boston port and disposed in the sea huge amount of tea. As a consequence, the port of Boston was closed, any rebellions were forbade and the meeting among people and further aggravated the situation between the warring. This event was called the «Boston Tea Party».

On September 5, 1774, in Philadelphia was convened the First Continental Congress when England began to intervene in the affairs of the American colonies. The Congress was attended by delegates from 12 of the legislative assemblies of the North American States, with the exception of Georgia. At this meeting, the delegates agreed to ban the import to America of British goods. But the exception could be that the King will protect the colonists. The English government didn’t like such condition, and they took that as arrogance and just tightened policy in the colonies.

The Americans began to create guerrilla groups. On April 19, 1775, was the first clash between the Americans and the British. All would end peacefully, but there was made a provocative shot, which wounded the soldier from the British. This marked the beginning of the war, known in history as the War for Independence.

On May 10, 1775, was opened the Second Continental Congress, which lasted until 1781. During this period, American representatives recognized that were waging war against England and adopted a resolution on the establishment of the army. Commander in chief was George Washington. On 4 July Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence which was written by educator Thomas Jefferson. That Declaration Jefferson began with the words: "All people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". This was the beginning of creating a new and independent United States of America. Citizens were written rights and freedom. Initially, in the Declaration there was an article on the abolition of slavery, but most planters were against it.

Americans won their greatest victory in October 1777. The English army, which was stationed at Fort Saratoga, surrendered to the Americans. Americans’ supporters in the war against England were France, Holland, and Spain. From that moment events began to develop not in favor of England. Until 1781 the British were in the southern States of America, but soon were driven out.

The last place where the British troops remained was a Virginia. They were defeated and on October 19, 1781, was signed the act of unconditional surrender of England. British soldiers left Yorktown with folded flags and walked past the lined up in two rows of the winners. In 1783 signed a peace treaty in which it was said that the British recognized the borders of the new state along Allegheny Mountains — on the Mississippi river. Only on 19 April 1783, a Congress decided that the war is over.

After the war of North American colonies for independence there was appeared a new state on the world map which is called the United States of America. There were no more obstacles to the development of capitalist relations in the country.

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