Benjamin Franklin Essay. Man From 100 Dollar Bill


Benjamin Franklin EssayPerhaps everyone saw a hundred dollar bill of the Bank of the United States. You could pay for something, kept it in a purse or in the Bank. But have you ever thought about who looks at you with wise eyes from these bills? Don't you know who is it? Well, we will correct it in this Ben Franklin essay.

On the hundred dollars bill Bank of the United States is depicted none other than Benjamin Franklin. Why was he awarded such a high honor? He wasn’t a President although he was a worthy applicant for this position.

Story of success

Benjamin’s father wanted to give him a good education, but he could pay only for 2 years of study. At the age of 12 he went as an apprentice to his brother James who worked as a typographer. Benjamin was an ambitious, diligent and capable student. He quickly mastered the details, and soon became a high quality typographer. Printing for many years was his main occupation. In 1737-1753 he was working as a clerk in the legislature of Pennsylvania and as a postmaster of Philadelphia. In 1723, Franklin was in Philadelphia and the Governor of the colony sent him to London. He spent a year and a half in the UK capital. About this time he began to engage in politics. In 1754, there was organized the first Congress of representatives of the colonies, and Franklin was among those who initiated it, and then proposed a plan to consolidate it. The status and reputation of the Franklin grew rapidly. In 1757 he was appointed envoy to London to protect the interests of Pennsylvania. In 1775 he returned to America. The next day after his return he was elected as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress. At the Congress he participated in the drafting of the Declaration of independence. Then he was sent to France for negotiations for obtaining loans and military aid for the needs of the American Revolution. This post was later replaced by Jefferson. In 1785 Franklin returned to America. Two years later, when he was already 81 years old Franklin took an active part in preparing and holding the Congress for the adoption of the Constitution.

Earned enough he retired. This allowed him work for soul and gave the opportunity to invent, to implement his ideas, and revolutionary projects. He also successfully published and sold "Poor Richard's Almanac" with lots of useful material about health and physical fitness, nutrition and success. Apart from politics, he was engaged in publishing, journalism. In addition, he loved science. He was an inventor. He was scholar of history, sociology, philosophy and many other sciences. He owns a number of inventions. For example: rocking chair, bifocals, compact oven for home, which he did not patent because he wanted to make his invention available to a wide range of people. There were a numerous experiments with electricity, invention of the lightning rod, which he also refused to patent.

After the death of Franklin (14 April 1790) in the United States there were a flood of condolences from all over the world, and Philadelphia organized the most impressive funeral in its history.

Rules of life

Life of Benjamin Franklin was restrained and modest so now you are probably asking yourself how one man could achieve so much. The secret is in the right attitude to life. Benjamin Franklin knew how important self-organization and discipline. With his example he proves that people are able to develop habits that will help them to achieve considerable success. Here are some of the most valuable virtuous we can learn from the life of Benjamin Franklin. They will be useful to each of us. He said that each person had to be frugal, silent, hardworking, sincere, fair and some more skills.

Following this list, and knowing that it is impossible to master all the skills you need to start with the very beginning and proceed to the second only when the first is fully mastered. He kept statistics on violations and improved the productivity of each item. So he invented the table. In the end of the week he mastered one skill i.e. first week he worked on the skill of abstinence, and if by the end of the week there was no remark in this skill, therefore it was possible next week to combine two skills at once, for example abstinence and silence and so on. First, Benjamin Franklin thought that after a certain time the entire table will be empty...but this did not happen, even after a year, for which he managed to do 4 courses work on the skills. The most difficult skill for him was an “order”. Even after almost two hundred years, the virtuous have not lost their relevance, it means that they are versatile and applicable to human society at all times.

So back to the question why he had such an honor to be on the 100 dollar bill, we can distinguish the following achievements:

  1. Political views. He did not tolerate slave labor, believed all people are born equal. He opposed against the strengthening of the role of the Executive branch, in particular, against granting by the first American President George Washington extraordinary powers for the establishment of universal suffrage. His signature was forged three most important document in US history and the world - "Declaration of independence", "Constitution of the United States", "Versailles peace Treaty of 1783".
  2. Inventions that we still use. He owns a number of inventions.
  3. Moral qualities. Life principles formulated by him and based on biblical commandments. Therefore he aspired to moral perfection and wanted the people to follow him.
  4. Wisdom. The expression "time is money" we use today, without thinking even about its meaning, and especially about the authorship. Catch phrase belongs to Franklin, who believed that in order to live with dignity, you should work hard and not waste precious time on empty talk and a showdown.

Benjamin Franklin is one of the greatest minds of not only America, but of the entire world. He seems the incarnation and embodiment of nation’s dreams. People have not forgotten Franklin because he did both. He lived according to this wisdom, worked as best he could, and even more. And, as we see, his lessons still relevant even in our digital today.

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