Computer Addiction: How To Deal With?


Computer AddictionNowadays we cannot imagine our life without computers and Internet. Everybody have at least one computer at home. But often every family member has own laptop, computer, netbook or tablet. And we spent almost all the day sitting in front the monitor. Very often our job is connected with computers but we continue to use them even after office hours. It becomes a great problem for modern people.

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So, let us start our essay and firstly we are going to talk about the role, which computers take in our life.

The Computers

Our life changed with the advent of computers. For 25 years ago we cannot even think that computers are so necessary in our lives. Students went to the libraries to find the information, read a lot of books. We did not know what online communication meant. We had to write by hand notes, papers, essays, and cannot imagine that everybody will print information at home. But computers made our life much easier. Firstly they opened up new opportunities and helped to save our time. But soon computers began to steal our time (especially with the advent of the Internet). We cannot imagine life without the Internet, each essentially depends on the computer and the Internet, but we should have a healthy timeframe of the Internet and the computer.

The Addiction

Nowadays when we talk about computer addiction we mean the Internet addiction or gambling addiction. It is a great problem nowadays! People break their lives, because they do not know how to manage their time. This applies to both children and adults. And it is much more interesting for the average modern child not to spend time playing in the street with friends, but to sit in front the computer, using the Internet, sinking deeper and deeper into virtual reality.

On the one hand, the computer has no such detrimental effects on the body as alcohol or drug addiction (you can read about this in alcohol abuse essay), but on the other hand the time spent with the computer leads to negative consequences, which are not as harmless as love. In any case, whatever type of computer dependency is not treated, it is necessary to get rid of it.

The more time teenagers spend on the smartphone, the less time they have to sleep, exercise and socializing with family. In addition, the computer addiction directly affects the emotional development of adolescents. Experts recommend to the parents to devote more time to their children.

Evidences of computer addiction in adults

To treat the computer addiction you need to notice it as earlier as it possible. Here are some main evidences, which indicate to you that something went wrong.

1) You spent all your free time in front the computer monitor. You just need to check your mail account on the social network, to pass a difficult level in the game, or something else that is connected to the computer. This is not normal and it is time to start change something.

2) It is difficult for you to leave computer when everybody calls you or needs your help. You will find dozens of reasons not to leave your “best friend”.

3) Irritability. If for some reason you have to leave the computer (a request for assistance of a family member, an Internet connection is lost, or your computer was crashed), it makes you angry and irritated.

4) You cannot control the time, which you spend in front the computer. That is why you are always late and not attentive, because you focus only on the computer.

5) Forgetting. If you is constantly forgetting to do something, or about assigned meeting, it means that most time you sat at the computer.

6) Limited range of interests. Nothing is interesting except computers.

7) Instead of going to sleep you prefer to continue siting and using the Internet.

Symptoms Of Children's Computer Addiction

1) Bad marks on different school subjects.

2) Not visiting all the lessons.

3) Frequent mood swings.

4) Limitation of communication with friends and relatives.

5) Children became angry, when parents forbid them to use the Internet.

6) Prefer to stay at home with computer and not to go for a walk.

7) The child is ready to do any kind of work, just allow him/her to spend time in the Internet or playing games.

These are not all the symptoms but we listed only the most popular among them.

How To Get Rid Of Computer Addiction

At first you should understand that you are dependent person. Don’t be afraid of these words. Remember, there are no hopeless situations. Pull yourself together an be ready to fight. At first you need to come up with something to do – read books, clean the house, cook something, call your friends, go shopping or go for a walk. It is best way to get rid of the addiction – to do something other than to spent time with computers.

Day by day you should to reduce the time spent at the computer. Do not give up on it at all, because computers really play a great role in our life. They can be useful not only harmful.

Self-suggestion is very important to those people, who cannot stop playing computer games. Quietly, in silence ask yourself the following questions: why and for what I play? What game gives me? What is my virtual success in the real world? Is this experience will be useful in my life? How difficult for me to stop playing games?

Take care of yourself, do not abuse the computer and your life will be better every day.