Failures And Victories Of Jason Day


Failures And Victories Of Jason DayIf you are fond of sport, then this essay will be interesting for you. Our academic paper editing service wants to introduce you very talented and successful sportsman – Jason Day. This man plays golf really very well. He participated in many competitions, most of which he won. This fellow always improves himself, he has his regular training. All the victories do not come easily to him. But he knows exactly – all the victories are worth his training, time and struggles. Today we are going to introduce him closer to all of you. We will tell you about his biography, his problems and failures as well as about the happy moments of his life. Be ready to read the essay about great man in Australia sport national team.

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The Biography

Nowadays Jason is number 3 in the World list. But the beginning was quite different. Jason was born in Beaudesert, Queensland. His parents were two different nationalities: his father was from Australia and mother came from Philippines. When he was six, his father decided to make him an unusual present – he took the boy to the Golf Club and made him the youngest member of it. He played just six holes a day. Jason was a little boy, nobody laid on him some hopes. When the boy was 8 years old, his family moved to another city and then, young Jason started to take part in small competitions and he won a lot of them. When the boy was only 12, his father died and his mother sent her son to school, where was the special golf course. Soon Jason began his study at the collage with golf academy.

The changes in his life and the difficult career way started when Jason asked his roommate to give him for reading the book about Tiger Woods. After finishing reading it, the boy decided to have training in the morning, after the lunch and in the evenings. He read all the secrets of Tiger Woods and tried to follow all of them. And very soon the results of his efforts were noticeable. His first great victory was at the 13 age at Australian Masters Junior events.

For some time the boy played golf as an amateur. In 2004, he won The Australian’s Boy’s Amateur, he was a successful even in USA. In 2009, he got married and has a son and a daughter. In 2013 a great tragedy happened in his life – eight of his relatives died because of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. It was really difficult for him deal with this tragedy and continue to play golf. But Jason did it.

In a week after this terrible news he participated in the tournament. And it was a special game for him. Jason won the individual prize in the tournament World Cup of Golf, and the Australian team won a victory in the team event at Royal Melbourne home fields.

"This tournament was a wonderful for me," - he said after the victory. "My mother, my family, everybody came to support me. I'm just very happy that I am successful and happy and that happened in Melbourne". Never give up – is his life motto.

The Victories And Failures

Jason Day is a wonderful person. He learnt the main thing as for sportsmen – to lose the game. His failures did not mean that it is time to give up. On the contrary, they motivated him to struggle for the title of the Champion. All around told Jason that he is the best and he is number one, but the man was still hesitating. He was not entirely sure that his playing is perfect. You need to try to be better and to strive only forward and forward. Sometimes failures have a bad influence upon the person, forced to give up. But in another case the person can think: okay, I have mistaken, it was not my day, but tomorrow will be a new day and now it has no mistakes. I will be training more and next time I will be better. I think that such kind of thoughts were in Jason’s mind when he lost some important games. The Open play-off at St. Andrews was difficult for Day. When he came up 2 inches short he understood that something interesting had happened to him. At that game he realized one thing – he is a good player and he can play very well. His inner voice helped him to grasp his importance. Maybe it is funny, but at the moment of failure Jason Day at last absolutely believed in himself. He was sure if he had not win this week, no problem, he would won the game next week. Your failures are also a valuable experience. And really at the next competitions in Canada he won the game with great results. Who would have thought? Confidence in your own strengths – is a powerful thing!

Jason Day never worries about his opponents. He said that it doesn’t matter for him if they beat him one day. His main purpose is to conquer only himself but not the others. The struggle with his ego – is the biggest and the most difficult struggle. Jason is sure, that’s it is okay if somebody beat him, just because can play better. All people can have a good luck and if you work hard, the luck will come to you itself. As any person Jason hate losing games, but when it happens there is no use to get upset. It means that the fate wants to give a lesson for you and it is better to understand this lesson and to draw conclusions. It is not easy but it is always possible.

From 2010 to 2016 year he won a lot of tournaments, games and competitions. At last, he became number 1 in the world. The Players Tournament in Florida ended with a brilliant victory of Jason Day. He won with a score "-15". Golfer once again confirmed his status as the world's best golf player. But fame and success has not spoiled him as a person. Nothing is eternal under the Moon and all will sooner or later come to its end. Jason learned a lot from Tiger Woods. This golf player also achieved a lot in his life.

At the conclusion, I want to offer you to read some rules, which we can take from the Jason’s life and general outlooks on the life. Here they are:

1) Never give up.

2) Try to move on and tomorrow you can be better than you were yesterday.

3) Failures are your main experience.

4) Don’t worry about your opponents, think about yourself and your attitude to all the things are happening all around.

5) Work on yourself and overcome your fears. It is the most difficult and the most important thing in the world.

6) Remember: you cannot win all the games. It is life.

Hope this essay was interesting and useful for you. Looking on the life of this great sportsman, we can get inspiration. A lot of his native people died in the awful circumstances, but Jason was not depressed. It was a great tragedy, he felt unhappy and upset, but he found the strength to move on. Never give up, move one and change your life! You can do everything if you believe in yourself. If you need a help with your tasks, then contact us and we can write any award winning essay just for you. We discussed the Jason’s life, you can take his example or maybe you have somebody else in your life and you want to be like him or her.