Bully Essay: Let Nobody Break Your Spirit


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Until you experience the pressure of your peers on yourself you are not able to understand to the full extent what bullying is. Only when you face the aggressive behavior towards yourself and the rare abuses turn into the habit, it will be possible to feel the same emotions, by which every teased person is overwhelmed daily.

The persuasive essay about bullying, which I am going to propose you, will not only tell you about what bullying is, but it will teach you how to avoid the disturbing pressure of the teasers, who don’t let you lead a quiet life. If you are not bullied and have never had such an experience (thanks God!), the next info will be interesting for you anyhow. Nobody is guaranteed against being subjected to any forms of bullying. This essay on bullying will teach you how to give a quick reaction in case of emergency. Don’t let the offenders push you into the corner because the effects of bullying may be too deplorable.

What Does It Mean to Be Bullied?

If you still don’t know what bullying is, school bullying essay will tell you that it is a repeated aggressive behavior, which is shown by the more powerful children towards the weaker ones. Bullying may happen not only among children or teens; the adults may suffer from it too. Today we are going to discuss bullying behavior among the children of school age and how to keep as far as possible from its poisonous influence.

Physical attacks, verbal abuses, spontaneous splashes of anger, spreading of the rumors, ignoring and making the threats are the main forms of bullying, which are practiced by all the teasers.

It may seem that there is nothing difficult in living among people, who scorn you and try to make your life as miserable as possible. One, who has never been in such a situation, may overestimate his patience and inner powers. In fact, it is too hard to be subjected to various trials daily and stay calm at that. In most cases, bullying leaves its victim depressed, hurt and frightened; it makes him go into his shell and wait until the storm of offence and sadness inside the soul calm down.

As to the forms, bullying may be divided into:

  • Physical bullying (hitting, kicking, damaging the private things of the victim);
  • Verbal bullying (name-calling, verbal abusing, commenting);
  • Social bullying (ignoring, spreading the rumors).

Not everybody understands why bullying is so dangerous. Just look here:

  • The everyday acts of bullying are able to make the victim feel so depressed that it may soon result in suicide.
  • Even if the victim suffers from physical bullying, soon he may acquire some mental disorders too.
  • If the victim is not able to conquer his offender, he will start missing the lessons and avoid appearing at school.

The offenders suppress those, whom they dislike greatly, though it doesn’t mean that the victims should keep silent and give no rebuff. There are some steps, which are recommended to follow to avoid being bullied.   

Just Keep the Rules!

The main rule, which should become the best motivator for you, is that nobody in this world has the right to offend others and make their lives terrible. Like all the other people, you are not deprived of the right to be free, feel comfortable, study, live and enjoy your life. There should be no place for bullying in your life or for any other forms of discrimination.

  • Try to ignore your offender. The main task of any bully is to make you give the reaction, which he is waiting from you. He is sure that you will cry, be upset and feel depressed. Don’t let him see that his words hurt you! If you do like this, he will soon lose interest and forget about you at all.
  • Feel confident and try to control your movements. Don’t let your body betray you and show the bully that you are scared or puzzled. Use your imagination. When your offender comes to you, turn on your heel and go away. Imagine that this is not your bully but your friend. It will help you to feel relaxed and move with ease.
  • Look right in the eyes of your teaser. Be fearless and your offender will understand that you are a too hard nut to crack.
  • When you are offended, imagine the wall between your bully and you. Such a method of visualization works perfectly and makes the abuses break to pieces without reaching you.
  • Stay positive even when you are troubled in your heart. Your positiveness and perfect sense of humor are able to do wonders!
  • Pay no attention to the words, which you are told behind your back. If you are criticized for your style and your offender doesn’t like the way you are dressed, try not to change your habits. Show that you are strong enough to face any critics.
  • Be surrounded with people, who like and respect you. Such a company will be able to make you feel a bit more confident, because you will be always among those, who are sure in you and your uniqueness.
  • Don’t be afraid of anybody and soon people will stop thinking of you as of a weak person.

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