Teen Pregnancy Essay: Honey, We’ll Have A Baby!


The union of two mature people, who are in love with each other, usually results in having a baby. Unfortunately, their desire to connect their lives together and give life to a new person is not usually mutual and, in fact, not all the couples get married. Of course, every girl is dreaming about announcing her loving husband, ‘Honey, we are going to have a baby!’ Very often such a beautiful and dreamy situation is left somewhere in the fantasies.  The reality may be much more prosaic.

Of course, life is not always going as it planned and the surprises, which are brought to people from time to time, may change their lives dramatically. Nobody is able to object that such sharp destiny’s turns are bad, though when a 15-year-old girl finds herself pregnant, the ground starts crumbling under the feet of her parents and her own ones too. The next teenage pregnancy argumentative essay will tell about the problems, which are waiting for the future young parents, and how the unwanted pregnancy of adolescents should be prevented. Here is my teenage pregnancy essay for you.

Ideal Age to Get Pregnant

Such an issue as having a baby or not and what the best age for getting pregnant is makes a lot of young people feel puzzled. The numerous relatives, grandparents, who are always asking their grandchildren one and the same question, and the social pressure follow every adolescent from the age of 20. ‘When are you going to have a baby? Be careful, it may be too late…’ These questions annoy and make people feel really nervous.

The researches show that the late teens and all the over-twenties have fewer problems with the reproductive system, their organisms suffer from no chronic diseases, and the young mothers are really able to conceive a healthy child. The ideal biological age for having a baby is 20, though such a scheme doesn’t work properly in the modern society. Young people at their twenties face too many social difficulties as soon as they get a baby. It is evident that without having a firm ground under the feet, good education and enough money a young family won’t be able to bring up their child properly. If a pregnancy happens at such an early age, the responsibility for a baby is usually taken by the parents of a young mother or father.

It has been proved that the optimal age for a woman to get pregnant is somewhere between 30 and 34. Women, who belong to this age group, are mature enough, experienced, have perfectly built carrier are ready to take care of children properly and provide them with normal living conditions. Those mothers, who bear their first babies at the age of 30, are sure that they are really ready for such a radical change in their lives as an arriving of a kid. It is really the best time to get pregnant.

Two Lines on Pregnant Test: Happiness or Disillusion?

Parenthood is a perfect time for every person, though when the pregnancy is wanted and both the parents are waiting for their baby to come into this world. Sexual freedom, which is translated in all movies and TV-programs, promotes the promiscuous sexual behavior. The teens, who start living the active sexual life, usually use no contraceptives to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. They may simply know nothing about it or forget to use any of the contraceptive measures because of being influenced of alcohol. Such a careless attitude to their health and lives results in two lines on the pregnancy test.

Despite the fact that the teen pregnancy is still one of the most worrisome problems, its rates have been reduced in the last several decades.

More than 16 million babies are born from the underage teenagers annually. In percentage correlation, it is more than 11% of all the births in the world. 95% of the cases happen in low-income countries such as Ethiopia, Congo, Brazil, India etc.

In the United States of America there is still much tension around the teenage pregnancy. The rates of teen childbearing are decreasing rapidly, though more than 250,000 children were born by mothers at the age from 15 to 19 in 2015. This index is 9% lower than it was in 2013. The index of pregnancy for an age group of 15-17 fell 11%, for teens aged 18-19 years it became 7% lower.

Teen Pregnancy

Pregnant teens change their habitual lifestyle very seldom. More often they continue drinking alcohol and smoking and don’t think that their habits may influence their future babies greatly. The statistics shows that the babies from the 15-19 aged mothers are born with the health problems and have too low weight. The rates of stillbirths and deaths during the first several weeks of life are twice as bigger than among those, who were born by women from age of 20-29.

Teen pregnancy is a problem not only of the particular families, where such an event happens. It is a state problem, which influences the country as a whole. The girls, who get pregnant, leave the schools and more often they don’t renew their study after the child is born. Such a tendency may decrease the intellectual level of the whole country if teen pregnancy occurs too often.

It is almost impossible to reduce the teens’ sexual activity today and all the adults understand this fact perfectly.  It is fortunate that it is possible to take the appropriate measures in time. The school program should involve the lessons of sexual education to teach children to use various birth controlling measures to not allow the unwanted pregnancy break all their plans for the future.

Both the girls and the boys should know that the responsibility for a child, who appears after having sex, is laid on them equally. If a young couple is not going to have a baby but the passion between them is too large, a question whether to use contraceptives or not should be controlled very carefully.

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