Animal Cruelty Essay: Living In Harmony?


The modern rhythm of life makes us more and more careless towards the world around us. Our 24-hour business has already turned us into deaf and blind creatures, which pretend that there are no other living organisms around us. The animals, which we should take care of, are left to the mercy of fate more and more often, though it is really not the worst thing, which can be done by a person towards an animal. The terrible crimes, which we are informed about daily, become more and more frequent and cruel. The commercial deals, which involve illegal selling of the exotic or the endangered species of rare animals, are prevented periodically.

Each new luxury caprice of people costs an animal its life. If just people could understand the real price for shark fin or green turtle soup, crocodile meat, grilled ostrich and marinated kangaroo meat…

I will take a shot to make the next cruelty towards animals essay remind all the readers that animals depends on us more than we think and that our main mission in this world lies in not killing the nature with its inhabitants but multiplying the animal species. We should stop abusing the helpless representatives of the animal world and ensure them comfort and safe life on this planet.

Animal Cruelty Essay Introduction

Have you ever thought how many animals are killed by the poachers, who break the law and kill the prohibited species for their own benefits? Have you ever tried to imagine how many animals die from neglecting? Do you know the number of test animals that are killed in laboratories annually? If you are not interested in such statistics or you are not aware of the terrible figures, it doesn’t mean that everything is well and quiet in our world.

My essay on animal cruelty will give you some data, from which your blood may turn to ice, though let’s start with the term ‘animal cruelty’ itself.

Animal cruelty is the acts towards the animals, which inflict their death or just make their lives terrible. It is a bad treating of animals, which is not restricted only by causing physical harm to the last. Cruelty towards the animals has several forms, among which are neglecting and causing them some psychological harm by terrorizing. Usually, while talking about cruelty towards the animals, one imagines just the physical harm, to which beating or sadistic killing belong. Transporting of the animals in inappropriate conditions, giving no food and water to the animals, providing no medical assistance and using the animals just for breeding and setting up the experiments are also the forms of cruelty, which are considered to be the crimes against the animals and which are prohibited by the law.

I am pretty sure that nobody knows that each year more than 115 million animals all over the world, among which are rats, rabbits, mice, various birds and many other animals, are subjected to awful testing programs after which they die. More than 10 thousand dogs die in the result of dog fighting, which is also considered to be one of the forms of cruelty. More than 4 million animals are euthanized annually. You should take in account the fact that the statistics shows only the reported cases and it is really hard to imagine what the real index of animal cruelty facts is.

The Holly Bible Teaches

It is really difficult to understand the motives that make people abuse the animals, which are several times weaker than any person. Of course, they have sharp teeth, strong clutches, quick feet and their self-preservation instincts are much better developed than these of people. The animals do their best to defend themselves from the people’ attacks, though the methods, which are used in the fight between people and animals, don’t let the last escape the awful fate.

It has already been proved that the animals have the same feelings as the humans and all those, who dare to abuse them, should keep this in mind. Not everybody knows that those, who tend to abuse animals, are able to hurt or kill a person too. In fact, there is no difference for such people whom to abuse and if they beat the dogs today, they may overstep the bound even tomorrow.

Could you imagine how you would feel if you were a persecuted animal? Do you know how you would beg for mercy if you had no organs of speech? It is senseless for the animals to resist the cruel handling and encroachment for their lives. If to say more, it is almost impossible.

The Holy Bible teaches us to respect all the living creatures, which exist in the world, because all the organisms on our planet were created by God to live in peace and harmony.

Animal Cruelty Essay Conclusion

I am pretty sure that all these awful crimes towards the animals are committed and haven’t been stopped yet because the ordinary people are not well informed about all the cases of animal cruelty. The biggest part of population simply has no idea that such terrible things happen every second and the task of each of the animal cruelty essays is to spread the info all over the world. I am absolutely sure that when the statistics of the animals’ deaths reaches the people’s ears and eyes, it will start decreasing rapidly. I know that it is not still late to stop animal cruelty and start restoring the sound atmosphere in the world.

Do you know anything about the cases of animal cruelty? Don’t keep silent! Speak up, because maybe it is you who will save one more life from terrible torments!

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