Essay Grammar Check: Pros and Cons


Essay grammar check online provides a possibility to check the structure of sentences, spelling and punctuation, which is especially important for college and university students. In fact, essay checker grammar tools have become popular for several reasons. The major reason is that along with the development of technologies like instant messaging, text messaging and social media, the means of communication started to accelerate, which negatively affected the quality of young people’s writing, because modern methods of communication often ignore the English grammar rules. Therefore, it has become popular with students to check essay for grammar using online tools. Essay grammar check can indeed be of much use if you want to check the punctuation, grammar and spelling in your writing. However, there are both pros and cons of grammar check essay as will be analyzed below.

Experts consider that technological advancement has resulted in the contraction of written communication, so that it has consequently led to the popularity of abbreviations and the use of inappropriate grammar constructions. Although no one expects to always follow the official grammar rules in the course of communication through social media, it is still advisable to refrain from using poorly structured grammar constructions because this can affect one’s success in education. It is not surprising that when students do not follow grammar rules in informal communication, this becomes habitual in school environment as well. Many students do not understand that certain situations require writing in formal language so as to present the material in a well-structured and well-organized way.

Writing skills are paramount for the educational world, and they are even more important for the students’ future career. It might be difficult for future employees to go through an interview or write a CV if they do not learn to use grammar correctly. There are a great variety of online grammar checking instruments that have appeared to help writers in their endeavors to use grammar correctly and eradicate the bad habits that they developed while communicating on social media. Such grammar checkers are a wonderful resource, but they also have a few negative sides. Let us first discuss the pros of grammar checkers online.

  • First of all, it needs to be noted that essay checker tools are especially designed to improve the grammar structures used in academic papers written by students. They are programmed to analyze your writing and check such aspects as punctuation and spelling in order to make sure that you have followed the rules and your writing is free from mistakes.
  • Grammar checkers are also useful in detecting typos, namely two words written in a row. In such a way, grammar tools can help to detect possible mistakes that are commonly made by writers. They also may ask you whether you meant to write this or that way. This proves that grammar checkers can be of much help when a writer is in doubt whether he/she has written a paper consistently and without mistakes.
  • Furthermore, grammar checkers are also designed to locate fragmented sentences including run-on sentences that you might have not noticed. This is also helpful especially for those students who do not want to spend time on rereading and proofreading their papers.
  • It is also assumed that grammar checking tools are capable of teaching students how to use grammar correctly, but this is only possible if students pay attention to the mistakes they have made and the changes that the grammar checker wants them to make.

The above positive sides of grammar checkers online definitely prove that these tools can be useful for those students who find it hard to use correct grammar constructions. However, there is always a reverse side of the medal. Therefore, let us discuss the cons of grammar checking tools.

  • One of the negative sides of grammar checkers is that writers who use them often accept all the suggestions provided by the tools without a second thought. This can actually cause harm to the whole work of a writer due to the fact that some things in the paper might eventually turn out to be incorrect. Besides, in this case writers do not learn from their own mistakes. The basic requirement for students who use grammar tools is that they should understand that such instruments provide suggestions, but it is up to you whether to accept them or not, so that you need to learn from the mistakes you have made previously in order not to make them in your future papers.
  • Another drawback of grammar checking tools is that they might make inappropriate changes that would disrupt the structure of sentences in your paper. It is evident that computer technologies are not as effective as the abilities of human brain. Therefore, you need to make sure that the sentences in your paper make sense all on your own. Do not blindly trust the machine, because it is not always reliable and cannot be trusted at all times.
  • One more serious drawback of grammar checkers is that in case you heavily rely on these instruments as a source of grammar check and proofreading, it can seriously affect your ability to write a high-quality paper due to the fact that the tools may somewhat change the content of your essay. You should be aware of this aspect and avoid relying solely on grammar checking instruments.

To conclude, it should be noted that grammar checkers online represent a great resource for students because they help writers to produce adequately written papers. Nevertheless, these tools need to be added with some portion of peer review as well as manual editing and proofreading on behalf of students. The basic requirement for the efficient use of essay checking tools is to know how to use such instruments. You should spend some time to learn how to write correctly in order to produce professionally written papers and become a much better writer.

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