Anna Quindlen Essay: Story About Talented Woman


Anna Quindlen EssayEveryone has dreams. Someone dreams about fame and wealth, someone dreams about health. All dreams are different and usually born in our souls and minds in childhood. Children and later young people dream about their future life. They imagine where they will live, who will be their wife or husband, what kind of house will they have and so on. One of the most frequent dreams is an imagination of future career and place in society. In plans for future youth imagine themselves in different roles. Some of them want to become a doctor and treat people, some wants to be a teacher and teach children, others want to become businessmen and earn a lot of money. But the most romantic and dreamy people want to become writers. They want to tell the world their feelings, their fantasy, their knowledge through their articles and books. This is the dream which was brought into reality in Anna Quindlen essays. This woman was an example to follow for many young girls in the United States of America and many other, mostly English-speaking, countries all over the world.

A lot of people dream about writing a book “some day”. In one of her video interview Quindlen says that if you want to write a book then do this, and you do not need to wait for some special moment for this. And Anna didn’t wait. I’m surely agree with the statement that people must make their dreams come true at the moment when they have them and do not wait for some inspiration or for some special day to start living the life they dreamt of. So if you want to become writer then do this - you can use our writing service to develop your skills.

Short biography of writer Anna Quindlen

Anna Quindlen, this brave and strong woman was born on the eighth of July in 1952. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Her mother was Italian and her father was from Ireland. She met her future husband while studied in Barnard College. His name is Gerald Krovatin and he is famous attorney in New Jersey. Their three children: Quindlen, Christopher and Maria are creative people like their mother is. They connected their lives with professional writing too.  

Anna Quindlen becomes a journalist in 1974 as a reporter in the newspaper “New York Post”. Later she had different positions in the well-known newspaper “New York Times” in 1977-1994. In 1992 she got the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. It was really deserved prize. Her columns in the “New York Times” called “About New York”, “Life in the 30’s”, “Public and Private” and “Last Word” were very popular.

A great influence on her literature talent had her mother’s death. She died at the age of forty, when Quindlen was nineteen years old. It was big shock for her and many of her novels devoted to her mother. During her writer’s career she wrote four bestselling novels: Object Lessons, One True Thing, Black and Blue and Blessings.

By her novel “One True Thing” there was cut the feature film. The main role in this film brought to Maryl Streep an academy Award nomination for Best Actress. This is the story about the woman who had to leave her career and forget about her personal life to treat her sick mother who had cancer.

 People often cite her books. Totally in her portfolio there are eight novels, written since 1991 till 2016. She also wrote two books for children: “The Tree that Came to Stay” and “Happily Ever After”. This outstanding writer wrote a lot of columns to newspapers. Nowadays she collaborates with different writers by writing reviews to their books.

Each of us is talent in something

Speaking about Anna’s Quindlen literary works we can speak not only about making dreams come true. We also must say that this woman is also very talented. How do you think is it enough to have just a dream to become such popular writer? I think that it is not enough. It seems to me that talent is some immeasurable substance which is present in the person or not. You can be talented in something like: painting, writing, sculpture creating, dancing, singing, cooking or even gardening. But if you did not try some of these things you will never know what your talent is. That is why so many people in our society are unhappy and think that someone other is lucky because he or she can sing or dance or write books or anything else and unfortunately those people consider themselves losers. They lose their faith in bright future, and then often occurs the worst thing that can happen to the person - it is when you stop making attempts to find the thing which you can do better than others do, the job you will adore, the occupation which will bring you both: good money and incredible pleasure. Of course talent is not the only thing you need to become really brilliant professional, writer, for example. To write interesting books with bright heroes and their adventures you must be highly educated. And by being educated we don’t mean just write the words correctly or built grammatically right sentences.  Being educated means to know and understand a lot of different information from the various fields of sciences and it means that you‘re clever enough to share the information you know with readers the way they’ll never get it from somebody other.

To my mind, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, Anna Quindlen combines in her oeuvre all the features of brilliant writer. She is very talented and what is more important is that she constantly develops her talent and her skills. She also is really well-educated which is confirmed by numerous rewards like: Pulitzer Prize, Clarion Prize and others. Anna holds honorary degrees from 7 schools which are: Dartmouth College, Denison University, Moravian College, Mount Holyoke College, Stevens Institute of Technology, Bates College and Southern Connecticut State University. And what is very important - she is beautiful woman, loving mother and wife.

Writing on the subject of Anna Quindlen essay you will be admired by her literature masterpieces. These are novels and essays which you will read on one breathe.