Facts You Probably Don't Know About Social Media


Social MediaModern life is impossible without the social media. Our academic editing services want to make a little research and give you some interesting facts which is connected with social media resources and are still unknown for you. Ten or twenty years ago people did not pay much attention to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Everybody preferred communication face to face. But the life has changed. The Internet became more and more popular and now it plays a great role in our everyday life. We prefer to send text message rather than organize the meeting.

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Social Media

Social Media - is a lot of online services which gives the users opportunities to speak to each other. This communication usually includes photo and information sharing, somebody can publish theirs ideas, texts, rhymes. Others prefer to do advertising using social media resources.

From The Very Beginning

Everything began with the electronic advertisements at the end of the 1970s. Electronic advertisements appeared firstly and allowed the people to log on and to write messages to another people. It was a little bit slower than nowadays, but it was a huge step forward.  A little bit later appear the biggest online services such as CompuServe and Prodigy. They became popular among all categories of the population.

Websites which can help you to find your soul mate considered to be the first social networks. They became popular almost immediately, as people began to use the Internet. Every user can log in, download the own photo and start to write or answer messages.

In 1999 it was created LiveJournal, which is popular for its blogs. Then appeared such web sites Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and of course Facebook.

Social media has a long but interesting developing process. And they don’t stop to develop even nowadays. People are fond of social network, everybody need them and cannot imagine the life without looking through the friend’s news, commenting photos or sending friend’s requests.

Types Of Social Media

  • Internet communities;
  • blogs;
  • virtual games;
  • social networks;
  • community production sharing content;
  • joint projects;
  • geo-social services.

The most of marketers (88%) started to use social media to advertise their brands and products. More significant social media to advertise the business are:

  • Twitter;
  • blogs;
  • social networks;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Facebook.

Interesting Facts About Social Media

1) Facebook prefers pictures and photos. If you are going to post on Facebook the post with important and interesting information, than try to find some perfect images. Only with pictures your post will be more looked and read. There are 87% picture-posts. 4% - are links, 2% - are statuses information.

2) Only the written text is important for the marketers. Pictures are important but without great copywriting texts you wont be successful nowadays.

3) Fridays are special for Facebook. It is difficult to explain why, but according to the researches, scientists came to the conclusion, that posts published on Fridays are more popular. So, if you like when people look through your posts and comment them, then change something in your habits. Write posts on Fridays.

4) Pinterest everyday traditions. There are some interesting facts for those, who prefer this social media network. Monday is the day for fitness posts, Wednesday is popular for the inspiration statuses, and Saturday is about traveling. And I want to say that this system is logical. On the beginning of the week everybody is going to go for fitness, in the middle of the week we are tired and need some inspiration and at the end we want to read about travelling and holidays.

5) Best time to tweet is evenings. The researches say that the most popular tweets are those, which were posted between 10 and 11 p.m. Publish your tweet at this time and it will be commented and retweeted a lot of times. And the most successful day to tweet is – Sunday.

6) What is the average life of the posts on Facebook? The answer can shock you – only five hours. It means that the information in your post is noticeable and interesting only for 5 hours. Then it can be forgotten and disappear from the human’s mind.

7) The popular users of social networks are not young people! It is difficult to believe, but it is a fact. People in the age of 50-60 actively started to use the different social networks. For what purpose? Maybe, to promote their business or to do advertising. About advertisements you can read in our advertisement essay.

8) Young generation prefer photos. Instagram is the most popular social media among the young users. For the last 6 months about 50 million Internet users joined to Instagram.

9) If you want to be successful – respond as fast as you can. Your quick answer can play the main role in your online business. So, do not waste time.

So, we are finishing talking about secrets of social media. I am sure you get to know something new. And maybe these advices will be useful for you. Remember, that using different social media you should always control your time. Save your time!