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Writing an argumentative essay is a tedious task that requires much effort and skill to complete the assignment to the best of students’ abilities. For an argumentative essay to be written professionally, it must involve a number of elements in order to persuade the readers to see the discussed issues from your own perspective. Therefore, some time should be spent on planning and preparation before writing the paper itself. Let us discuss the aspects required for writing a good argumentative essay. First of all, you need to find a good topic and choose several issues that will reflect two opposite points of view and will further lead to different conclusions. Try to pick the topic that will be of interest to the readers. Although an interest in the topic is important, you will also require finding good material for making an argument. Try to consider the two opposite positions based on well-grounded evidence. You should shape your argumentation in order to explain why your point of view is justified, logical and reasonable.

The next step in writing an argumentative essay would be to consider the two conflicting viewpoints in order to take a position. Once you’ve chosen a topic, you need to make a list of viewpoints that will be related to both sides of your argument. Afterwards, you will need to take a side in the debate and discuss your position from different perspectives. You need to prove that your point of view is the best. After that, you will have to proceed with gathering evidence. All debates and the process of arguing itself include providing evidence to support your ideas. When writing an argumentative essay, you should provide evidence of your beliefs without making it too dramatic. This means that although the process of arguing often involves emotions, you need to refrain from emotional presentation of your ideas, because this is not the case if you are to write an argumentative essay. Only after you have gathered evidence to support your ideas, you should proceed with writing the essay itself.

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