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Breast Cancer EssayEvery woman is unique, but we all share one thing it is a terrible disease that can face any woman. Breast cancer takes first place among all cancers that women in the world can meet. Every year is revealed 1 250 000 cases of breast cancer in the world. However, breast cancer responds well to treatment if you catch the disease at an early stage. Most women care more about a beautiful breast shape than her health. We experience fear of such a terrible disease like breast cancer, but we are not trying to learn more about this disease and how to protect.  It is better to do an ultrasound or a mammogram and at what age? Why does breast cancer develop?   What are the main symptoms and diagnosis? What treatments are there?  In this essay on cancer we will deal with it. For getting more interesting essays you can go directly to   

Possible causes

From this cancer research essay we can underline that cancer has a variety of reasons and to distinguish them in each case is either impossible or unlikely. However, it is proved that there are people who have the development of tumors genetically. If we talk about breast cancer, there are two tandem genes: BRCA1 and BRCA2. In normal condition they protect the breast from cancer encoding a protein that controls the growth and reproduction of "hostile" cells. But if in the genes occurs a mutation, the protein will not be produced and the cancer cells begin to multiply. As a result, there is can be formed a tumor. There are other risk factors. First of all, it is previously identified and cured cancer in one breast. If no there is always the chance of tumor development in the second breast. Women with obesity, diabetes and other hormonal diseases have the risk of developing breast cancer. Among other factors that increase the probability of getting sick are features of the functioning of the female reproductive system: an early age of onset of menstruation, late first birth or lack of it, a short lactation, an abortion, a late menopause and long-term (over 10 years) hormone replacement therapy at menopause. According to statistics, the probability of developing breast cancer is 3-7%. If someone in family has cancer, the risk will increase to 40-80%.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Quite often in the early stages a breast cancer is asymptomatic. But in some cases the signs that are indicating the presence of the disease are there, and they can be seen. First and foremost the symptoms that should alert include seals in the breast, near or in the armpit. In 9 times out of 10 seals are benign, however to establish this is certainly possible only on examination by a breast physician.

Symptoms of breast cancer include:

1) Hardening of the skin;

2) The retraction of the skin;

3) An erosion of the skin;

4) A redness;

5) An allocation of the nipple;

6) A skin swell;

7) Increasing in the vein in size;

8) The violation of the symmetry of the breast;

9) The retraction of the nipple;

10) A palpable node within the breast;

About 70% of a breast cancer cases are detected by patients themselves in the result of breast self-examination.

Prevention of breast cancer

Every woman over 50 years should be required once a year to do a mammography or breast magnetic resonance imaging (the most sensitive method, which detects changes in the breast, especially recommended for women at risk).

Not often, but breast cancer occurs a younger women. That is why a great importance has self-examination a woman by palpation of the chest. The examination should be carried out once a month after reaching the age of twenty. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

Ideally, to achieve twenty-five years a woman should do an ultrasound check and attend a doctor. In the future, these data will help to identify more quickly new and disturbing changes in the breast. After thirty-five years a woman should once a year attend a breast physician specialist, also do an ultrasound or a mammogram.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that diets with a low fat and a high fiber significantly reduce the risk of developing a breast cancer. In addition, also contributes the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants that have anticancer properties. Include in your diet more fish, olive oil, nuts, green and yellow vegetables, whole meal bread. Black currant is very useful. Of course, a healthy diet does not protect from all troubles and illness, but we are what we eat.

But remember: today the only method of prevention that you can find in all essays on breast cancer is early diagnosis of the disease. You have to self-check the breast for the presence of nodules or any other changes once per month. Home diagnosis is the most convenient to hold while bathing or under the shower. If any changes are detected, you should as soon as possible tell the doctor.

Not every tumor is a cancer

Most often, the woman finding any disturbing changes in her chest, consider them to breast cancer. Of course, there are more than sixty types of cancer, but not all of them are a danger to life and health. They differ in the rate of growth and degree of malignancy, so the prospects for full recovery are also different. It is important to make a diagnosis at the right time, to assign an appropriate therapy and above all the patient must understand what is really happening with his body and do not panic because stress is not a treatment.

Method Jolie: whether it is necessary to remove the breast for prevent?

The news that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie agreed to have preventive surgery to remove the breast due to high risk of developing breast cancer, divided society into two camps. The main argument of the opponents: if there is no disease, why we have to go under the knife. Yes, there is the risk of developing breast cancer, especially when there is a hereditary factor. However, predisposition is not a disease. Others approved it. While it is known to American women as hereditary breast cancer which often proceeds more aggressively and requires sophisticated treatment than regular breast cancer. Prophylactic mastectomy reduces the risk of developing cancer by 95%. Important: in 10% of cases during histological examination of remote "healthy" breast, there was detected early cancer or precancerous changes of cancer.

Summing up, I want to say that it's just statistics. Most importantly take care of your health. With essay on breast cancer we want to encourage you to contact the doctors in time.

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